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ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress

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ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress. Financial Aid Gpa & Academic standing Informed decisions SAP Appeal Process. Financial Aid. Satisfactory academic progress Completion rates. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). To be eligible for federal and state student aid funds a - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress

ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial AidGpa & Academic standingInformed decisionsSAP Appeal Process

ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic ProgressIntroduction. Introduce self & any other staff in attendance. Briefly mention what session will cover 1Satisfactory academic progressCompletion ratesFinancial Aid2Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)To be eligible for federal and state student aid funds astudent must be making satisfactory academic progress

Three measurements used for evaluating SAP

1.Grade Point Average GPA2.0 or better GPA required with 25 or more credits1.75 or better GPA required with 0-24 credits

2.Completion RateMust complete 67% of attempted courses

3.Maximum Credits Attempted Maximum Time Frame150% of degree credits required for degree

Discuss the three measurements for evaluating SAP. If any of the three measures is not met, it will have an impact on your FA.GPA depending on how many credits student has, determines if needs 1.75 or 2.0Completion Rate Must complete 67% of attempted courses. More detail on this on next few slides.Max Credits Attempted 150% of degree, to graduate need 120 credits, 150% of that is 180 credits3Completion Rates Successfully completed credits Attempted credits

You must complete, with passing grades, 67% (two-thirds) of the total number of credits you attempt

Grades of F, W, INC, NA or PRG must be counted as attempts

Reiterate the 67% completion rate.Explain how F, W, INC, NA & PRG (PRG refers to CPS competency based courses that are still in progress and no grades yet) are attempted courses but not completed. You have not earned credit for them while they are listed this way on your transcript/academic record. INC, if you complete coursework, may get switched to a letter grade. Work all INCs out w/your professor.

4Subject CatalogComponentOfficial Grade Units TakenCourse NameMATH 115Lecture B+ 3College AlgebraENGL 102Lecture W 3Freshman English IIPHIL 108Lecture A 3Moral Social ProblsEEOS 120Lecture B 3Intro to EEOS - LectEEOS 121Laboratory W 1Intro to EEOS Lab1. GPA = 3.4332. Completion Rate = 9 13 = 69%3. Max. Credits Attempted = 13Completion RatesAnnas First Semester

SAP 1st SemesterGo over example student situation. SAP 1st semester, good.5Subject Catalog ComponentOfficial Grade Units Taken Course NameECON101Lecture INC 3Intro To MicroENGL102Lecture W 3Freshman English IIJAPAN102Lecture NA 4 Intro Japanese IIPHIL110GLecture W 4Equality & Justice1. GPA = 3.4332. Completion Rate = 9 27 = 33%3. Max. Credits Attempted = 27Completion RatesAnnas Second SemesterSAP 1st Year

Go over example student situation. Please be sure to emphasize that the same student has been carried over. Explain that because student did not earn credit for W/INC/NA, their completion rate for year was only 33% which means they are not making satisfactory academic progress. Lose FA eligibility. Can be appealed to reinstate FA eligibility.6Tips for Maintaining SAPSee your Academic Advisor regularly

Review your degree audit and then

Focus on your degree/graduation requirements by taking only courses that pertain to your degree while also completing your general electives

Educate yourself on SAP criteria by regularly visiting the Financial Aid Services web page on the UMass Boston website.

7GPA academic standingUmass boston vs. SAP

GPA & Academic Standing8

Where do I find my GPA?Degree Progress Report

Transcript (on WISER)

Ask students if they know their GPA and where to find it. Explain the difference between sem and cum. 9How is GPA calculated?

Explain how every letter grade translates to a grade point equivalent. Reason this is important, is because thats how you figure out your GPA. Low grades (Ds & Fs), are not good for GPA.

