Assignment 1 - Technical Communication

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3D PRINTINGPaul Crozier Stage 4 BE Biomedical EngineeringShriram Sridhar MEngSc Engineering Management

Pauls slide:Hello, my name is Paul Crozier and Im currently in final year of the BE Biomedical Engineering programme. This is Shriram who is completing a Masters in Engineering Management. For the purpose of this presentation, we have decided to focus on the up-and-coming 3D printing industry

1What is 3D printing?

Shrirams slide2How does it work?

Pauls slide3

Pauls slide4What materials can be used?

Shrirams slide- biomaterial: porolay5What types of 3D printers are available?

Pauls slide6What can it be used for? Healthcare


Fashion and Art

Design visualisation



Many, many more applications!!

Shrirams slide7How is UCD using 3D printing?

Pauls slide8

Pauls slide9What are the benefits and limitations?BENEFITS LIMITATIONS XRapid manufacturingInconsistency with printsEnables customisation and complexityRequire technical supportLow costs in long-termProblems with hardware and softwareSustainable / environmentally friendlyHigh initial costsTool-lessIntellectual property protectionReduced skill neededSafety concernsShrirams slide10What is the future potential of 3D Printing?

Pauls slide

3D Printers have become more affordable and widely available. The quality of the printed objects has improved as well as the range of materials that can be used for 3D printing. This form of manufacturing has the potential to exist in peoples homes, workplaces, shops and schools. The healthcare industry and education are two prime examples that 3D printing will revolutionise.