ATP & ADP Copyright Cmassengale. What Is ATP? Energy used by all Cells Adenosine Triphosphate Copyright Cmassengale.

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  • ATP& ADP

    Copyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • What Is ATP?Energy used by all CellsAdenosine TriphosphateCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • Organic molecule containing high-energy Phosphate bonds

    ATP is a type of nucleic acid (like DNA and RNA).What Is ATP?

  • An ATP Molecule is composed of the following:A Nitrogenous Base AdenineA Sugar RiboseThree phosphate groups

  • Chemical Structure of ATP3 PhosphatesRibose SugarAdenine BaseCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • Where does ATP come from?ATP comes indirectly from the food that we eat.Molecules of carbohydrates (glucose) and lipids are broken down through the process of cellular respiration to produce ATP.

  • What Does ATP Do for You?It supplies YOU with ENERGY!

    Copyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • How Do We Get Energy From ATP?By breaking the high- energy bonds between the last two phosphates in ATPCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • ADP-ATP CycleCells break phosphate bonds between the last two phosphate groups in a molecule of ATP as needed to supply energy for most cellular functions, when this happens a molecule of ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and a phosphate become available for reuse.

  • ADP-ATP CycleWhen any of the phosphate bonds are broken or formed, energy is involved.Energy is released each time a phosphate is removed from the molecule.Energy is stored each time a phosphate attaches to the molecule.

  • ADP-ATP CycleTo constantly supply the cell with energy, the ADP is recycled, creating more ATP which carries much more energy than ADP.

  • What is the Process Called?HYDROLYSIS (Adding H2O)H2OCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • How Does That Happen?An Enzyme!Copyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • Steps in the ADP-ATP CycleTo supply cells with energy, a high energy bond in ATP is broken. ADP is formed and a phosphate is released back into the cytoplasm.

    ATP ADP + phosphate + energy

  • Steps in the ADP-ATP CycleAs the cell requires more energy, ADP becomes ATP when a free phosphate attaches to the ADP molecule. Then energy needed to create an ATP molecule is much less than the amount of energy produced when the bond is broken.ADP + phosphate + energy ATP

  • How is ATP Re-Made?The reverse of the previous process occurs.Another Enzyme is used!ATP SynthetaseCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • The ATP-ADP CycleATP-aseATP SynthetaseCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale

  • When is ATP Made in the Body?During a Process called Cellular Respiration&PhotosynthesisCopyright Cmassengale

    Copyright Cmassengale



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