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Asia Safari ...Camps & Adventures... Adventure division of , twice decorated NATIONAL TOURISM AWARD, for the best inbound Tour Operator by the Min. of Tourism, Govt. of India and award was conferred by H.E. Smt. Pratibha D. Singh Patil, the then President of India on 29th Feb 2012, & re-adjucatd 2014 of Maxxfun Holidays (P) Ltd, Certified.ISO 9001:2008.One of the premier tour operators based in Delhi providing personalized services to a select clientele for more than a decade. We provide travel related services to inbound and domestic tourists as well. Min. of Tourism, Govt. of India, duly recognizes Maxxfun. We are member of all the leading travel and tourism trade bodies such IATO, PATA etc. Capt. (Retd.) INDIAN ARMY

Raaj Kumar

Commissioned 5th Battalion of the Kumaon Regiment

Professional Summary

Initiative to blend Innovations, catalyzing tactical credible resources rationalized implementer, for the management of event hands-on, resultant derived gateways" to harness potential, facilitating the far seeing Strategic goals, pioneered an experience of decade as handler to cater services as gate way of the unexplored Inquisitive realms for growth of tourism, obsessed, are we to cater services tailor-made.Spear headed Events as Innovations

Oct 2016 Lead Indo Bhutan Expedition with 30 Machines Sep 2016 - Leading Landys (Defender) expedition from Malaysia Thailand Myanmar India Southern tip Road to India May 2016 - - Tri nation Self Drive Expedition to Bangkok via Myanmar explore ASEAN corridor for business community & also women empowerment of NE fraternity, over hundred participants with 25 SUVS

Dec 2015 Land Rover Club Malaysia Expedition via Thailand / Myanmar Eastern corridor to Chennai

Sep 28 Onwards Facilitating , through realms of SE Asia on a TV Series documentation 1. 30 Sep 2015- Jan 18/2016 Commentating II nd World war 70 Yrs realms of SE Asia operations are backed by us Nov 2014 - Jan 2015 2nd Series World tour Facilitating German speaking guide Scout / Pilot / Navigation, through realms of India/Nepal/ Bhutan /Bangladesh Dozen motor homes/ Recreational Vehicles, self drive land route manifested pioneer ship Ex Germany to Singapore through corridors of Myanmar Lead by Mr. Joern Sep / Oct 2014 Co- Partnered self drive expedition 4x4 encouraging ASEAN corridor cruise through Malaysia Thailand & Cambodia

Aug / May - 2014 CNBC TV NET WORK 18TelecastedNISSAN Expedition Road Show ,organizedby our team,covering Nepal / Bhutan / Myanmar: Motors (05 Terrano Model Machines) with Network 18 Overdrive Media on board India - Nepal Bangladesh- Myanmar Bhutan Road show we supported the mechanical back up, piloted, scouted, logistic & all possible (MEA Clearances), Custom facilitation other than organizational facilities of Road show(U) Tube link - listed below

OVERDRIVE Meet The Neighbors - Myanmar -

OVERDRIVE Meet the Neighbors - Bhutan -

OVERDRIVE Meet the Neighbors - Nepal - Leading Audi Q3 Car (6 Machines) Expedition to Siachein War Memorial to participate in the TRI Color unfurling with few Siachein Veterans & other civilians dignitaries for Network 18 CNN Channel Overdrive Media house.

Nov 2012 - Mar 2013 Scout / Pilot / Navigation, through realms of India/Nepal/ Bhutan /Bangladesh team of 29 Nos of motor homes/ Recreational Vehicles housing 54 guest cruised self drive land route manifested pioneer ship Ex Germany to Australia through corridors of Myanmar Lead by Mr. Kostya from Sea Bridge World Tours. Nov 2012 28th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment Veer Nari motorbike expedition a reunion exercise with Veteran soldiers

