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Assignment No. 2Unit II- CARPENTRY- Tools and Equipment 1. What are tools? Discuss the evolution of tools and its importance.2. What are the carpentry tools? Discuss and illustrate each according to function:2.1 Guiding and Testing Tools2.2 Marking tools2.3 Measuring tools2.4 Holding tools2.5 Toothed cutting tools2.6 Sharp-edged cutting tools2.7 Rough facing tools2.8 Smooth-facing tools2.9 Boring tools2.10 Fastening tools2.11 Sharpening tools2.12 Working bench2.13 Circular Saw2.13.1 Cross-cut saw2.13.2 Ripsaw2.13.3 CarbibeTipped Blade 2.13.4 Safe Edge Blade2.13.5 Dado Blade Set2.14 Portable Electric Drill2.15 Drill Press2.16 Band Saw2.17 Hand Router2.18 Wood Lathe3. What is a hoist? What are different forms of hoist employed by builders? What are pulleys?4. What is a wood floor system? Discuss each with illustrations.5. Discuss the several forms and shapes of roof system.6. What are the different types of roof frames? Rafters? Discuss.7. What are the different types of trusses? Discuss the different parts of truss.8. What are intermediate joints? End joints? Discuss9. What are the different types of timber/wood fasteners? Discuss each.10. What is a joint? What is a plain or butt joint? Lap joint? Discuss.

Reference: Simplified Methods on Building Construction by Max B. Fajardo Jr.


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