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For engineers who think ahead


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When you work at ASML, each day you will find yourself listening to, learning from and interacting with colleagues from many different disciplines. And because everyone respects each other, together as a team you take charge of the present to create the technological solutions of the future. And with each new breakthrough you feel proud. Proud of yourself and proud of your team. Thats the ASML way.

Who isw Honan

ASML?Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML is one of the worlds leading providers of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. High-tech chip manufacturers use our systems to make microchips. As you probably know, ever since their invention, microchips have become smaller, faster, and smarter with every year that passes. And in the past 25 years ASML has been at the centre of many of the technological breakthroughs that have made this lightning-fast evolution possible. At ASML we have been at the centre of these breakthroughs because we have recruited some of the worlds most creative minds in physics, electronics, mechatronics, software, precision engineering, and many other disciplines.

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And each year we search for more to keep us ahead.

Every day specifications change, priorities move, machine test times shift. But its entirely worth it and you feel very much a part of the success it all brings.

Vanessa RodriguezEmbedded Software Design Engineer

like to work atASML?One of the first things you will notice when you join ASML is that everyone is part of a team: not only the big team-ASML, but also one of the hundreds of close-knit teams that are brought together to address a specific set of challenges. Our teams are deliberately multidisciplinary so they can approach problems from different angles. But because the company is in a race to develop faster, better, more accurate ways of doing things (at sub nanometer levels), the people at ASML have created a very dynamic environment. This means you will be encouraged to contribute your ideas and use your specific abilities to the full. You will also acquire the knowledge and skills of the other people in your team. Its a teamwork environment that naturally enriches everyones personal skill set every day.

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Within minutes into my interview it was obvious that ASML was completely different from the other high-tech companies Id encountered. ASML wanted to understand me as a person not just my technical competence.Yide ZhuApplication Engineer

Drive your own

careerAfter starting in a technical role, you have three possible career growth paths: technical, managerial and project management. You decide for yourself, and you can switch paths as your career develops. To maximize your performance, we provide a set of development programs including education and training, feedback and coaching and experience-based learning. You will also be supported by performance management, management development and job-oriented training. In addition, ASML offers: Competitive salary Worldwide profit sharing Flexible working hours 27 days holiday plus 13 days of reduced working hours Pension plan Commuting allowance Relocation expenses1 10 m? 2.0x u ntrol a vacu co you into ow do H ssed outga cules mole4


challenging technical sectors

At ASML you can work in a wide range of business areas where no two days are the same. Research This sector generates new and innovative concepts for current and future products. Development & Engineering (D&E) Defines, develops and realizes our industryleading lithography systems by generating groundbreaking ideas based on customer objectives and developing them from technical concept to working prototype. Manufacturing & Logistics (M&L) Responsible for assembling, building and delivering all our systems from the prototype stage onwards, as well as supporting the installation of completed systems at customer sites. Industrial Engineering (IE) Makes sure we are just as advanced when it comes to cycle and ramp-up times in our factory, installation time, system uptime and overall cost of ownership. Customer Support (CS) The face of ASML for our customers. Handles performance optimization, fab integration and maintenance of our semiconductor lithography systems at customer sites. General Sectors ASMLs high-tech culture and fast moving pace offer a unique and stimulating environment for human resource, legal and finance professionals.

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for growth

ASML is more than simply working in a high-tech environment. You will be working at the frontiers of science. Each day you will need to imagine, create and develop new ideas in optics, electronics, computer science and more. And each day your professional skills will grow and multiply. Whats more, that growth is assured because the technical challenges at ASML are so huge. You will be part of an organization that is creating a new generation of machines to replace ones that already perform incredible feats of engineering. Machines that accelerate faster than a fighter jet and stop almost instantaneously with an accuracy of an unimaginable 2 nanometers. Machines that work within such minute tolerances that thermal expansion must be eliminated by controlling the temperature to within an infinitesimal 10 mK. Machines that image billions of sub-microscopic structures every few seconds. Fortunately, you will be working with some of the brightest minds around. Which means you not only get the satisfaction of developing cutting-edge solutions, you will also continually improve your knowledge and your professional skills.

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During the design, I continuously discuss with colleagues. Its this interaction with different people and different disciplines that makes working at ASML so enriching.Jasper GrasmanDesign Engineer

Freedom to


It is the knowledge, creativity and commitment of our employees that keeps ASML at the cutting edge. That is why we invest in their growth and development. We have created an environment where people have the freedom to explore new technologies, concepts and career opportunities. Working at ASML means being proactive, committing to your colleagues and your job, taking chances, pushing back boundaries and achieving the seemingly impossible again and again. If you have a degree in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, optics, software engineering or computer science, you can apply to join ASML today. Use the following contact details: HR&O Recruitment Center 0031 (0)40 268 2078

An idea is born The first Eureka! moment. In the case of immersion technology, Jan Mulkens (ASML Fellow) first saw the potential of purified water in 2001, while at a tech conference near Disney Land in Orlando, Florida. In 2004, ASML brought the first immersion scanners to the market, to huge acclaim and success. Concept & Research Research Research and Development System Engineering Technology Development Center

Designing for shrink After initial feasibility studies, the design of the new system can begin. Here, D&E, IE, PMO and the PGs work closely together to design for RAMS: Reliability, Availability, Manufacturability, and Servicability. Specify & Design Development and Engineering Product Groups Industrial Engineering Software Engineering

Setting up the network Once the design is underway, the supply chain can be set up to order actual hardware and parts. This is driven by Sourcing, who focuses on the right balance of performance improvement, flexible move rates (production level) in the factory and the reduction of risks. Source Sourcing Manufacturing and Logistics Industrial Engineering Supply Chain Planning and Logistics

Selling a system Selling a system starts with Field Sales and Account Support, who are in close contact with the customer and communicate their wishes back to the Veldhoven HQ. A final quote and the deal are made with help of the Deal Structuring Team. Account Support Field Sales Deal Structering Team Marketing and Sales Procurement Manufacturing and Planning

Parts, modules, systems As parts come into the factory, they can be integrated into the three core modules (bottom, middle, and top). These make up a system. Here, M&L (Build Operations) plays its part. Central Planning ensures that the factory can output the total number of ordered systems, without major hiccups. Build Manufacturing and Logistics (Build) Central Planning Manufacturing and Planning Manufacturing

Preparing for the fab When the system has been fully integrated and tested, it is calibrated, qualified, and finally packed by M&L (Delivery Operations). By airplane(s), the system is flown to the customer. There, a varied team (D&E, CS) installs it and completes a Site Acceptance Test (SAT). Then, the customer can start using it for R&D or production. Ship & Install Manufacturing and Logistics (Delivery) Field Customer Support Field Development and Engineering

Service & Upgrade Some 50ish offices worldwide house local Customer Support teams. These teams are on call for the customer to maintain the systems in the fab, or to fix them ASAP when they go down. Additionally, these CS teams help to upgrade the syste