Att . Urdu B. Malayalam C. Arabic D. Arabi Malayalam 10.Which is the compulsory surah recited in all ‘Namaz’? A. Surah Yaseen B. Surah Fatiha C. Surah Annas D. Surah Baqara Level

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Text of Att . Urdu B. Malayalam C. Arabic D. Arabi Malayalam 10.Which is the compulsory surah recited in all...

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    ENGLISH MMEB Level 2


    Time : 2hrs Score : 100

    $ Evaluation of these answer sheets are based on the OMR method.

    $ There will be 50 questions. Each question carries 2 mark.

    $ Name of Registeration number should be written on the proper place.

    $ Choose the correct answer from the given option ABCD and bubble the

    appropriate option in the OMR.

    $ Use black ball point pen only.

    $ Bubble should be darkened completely and properly. Darkened bubble should

    not be changed. Darkening more than one bubble will be considered invalid.

    $ Time duration is two hours; extra 15 minutes will be allowed as a cool off time.


  • Level 02 2/8Level 02 2/8

    1. Leaving me leads to hell; closer to me leads to heaven. Who am I?

    A. Iblis B. Abujahl C. Jibril D. Quran

    2. The Holy Quran is ....................?

    A. Words of Allah B. Words of Prophet Muhammed

    C. Words of Jibril D. Words of men

    3. Which among the following statements is true in the case of Prophet Mohammed?

    A. Born in Madina and passed way in Mecca B. Born in Madina and passed away in Madina

    C. Born in Mecca and Passed away in Madina D. Born in Mecca and Passed away in Mecca

    4. Which is the first Ayat revealed to prophet Mohammed?

    A. B. C. D. 5. I am an organ of you

    Without me you cant speak.

    Using me carefully, Allah will like you

    Using me carelessly, Satan will be happy with you.

    Who am I?

    A.Hand B. Eye C. Leg D. Tongue

    6. Coming home, your father greeted you Assalamu Alaikum how will you respond?

    A. B. C. D. 7. Who among the following was the Muslim ruler of Mysore?

    A. Tippu Sulthan B. Zamorin

    C. Akbar D. Sivaji

    8. When we write the names of prophets, we add the letter "(A). It is the abbreviated form of the prayer

    we say hearing their names. What is the expansion of that letter?

    A. Assalamu Alaikum B. Alhamdulillah

    C. Asthaufirullah D. Alaihissalam

    9. In which language the holy Quran is revealed?

    A. Urdu B. Malayalam C. Arabic D. Arabi Malayalam

    10.Which is the compulsory surah recited in all Namaz?

    A. Surah Yaseen B. Surah Fatiha C. Surah Annas D. Surah Baqara

  • Level 02 3/8Level 02 3/8

    11.Noushad got an old Mushaf while he was cleaning the mosque. Certain pages in the last part

    of it were missing. Four Surahs including Lahab were lost. When Ustad Inspected it he could find

    that all other surahs were in it. If so, How many Surahs will be remaining in it?

    A. 112 B. 110 C. 114 D. 100

    12.Which among the following is wrong?A.




    13.Name the journal in which Islamic articles are published?

    A. Balabhoomi B. Balarama C. Prabhodhanam D. Mangalam

    14.Prophet Nooh Ship, Prophet Ibrahim Sheep, Prophet Moses- .?

    A. Camel B. Sheep C. Stick D. Whale

    15.Ramees and his father are in a journey by a car. They will return only in the evening. They start the

    journey at 10oclock in the morning. On their way they offer namaz at noon from a masjid. If they

    offer both Zuhar and Asr at a time, how many rakaats will they have to offer totally?

    A. 4 B. 8 C. 6 D. 2

    16. DSs\ IgpstXdpq _mm,

    DStbm XpW-bn-t \-ap-v _m-m...

    These are the first lines of a famous song. Whose stories are mentioned in these lines?

    A. Prophet Yousaf, Prophet Yaqub B. Prophet Davud, Prophet Sulaiman

    C. Prophet Mohammed, Prophet Jesus D. Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Ismail

    17. Which among the following denotes the word Islam?

    A. Heaven B. Truth

    C. Virtue D. Peace

    18.Which one is true from the following statements?