Mar 2012- Indo Myanmar friendship car rally sweeping the tail of the convoy the pioneer of project 70 guest in 25 machiness participated from all over India we supported the mechanical back up, as one of the official. Sep 2011- PVC Param Vir Chakra decorated 13th Battalions Traverse Himalayas, motorbike expedition Ex Batalik to Ranikhet, sponsored, piloted & backed. Participating the Reunion at the Kumaon regimental center from all over India. Aug 2011 Recce the team of Singapore ride to India (Via China) the first leg concluding & IInd leg operational in Sep 2011 Lhasa- Khasgar & IIIrd leg in 2013 Summer (recce Myanmar concluded). Dec 2010 Jan 2011 Singapore London Bicycle ride Reece of & logistic support coordination Spearheading the back up operations for a futuristic project to be launched. Jan 2010 II World war heritage trail Singapore Malaysia Thailand Laos Cambodia Yunnan Lhasa (Everest Base camp) North face Nepal- Delhi - Ladakh motorcycle expedition team of Singapore riders, Sep/Oct 2011 Jan 2010 - 4x4 for NATGEO" "Specials - "Flight of the Hawkz" India's first and only 4x4 SUV offroading adventure series All the task obstacles were created to facilitate the television shoot for the event. April May 2009 - Ms. Deepa Mehta's , New Film on Production floor in high altitude desert of Zanskar/ Ladakh Lahaul Spiti. we are backing the operations May onwards. Sep Oct 2009 Sponsored & organized Raid Desert Artillery regiments 288 Med Regt BN Motorcycle & Camel safari expedition in Thar Desert Aug 2009 - Sponsored & facilitated the project of Motorbike for the Indian Army Signal Regiment to World Highest Motor able pass Khardung la, in Ladakh & later backed up the operations The Indian Army Signal Corps Motorcycle Expedition to Blandford Camp to UK. Sept 2008 - Reece of Rain forest tropical for 4x4 self & ATV exploring Great Arc Facilitated the project of Motorbike & 4x4 Self Drive - GREEN PROJECT PTT (NGV GAS) NOVEMBER (Ex Iran- Pakistan India to Myanmar - Laos Malaysia -Thailand, by charting out route & as adviser for team of Mr. Somsak Burapapipath , project shelved after political situation in Pakistan diluted. October 2007 Cruise of Smbhar lake Motorbike Swedish motorbike Club SMC by, 18 Riders. Thailand Kings B Bay (Celebrations 80 BDay ) Special project 4x4 Self Drive Cruise From Thailand EBC( Tibet) & Return facilitated, guidance & net working of project in Tibet for Team leader Mr. Somsak Burapapipath in cooperation with May 2005 Ex - Delhi traverse Bhutan Last Shangri-La.

April 2004 Launch collaborating with French company promoting 4x4 Self Drive overseas market Adrenaline Pumper's roller coaster Raid Maharaja 4x4" WHMI, Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh (20002007) Supporting the movements of Trainee students Ex Delhi -coordinated everyday to 40 different locations in summers of consecutive years, I st Yr- 2500 to 6000 , II Yr -12000& III rd Yr 18000,respectively. April 2004 -Booking 20 Riders each into 10 Groups (200 Riders ascend North Face Everest base camp, on the occasion Golden Jubilee anniversary Climb of Mount Everest, abandoned project 72 Hrs before SARS advent entailed border close by Government of Tibet Facilitated the success project of Motorbike & 4x4 Self Drive - (THE INDIA MAIL, LA VALIGIA DELLE INDIE, and London-Brindisi-Bombay, by charting out route & as adviser to Mr. Late. Rosario Mascia Belgium based Auto Magazine Motopulsion, II YrRiders

Exploring Thar Desert & Raan of Kutch, off-road 4x4 blending heritage over night halts.

November 2003 -Belgium, Motopulsion, 18 Riders ride into Rajasthan. May 2002 - Reconnaissance of Tibet North Face Everest base camp ride to Lhasa, (Projecting 2003 Golden Jubilee Ride master plan) Leading the Indo - Tibetian roads Land of Lamas Travel Craft successful for pace traveler riders

April 2001 Team leader of Harley Davidson Riders, ascend on Enfield motorbikes understanding the Higher Himalayas & the simplicity of machines

Ex - Delhi operating the Coastal Odyssey cruising to Kerala for Germans March 2000 Travel Craft (USA) successful-1st, tour into Himalayas.

April 1999 - Solo ride reconnaissance of outlying areas of higher Himalayas, evaluating new destinations for, conceptualizing and implementation, promotion to Riders.

