Assessment BSBRES401A Certificate IV in Business ?· Assessment BSBRES401A Certificate IV in Business Business Administration INT09S2V15-02 National Code: BSBRES401A Unit

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<ul><li><p>Assessment BSBRES401A </p><p>Certificate IV in Business Business Administration </p><p>INT09S2V15-02 </p><p>National Code: BSBRES401A </p><p>Unit of Competence: Analyse and present research information </p><p>State Code: </p><p>Competency Field: </p><p>Employability skills: </p><p>INT09S1V14-03 </p></li><li><p>BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Assessment </p><p>INT09S2V15-02 June 2009 Page 2 of 6 </p><p>BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Unit Descriptor This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and </p><p>knowledge required to gather, organise and present workplace information using available systems. No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement. </p><p> Employability Skills This unit contains employability skills. Application of the Unit This unit applies to individuals who are required to apply their </p><p>broad knowledge of the work environment to analysis and research tasks. They may have responsibility to provide guidance or to delegate aspects of these tasks to others. </p><p> Nominal Duration 40 hours Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria Element Performance criteria 1. Gather and organise information </p><p>1.1 Gather and organise information in a format suitable for analysis, interpretation and dissemination in accordance with organisational requirements </p><p>1.2 Access information held by the organisation ensuring accuracy and relevance in line with established organisational requirements </p><p>1.3 Ensure that methods of collecting information are reliable and make efficient use of resources in accordance with organisational requirements </p><p>1.4 Identify research requirements for combining online research with non-electronic sources of information </p><p>1.5 Use business technology to access, organise and monitor information in accordance with organisational requirements </p><p>1.6 Update, modify, maintain and store information, in accordance with organisational requirements </p><p> 2. Research and analyse information </p><p>2.1 Clearly define objectives of research ensuring consistency with organisational requirements </p><p>2.2 Ensure that data and research strategies used are valid and relevant to the requirements of the research and make efficient use of available resources </p><p>2.3 Identify key words and phrases for use as part of any online search strategy, including the use of Boolean operators and other search tools </p><p>2.4 Use reliable methods of data analysis that are suitable to research purposes </p><p>2.5 Ensure that assumptions and conclusions used in analyses are clear, justified, supported by evidence and consistent with research and business objectives </p></li><li><p>BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Assessment </p><p>INT09S2V15-02 June 2009 Page 3 of 6 </p><p> 3. Present information 3.1 Present recommendations and issues in an appropriate </p><p>format, style and structure using suitable business technology </p><p>3.2 Structure and format reports in a clear manner that conforms to organisational requirements </p><p>3.3 Report and distribute research findings in accordance with organisational requirements </p><p>3.4 Obtain feedback and comments on suitability and sufficiency of findings in accordance with organisational requirements </p><p>ASSESSMENT: You can choose to write a report on the topics suggested on page 93-94 of your textbook or a topic of your choice. Your topic must be a type of analytical report which you must discuss with your lecturer. </p><p>Part One Gathering and Organising Information TASK 1 Gather information on your topic. You will need to prepare research notes in a recognised format on this topic. Information should be gathered from a variety of sources and must include text and internet sources as a minimum requirement. You will need to have primary and secondary sources. Information sources should be recorded so that acknowledgement of the author can be supplied in the final report. A web links resource page will also be good. Present your research notes to your Lecturer. </p><p>Part Two Researching and Analysing Information TASK 2 Using information from your own topic you will be required to survey people in order to get some primary information for your report. 1 Prepare a draft survey for consideration by the management team. You can do </p><p>this as a paper survey or you can use survey monkey which is an online survey you can email to people that you want to complete your survey. </p></li><li><p>BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Assessment </p><p>INT09S2V15-02 June 2009 Page 4 of 6 </p><p>2. Provide details of how you would analyse the responses in order to provide useful information to the management team. </p><p> 3. Assuming that this information can be quantified (represented in mathematical </p><p>format - such as percentages) - suggest an appropriate method of presenting this information visually in your final report. It is a good idea to put into a spreadsheet. </p><p> Present this task to your Lecturer. </p><p> Part Three - Preparing Information TASK 3 Compile a report (minimum 1,000 words in length) in response to the attached case study, utilising the information that you gathered in Parts One and Two, and the information contained in the case study. The report must follow a recognised report style, and as a minimum should include the following: </p><p> Title Page </p><p> Abstract/Synopsis </p><p> Introduction </p><p> Body (using numbered headings and sub-heading, and including at least two references) </p><p> Conclusion </p><p> Recommendations </p><p> Bibliography There is an example outline of an analytical report in your resources folder which is the headings that you are to use for your report. Present your draft report for review by your Lecturer. TASK 4 Present your final report to your Lecturer. Please use an appropriate binding style. You can use the following checklist as a guide to what the lecturer will be looking for and to help you structure your report. </p></li><li><p>BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Assessment </p><p>INT09S2V15-02 June 2009 Page 5 of 6 </p><p>Checklist for (1000 Words) Report </p><p>1 Title Page Title </p><p> Reader's name and organisation </p><p> Writer's name and organisation </p><p> Date of completion </p><p>2 Executive/ </p><p>Synopsis </p><p>Appropriate length - 60 words </p><p> Complete summary of all major findings </p><p> Arranged in same order as report </p><p> Outline of conclusions </p><p> Outline of recommendations (if appropriate) </p><p>3 Introduction Necessary background information </p><p> Aim </p><p> Scope of report </p><p> Sources </p><p>4 Findings Headings and Subheadings </p><p> Indenting </p><p> Numbered </p><p> Contents logically presented </p><p> Material referenced - Harvard Referencing style </p><p>5 Conclusion/Analy</p><p>sis </p><p>Conclusion drawn from findings </p><p>6 Recommendatio</p><p>ns </p><p>Numbered </p><p> Logical sequence </p><p>7 Appendix Placed at end of report if included </p><p>8 Expression Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation </p><p> Complete sentences </p><p> Formal, factual and logical </p><p>9 Creativity </p><p> Originality </p><p> Visual Impact </p></li><li><p>BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Assessment </p><p>INT09S2V15-02 June 2009 Page 6 of 6 </p><p>HNG DN NP BI </p><p> Np bi mn Analyse and present research information 4 (RES401A) bng 3 </p><p>cch: Giy in ng ba, a CD v gi email: nh hng dn cho lp DBA 11A. nh hng dn cho lp DBA 11B &amp; C. </p><p> Tham kho Website: cho cc lp DBA </p><p>11. Lu trn i CD t FOLDER l tn sinh vin v lp, tn FILE l tn sinh </p><p>vin, lp v m mn hc . </p><p>V d: FOLDER: TranVanSinhVien_11X, </p><p> Tn FILE: TranVanSinhVien_11X_RES401A.doc S dng MS Word 2007, font ch: Arial, c ch: 12, canh l tri (Left </p><p>Alignment), cha l tri 1,5 inches, l phi 1inch, l trn 1 inch, l di 1 inch, Header and Footer 0,5 inch. </p><p> Trong Header c ghi tn sinh vin, lp, m mn hc km tn mn hc, ngy </p><p>thng nm np bi. Bi lm phi c trang ba (cover sheet), c cc ch ti liu s dng phn </p><p>Footnote, c trang ti liu tham kho tng hp cui bi lm theo h thng tham kho ti liu ca Harvard (Havard Referencing System). </p><p> Hn cht np bi: 13h00 08/03/2011 ti phng C.2.01 cho lp DBA 11A. </p><p> Hn cht np bi: 13h00 09/03/2011 ti phng C.2.02 cho lp DBA 11B&amp;C. </p></li></ul>


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