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ASE Support for Teaching From Beginning Science Teachers through to Heads of Science

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ASE Support for Teaching From Beginning Science Teachers through to Heads of Science Adrian Fenton Formerly Curriculum Support Manager, ASE Now Science Communication Manager for SETNET London Jenny Versey Chair ASE 11-19 Committee. Session overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of ASE Support for Teaching From Beginning Science Teachers through to Heads of Science

  • ASE Support for Teaching

    From Beginning Science Teachers through to Heads of Science

    Adrian FentonFormerly Curriculum Support Manager, ASENow Science Communication Manager for SETNET London

    Jenny VerseyChair ASE 11-19 Committee

  • Session overviewBackground to Beginning Science Teachers HandbookWays to further take this forward?Other projects and developments:CD for Heads of Science 11-19 committee ideas for developmentsOnline resources supporting the new GCSEsOutdoor ScienceQuestions or final comments

  • Beginning Science teaching: memories and experiences

  • The Beginning Science Teachers HandbookBackground:Developed by the Science Enhancement Programme in collaboration with the ASEPart of a suit of collaborative resourcesPrimary Aim: to provide a product that can be used to enhance the induction of beginning secondary science teachers in order to provide a systematic, worthwhile introduction to their early professional development and their careers

  • The Beginning Science Teachers HandbookWho developed it?SEP working with three groups of beginning science teachers and induction tutors in Cheshire; the University of Nottingham; Greenwich and LewishamProject also supported by an advisory committee

  • Exploration of the resource

  • Exploring activities from the resource

    Exploring activities from the resource

  • Distribution and availabilityThose in initial science teacher training The tutors in initial teacher training have requested copies for their current year group.

    NAIGS members Those who are in the National Advisers and Inspectors Group for Science have received two copies to use within any training opportunities or at meetings with those in the first few years of their science teaching career. The resource will be referred to at the NAIGS Conference in July 2006.

    Key Organisations supporting the induction of science teachers A number of organisations and CPD establishments bring together cohorts of beginning science teachers have also received the resource for distribution.

  • Effective implementation and possible next steps?How will this resource be most effectively used between mentors and mentees?What else is needed?Is the CD format best for this e.g. should it be also be online, made available to members, or just as part of the NQT package?

  • Interactive CD for Heads of Science from the ASE in partnership with SEP (Science Enhancement Programme)

  • Background11-19 committee asked to revise the existing HOS Guide*Decision made to produce a CD ROM with a short printed booklet packaged in a ring binder.Brainstorm of contents by committee, NAIGS members, HOS ( responding to advert in EiS)Collation of views (from the above) on the use of the CD

    *Help for New Heads of Science ASE 1987

  • Aims of the CDThe following aims were agreed with the focus to be on new Heads of Science.To act as a reference guide for Heads of Science so that they can find help, advice and information easilyTo act as a virtual mentor by asking questions and encouraging Heads of Science to think about issues they may otherwise not have explored.

  • What the CD is NOTA traditional book in electronic formatA course with a definite to route to be followed throughA collection of academic articles

  • Content AreasWorking with ColleaguesCurriculum and AssessmentPhysical ResourcesStudentsDepartmental Self Evaluation Health and Safety

  • Writing Styles

  • Links and ReferencesThroughout the text links will be made toWebsites of other organisations ( eg CLEAPSS)Example documents (provided by HOS)Reference details will be given for ASE articles ( some of which will be included in electronic format)Relevant print publications

  • Other 11-19 developmentsMatching ASE resources to How Science web sitePotential idea - engaging science ideas linked to NC & GCSE topics

  • Other ongoing ASE developmentsASE Guide to Secondary ScienceFAQs in Members Area and resources supporting the new GCSEsScience UPD8 and SciQOutdoor Science Working Group

  • Questions or final comments?

    ASE contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

    My contact: [email protected] [email protected]