Asia Literacy – imperatives for the Australian Classroom All teachers supporting languages and Asia literacy

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Asia Literacy imperatives for the Australian Classroom

All teachers supporting languages and Asia literacy1The moral imperative.

22I ask the audience to :Think about the young people leaving school today, and how the world has changed since they started school:The fall of a world superpower; The emergence of China and India as major economic powers; A culture of outsourcing and a common understanding of what that means;Burgeoning of the internet; Personalised communication: mobile phones, texting, pod casting, blogs.We can all make your own list. And remember, the launch of television, space travel and personal computers that happened in many of our lifetimes, were a dream a generation before. what extent does the education of our young people reflect the magnitude of that change?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard saidAsia has never been of greater global significance and as global economic and strategic weight shifts from west to east, global institutional frameworks reflect this in turn.It is impossible to conceive of a future Australian education system that does not take the study of Asia seriously.

Speech to AsiaLink and Asia Society Lunch, Melbourne 28 September 2011 and AEF National Forum, Adelaide 19 May 200833India, China and other Asian nations are growing and their influence is increasing. Australians need to become Asia literate, engaging and building strong relationships with Asia.

Goal 2:All young Australiansbecome successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active andinformed citizens

active and informed citizensare able to relate and communicate across cultures, especially in relation to cultures and countries of the Asia-Pacific.

Australian Curriculum

General Capability Intercultural Understanding

Cross curriculum priority Asia and Australias engagement with AsiaOrganising ideas:Asia and its diversityAchievements and contributions of the peoples of AsiaAsia-Australia engagement

55General Capabilities: I-PENCILLiteracyNumeracyInformation and communication technology competenceCritical and creative thinkingPersonal and social competenceEthical behaviourIntercultural understanding.

Cross curricular priorities:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures - LOCALAsia and Australias engagement with Asia - REGIONALSustainability - GLOBAL

Asia and its diversity

Achievements and contributions of the peoples of Asia

Asia-Australia engagement

66THE STATEMENT DEFINES AN ASIA ENGAGED STUDENTIt has been noted by all states and territories in 2011.

Look at the statement ask for ideas about how they could contribute to any of the points mentioned under the 3 organising ideas listed

Note that Asia literacy embraces broad knowledge, skills and understandings that transcends language

Asia literacyfoundational and deep knowledge,skills and understandings about thehistories, geographies, societies, cultures, literatures and languages of the diverse countries that make up our part of the world 77The National Statement articulates what knowledge, skills and understandings an Asia engaged young Australian should gain through their schooling.

Asia Skills TasterHow has the Asia-literacy of each of these people helped them in their work?What Asia literate skills may have assisted each of these people?8Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Discipline-based Learning

Interdisciplinary Learning

What are the Victorian Essential Learnings on Asia?99Three core, interrelated strands:Essential learnings on AsiaHumanities - HistoryUnderstanding of cultural groups in AustraliaInvestigations of Asia Pacific RegionInvestigate Ancient (China) and Medieval societies (Asia or Islamic society)Consider Australias social, political and cultural structures and traditionsInvestigate events leading to multiculturalismLearn about global interconnectionsImpact of key events in twentieth and twenty first centuryConsider key leadersHumanities - GeographyInvestigate characteristics of Asia and the Pacific RegionInvestigate environmental issues such as forest use and global warmingInteraction of human activities with natural environment and study issues such as global warming, climate change, land degradation and desertification, and air and water pollution.Impact of globalisationHumanities - EconomicsDevelop understandings of how Australian economy is managed in international contextExamine role of globalisation in influencing Australias standard of livingEssential learnings on AsiaThe ArtsDiscuss artists from different cultural contextsWork as an ensemble to explore cultural diversityLearn and present dance sequences from different cultures

EnglishMany opportunities exist to integrate studies of Asia perspectives across the English Domain. This can be achieved through selecting a range of culturally diverse texts.

Civics and CitizenshipConsider experiences of diverse cultural groupsConsider values important in a multicultural societyCompare legal processes to those of other culturesResearch global issuesInvestigate concept of human rightsExplore Australias multicultural society consider refugee problem So what is an Asia-literate young Australian??

How Asia-literate are YOU??

1212So what is an Asia literate student???Countries of Asia?

1313Angkor Wat Cambodia worlds largest temple complexSnow Mongolia, China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, What is an Asia-literate student?Asia and its diversityOI.1 The peoples and countries of Asia are diverse in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions.

OI.2 Interactions between diverse environments and human activity shape the countries of Asia and its region and have influence globally.

1414A quick intro via the first activity. Fast factsThis is the first part looking AT a culture. Important that we dont stop just here accumulating facts!! Where did it come from?Write down the origin of each invention on your sheet.

1515ONLY IF TIMECompassChinaKitesChinaSeismographChinaStirrup/SaddleChinaA Mathematical Place for ZeroIndia 500ADSound Card for PCsSingapore1990sGunpowderChina 800ADConcept of microcreditBangladesh 1950Earliest modern language (Sanskrit)India 440BC Yo yosPhilippines1600s Metal type for printingKorea 1200ADWater powered clockKorea 1400ADAutomatic shuttle changer for loomsJapan 1900Artificial insemination of oysters for pearlingJapan 1850What is an Asia-literate student?Asia and its diversity Achievements and contributions of the peoples of AsiaOI.3 The achievements of the peoples and countries of Asia have contributed and continue to contribute to world history and human endeavour, and their participation is fundamental to the well being and progress of the world.

OI.4 The arts and literature of Asia have significant influence on the aesthetic and creative pursuits of people and societies in Australia, the region and globally.

1616A quick intro via the first activity. Fast factsThis is the first part looking AT a culture. Important that we dont stop just here accumulating facts!! What do you see??

1717Use exercise about me and perceptions

1818Culture as layers

1919Lets look at three models of cultureCulture is multi-layered with the outer or most apparent layer being symbols and moving inwards: heroes, rituals, values.Values can be described as the ideas we have about how things ought to beRituals are descriptions of ways of greeting and paying respect.Heroes serve as an example of behaviourSymbols such as words or authentic materials or text carry special meaning.Whats the news across the nation. #India_Newsfeeds#Japanese_newsfeeds#Indonesia_Newsfeeds#China_news

Asian Newspapers online What is an Asia-literate student?Asia and its diversity Achievements and contributions of the peoples of Asia

Asia Australia engagementOI.5For Australians to be good regional and global citizens we need to understand, learn from, and engage and communicate with our Asian neighbours. OI.6Australia is located in the Asia region and our histories from ancient times to the present are linked. OI.7 Australians have played and are playing important roles in major events and developments in the Asia region. OI.8 Australians of Asian heritage have influenced Australias history and continue to influence its dynamic culture and society.

2121A quick intro via the first activity. Fast factsThis is the first part looking AT a culture. Important that we dont stop just here accumulating facts!! Victoria Studies of Asia wiki

Information about Studies of Asia can be found most readily on this website.The Leading 21st Century Schools Victoria (L21CSV) program has a direct link from this site. Access can also be found to complimentary programs including scholarships for study tours, Subsidies to upgrade qualifications to Masters of Education andProfessional Learning opportunities for teachers and principals

The Asia literate schools rubric can be located hereFeatures of an Asia-literate school4An Asia Literate school can be summarised as: - The school community acknowledges the place of the Studies of Asia and Australia (SOAA) in the school documents and has a policy of incorporating these studies across learning areas in accordance with the National Statement on Engaging Young Australians with the Studies of Asia in Australian schools.POLICY*Audit curriculum, resources and staff to identify baseline and identify areas for improvement.*School action plan being developed by an interested group of educat