Assertive Communication Case Study

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studiu de caz comunicare asertiva


<ul><li><p>Assertive Communication Case Study #3 </p><p> Behavior Description: A factual description of the behavior causing the problem Feeling Message: A statement of your feelings in response to the behavior Consequence Statement: An identification of the tangible consequences you are experiencing as a </p><p>result of their behavior </p><p> Request Statement: A statement of request as a possible solution to the problem </p><p>Vacation Denied </p><p>Your employer had told you that your recent vacation request was approved. Two days before your </p><p>vacation is to begin, you hear that your vacation request is now going to be denied because of a new, large </p><p>contract taken on by your company that affects the department you manage. Youve already made extension plans to travel and will lose money if you have to cancel. Your supervisor calls you into his </p><p>office and is about to tell you that he is going to deny your time off. What do you do? </p><p>Write your four-part assertion message below. </p><p>Behavior Description: </p><p>Feeling Message: </p><p>Consequence Statement: </p><p>Request Statement: </p><p>Final Statement: </p></li></ul>


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