10How is GPA calculated?Multiply the grade points for each course by the number of credit hours each course is worth. The resulting value is referred to as Quality Points

Add together earned quality points for all courses completed in a semester

Divide the sum by the total number of completed semester credit hours

Credit Hours Grade (Equivalent) Quality Pts3 x C- (1.7) = 5.13 x B- (2.7) = 8.13 x C- (1.7) = 5.1 3 x C- (1.7) = 5.1 TOTAL: 12 23.4 23.4 (Quality Pts) 12 (credit hrs) = 1.95 semester GPA

Explain how GPA is calculated. Emphasize that these are all passing grades, but gpa is below 2.0, so just passing is not always enough. 11GPA CalculatorUMass Boston

*Note: This calculator is for estimating purpose only. Also mention disclaimer that gpa calculator is for estimating purposes only. UMB website now has a gpa calculator.12Academic Standing

Deans List/Honors

Good Standing

AlertWarningProbationExtended ProbationSuspensionDismissal

3.0 +Less than 2.02.0This is why GPA is important. It determines your academic standing. Explain Good standing vs. poor standing. Help students understand that there are different types, levels, and ramifications of poor standing. Emphasize that GPA is one of the three SAP components. 13Academic Standing vs. SAPAcademic Standing Based only on your GPAAffects your student academic status

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Based on GPA, Completion Rate & Maximum Credits Attempted Affects your student financial aid status Explain difference between academic standing and SAP, noting that both are important in their own way.14Grading/course optionsResources

Informed Decisions15Pass/Fail Grading OptionPass = P (not in GPA)Fail = F (in GPA)

Things to consider:Talk to instructor re: passingSome majors/minors dont allow P/F: CHECK!!!Declare P/F via WISER by deadlineMax of 8, 1 per semester (use with caution)

There are some grading options that you should be aware of. 16With Letter GradeWith Pass/FailENGL 101: CMATH 115: CPHIL108: CPSYCH100: D

Semester GPA: 1.75


Semester GPA: 2.0

P with Pass/Fail17Course WithdrawalWithdrawal = W on transcript (not in GPA)Student pays for the class

Things to consider:Talk to instructorTalk to advisorMay affect financial aid: CHECK!!!Declare W via WISER by deadline

Really emphasize discussion w/FA office/counselor for how it may impact future aid.18F with Pass/FailWith WithdrawalENGL 101: CMATH115: CPHIL108: FPSYCH100: C

Semester GPA: 1.5

ENGL 101: CMATH115: CPHIL108: WPSYCH100: C

Semester GPA: 2.0

F Pass/Fail vs. WFail on p/f explanation. 19IncompleteINC + 1 year = IF = F

20Repeat PolicyMax of 4 courses

Old and new grade appear on transcript

Only the new grade counts towards GPA calculation

Credit is only earned once

Can not retake a course if you have already passed a more advanced course (can not repeat SPAN 101 after passing SPAN102)

21ResourcesUniversity Advising Center CC-1-1100Academic Support Services - CC-1-1300Subject tutoring, Math Resource Center, Reading, Writing, & Study Strategy Center, & Skills WorkshopsCareer Services - CC- 1- 1300Disability Services (Ross Center) - CC- UL- 240Counseling Center- Quinn- 2- 39Health Center- Quinn- 2- 40

There are people on campus who want to help. Please reach out & let them know if you need help. 22Resources Specific to Major/ProgramCollege of Management McCormack-5-603College of Nursing, Center for Clinical Education & Research (CCER) Science-3-310College of Science & Math, Student Success Center Science-2-060 Student Support Services CC-1-1100Success Boston CC-1-1011The Student Veterans Center CC-3-3002Veterans Affairs CC4-4100

There are people on campus who want to help. Please reach out & let them know if you need help. 23Appeal ProcessAcademic PlanNext stepsSatisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Process24Appeal ProcessAppeal process available to students who do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress FA SAP Appeal Status can be checked on WISER

Follow up questions, contact: Karen T. Winn, Retention Specialist Financial Aid Office (CC-4-4300)[email protected]

Tell students they may want to write down contact information for Karen Winn, the Financial Aid Offices Student Retention Specialist. Thats who you want to follow-up w/if you have questions.25Appeal ProcessAttend ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress Session Answer Appeal Form QuestionsPersonal StatementDocumentation, if necessarySubmit Completed Appeal Form to FAIf necessary, FA will refer student to their assigned academic advisor for an Academic Plan

Please note: students do not have to be full-time to receive financial aid

26Academic PlanIf you are referred for an Academic Plan,

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