As If Let’s Take a Virtual Field Trip to a Garden

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As If Lets Take a Virtual Field Trip to a Garden Slide 2 Today we are going to take a trip to a beautiful garden. All of our activities will be take place right behind our own desk! Lets stand up at our desks and get ready to go! Slide 3 Lets get ready by rubbing our skin from head to toe AS IF we were putting on sunscreen. Slide 4 Stretch out your arms and legs AS IF you were the Sun sending down UV rays. Slide 5 Tip-toe at your desk as if you were tip- toeing on a garden path. Slide 6 Bend your knees and reach out in front of you AS IF you were harvesting kale Slide 7 Stretch as tall as you can AS IF you were the tallest carrot growing in the garden. Slide 8 Reach up and then reach down As If you were picking apples and putting them in a basket. Slide 9 Stand tall and sway back and forth AS IF you were a Sunflower swaying in the breeze. Slide 10 Sit down at your desk, and pretend you have a bar of soap. Wash your hands AS IF you were washing your hands. Slide 11 Thank you for taking a tour of the garden today! See you next time!