Astronomy 07 Life in the Universe About this course; About you; About me; About astrobiology

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  • Astronomy 07 Life in the Universe About this course; About you; About me; About astrobiology.
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  • About this course Course Materials Life in the Universe, 3e, Bennett & Shostak (on Library loan) Handouts Web site: - Lecture notes; - Extra credit documents; - Course schedule; - Grade book; - Other cool things. Hallway
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  • About this course Policies and procedures Prerequisitesnone; Your Astronomy 07 ID number; Emergency protocols. Class-time activities Lectures; Participatory exercises; Discussions; A few walks; Thinking.
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  • About this course Three tests: 3x60=180 pts Final exam: 60 pts Mini quiz: 10 pts In-class activities: 30 pts Homework sets: 70 pts Opinion pieces: 0-20 pts Extra credit: 0-15 pts Bonus credit: 0-?? pts Total: 350 pts Late material on any work is not accepted. A: score 90% B: 80% score < 90% C: 70% score < 80% D: 60% score < 70% Grading Review the syllabus with me
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  • About this course (and college life in general) Tough statistics Only 53.6% of degree seeking students, get their degrees; Only 41% of students seeking to transfer are successful; Secrets to Success Read assigned chapters before class; Read pages xiv-xv in your text; Annotate your copies of my lectures; Work in groups; Do some extra credit, and especially present an opinion piece; Ask questions; Find time to think; Students who seek help at the tutoring center perform 7% better; Students who seek help at the writing center perform 10% better;
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  • About you Your standards of excellence You have completed the reading before each lecture; You are thoughtful; You will be opinionated, yet mentally flexible; You adhere to the Sierra College Student Handbook; You will be respectful of others; You arrive on time; You sleep at home; Your cell phone is not in operation.
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  • About you Opinion Piece Is class content morally offensive? Do you oppose evolution on religious grounds? Are you sure aliens exist? Is the quest to create artificial life unethical?
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  • About me Prof. Barry Rice B.S: Physics & Astrophysics; Ph.D: Astronomy star formation; Botany, especially carnivorous plants; Biodiversity conservation (The Nature Conservancy); Photographer; Martial Artist; Office Hours: (given in class) brice (@)
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  • About astrobiology Big questions What is life? How and where did it originate? Where could life develop or persist? Is anything or anyone else out there?
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  • More questions Where on Earth did life first evolve? What was ancient life like? Simple life, plant life, fungi, animals Human origins and evolution Climate conditions The roles of atmospheres and other key planetary characteristics Our impacts upon the climate and biosphere Astronomical influences on the planet Terrestrial planets that may have life Other solar system sites that may have life Planets in other star systems Life in our galaxy Attempts to detect extraterrestrials Attempts by extraterrestrials to explore us