August 1988 50- Riders ascend, pioneered celebrating Independence day occasion, golden Jubilee anniversary at, World highest motor able pass Khardungla 5,608 M Sponsored by Eicher Company.Facilitating - Europe- India - Motorbike, in 2009 summer (Solo Rider via central Asia) / -Emmanuel Mansion (France Bangalore Via central Asia)/ (03 Riders Via London - Central Asia Bhutan) - (02 Rider Poland- Delhi) / Facilitating Trips coordination & route guidance from London Delhi (Bicycle 2 Riders) Facilitating route guidance from Trivandrum London (Bicycle trip) Mr. P.Karthigesan (02 Riders) Facilitating trip coordination Ex Singapore China & Return Via India - onwards - 2010

Trivandrum Kathmandu (Via central India) 6 Riders Ex UK.Motor Bike Safaris Passionate for motorcycling, pioneered as first Indian company to be organizer the events of Ride the Wild Side of East...Saddled explore Inquisitive realms of Adrenaline Pumper's Ride's of South East Asia , explore the rural village insight culture , thus keep away from cosmetic tourist flow of highway's ...1. Classification Tarmac & Asphalt Ride

2. Off-road Unpaved & Sand / Dirt Track 4x4 Self Drive & ATV (QUADS) Encompass the variations of topography from Salt & Sand amidst Thar, entailing to keep away from cosmetic tourist flow of highway's, an insight of rural realms of Inquisitiveness, of fairytale India or be the Tropical Kerala or Bhutan, to conclude in Tibet via Mansarovar Attractions & Topography Segmentation 4x4 Self Drive on ATV Seato Sky ascends tracking the "Great Arc" touching India on Southerntipascending across Himalayas into Silk route Asia

Burn the calories into adventure flair to Conclude anascend of the " North Face Everest Base camp ( Tibet ) to Lhasa Ascend & Descend,World's Highest Motor able Pass 5,608 M Khardungla@ Indian Higher Himalayas + Exploring West Tibet through ascend of Karakoram highway all upto Lhasa

Zanskar Ride of Wilderness into Ladakh Higher Himalayas Tropical Weather of Rain forest + Coastal Odyssey

Deccan Plateau Khajuraho Temples Tiger's ,escapes to the Jungles of Terrai of Nepal

World Table Top Plateau Tibet ride through "Everest Base Camp" & the Guge Kingdoms of Khasgar Ali Road

." Raid Maharaja" Off Road, Ancient Silk route of Persia Track amidst the sand dunes of the " Thar Desert"in Rajasthan

"Ride Wild Side of the East" Mirage of Sun Soaked salt pan's envelope, the Sun shine in abundance beating the blue's of the Cold West , through the Salt Pan's of the Raan of Kutch

Serpentine ascend the Lesser Himalayas, Alpine Spring & Fall break's ride " Last Shangri-La" Bhutan, with toppings of encounters with Tribals of East

Consultancy Services. - We are involved in providing specialized services, for establishment of camps and other tourism related establishments, and on financial aspects of running it profitability.

Academics & Military Training

1977 1984 Aluminous of Military School Chail

Bachelor of Arts degree 1984- 86, from Maharishi Dayan and University Rohtak with, Subjects studied: English, Economics, Geography and Hindi.

Army Training from Officers Training Academy, Chennai in SS 53 May 1991 - March 1992.

Young Officers Course 1992 1993 from Infantry School, Mhow (Madhya Pradesh) (Training in Basic Tactics, Weapons.

Commando Course Belgaum - 1993 - Undergoing Ghatak Training

HMI ( Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling ) 1993,Basic Mountaineering Course Recommended for Advance course Skiing and Winter Warfare Course from Army High Altitude Warfare School, Gulmarg (Kashmir) in,1994 - Instructor Grading Driving and Maintenance Course from Army Automobile Training Institute, Bangalore (Karnataka) in 1995 (Theoretical and Practical training in all types of vehicles).Personal Details Capt Raaj Kumar Asia Safari ...Camps & Adventures... (A div. of Maxxfun Holidays Pvt. Ltd.)209 - Competent House (F- Block), Middle Circle Connaught Place - New Delhi - 110001Email web: ( Tele -+91 11 23321166/ 77 / 88, Mobile -00 91 -9818712970, Skype - capt.raajAsia Safari has capacity to handle the mega scale event with large fleet of more than 50 machines. We have the professional man power and required expertise to run such programmes on many less travelled terrains of eastern Indian sub continent and south East Asia. Our in-depth knowledge of the area and association various authorities to facilitate the smooth movement of vehicles while going transnational.



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