    A. Quran was revealed in Thawr cave

    B. Prophet Mohammed migrated from Madina to Mecca.

    C. There is nt any prophet after Muhammed (PBUH)

    D. Khadija Beevi is the mother of Prophet Mohammed

  • Level 02 4/8

    19.A country was wiped out by flood due to the wrath of Allah. Prior to that, Allah had given orders

    to build a ship. When all the regions were devastated by the flood, The Prophet and his followers

    boarded the ship and escaped. Which prophets history is revealed here?

    A. Prophet Adam B. Prophet Nuh

    C. Prophet Swalih D. Prophet Ishaq

    20.Which among the following does not belong to the six articles of Iman

    A. Belief in Allah B. Belief in Angels

    C. Belief in hereafter life D. Belief in Jinn

    21.Which among the following is the duty of those who are rich?

    A. Namaz B. recitation of Kalimah Shahada

    C. Zakath D. Fasting

    22.Which festival among the following is celebrated by Muslims all over the world on 1st shawwal?

    A. Eid-ul-Fitr B. Eid-ul-Azha

    C. Meelad Shareef D. Lailathul Qadr

    23.Which among the following is a newspaper?

    A. Media One B. Chandrika

    C. Malarvadi D. Aramam

    24.Who among the following is the grandfather of Prophet Muhammed?

    A. Abdul Mutalib B. Abu Thwaalib

    C. Abu Lahab D. Abdullah

    25.Birth of Prophet . Rabeeul-Aval

    Lailathul Qadr .?

    A. Ramadan B. Shawwal

    C. Dul-Hijja D. Muharram

    26.Who among the following is a singer?

    A. Eranholi Moosa B. Kunhalikkutty

    C. Mammooty D. Rafeek Ahamed

    27.Zainab, Rukhiya, Ummukulsum and Fathima.......................... they are.......?

    A. The first women who embraced Islam B. The women mentioned in Quran

    C. The daughters of Prophet Mohammed D. The wives of Prophet Muhammed

  • Level 02 5/8

    28. Identity E.T.Mohammed Basheer MP from the pictures belowA. B. C. D.

    29.Which among the following pictures denotes the number of the pillars of Islam.A. B. C. D.


    A. .B C. D.

    31.Which among the following is connected with Namaz?

    A. We have to sit in between Sujuds B. Have your Supper before fajr

    C. Run between safa and Marva D. Do Sacrifice32.

    Which is this art form?

    A. Duf muttu B. Kolkali

    C. Oppana D. Arabana muttu

    33.There is a Surah named Cow in Quran. Which among the following is it?

    A. Surah Fatiha B. Surah Annas

    C. Surah Baqara D. Surah yaseen34.

    Find out what is written in this calligraphy?

    A. Allah B. Muhammed

    C. Islam D. Quran

  • Level 02 6/8

    35. Find out the music instrument used for DafmuttuA. B. C. D.

    36. Which among the following doesnt belong to gulf countries

    A. China B. Saudi Arabia

    C. Qatar D. Oman

    37. Those who lead Namaz is Imam. What will you call the person who call Adan?

    A. Haji B. Muaddin

    C. Maumoom D. Khateeb

    38. Which one is the right one?

    A. B. C. D. 39. Which among the following statements is not true in the case of namaz?

    A. Offering namaz in the mosque is the best one

    B. offer namaz five times a day

    C. Take ablution after namaz

    D. Calling adan for Namaz

    40. In which Quraish family the Prophet Muhammed was born?

    A. Hashim B. Musthalaq

    C. Najjar D. Nadeer

    41.This namaz offered in the evening has four rakaats. Which among the following is suitable for

    the statement given above.

    A. Ramadan B. Tharaweeh

    C. Asr D. Magrib

    42. Another word for Quran?

    A. Hadith B. Swalat C. Namaz D. Mushaf

    43.Which one is the incorrect pair?

    A. Hira = cave B. Quran = Book

    C. Madina = Place D. Safa = Camel

  • Level 02 7/8

    44.While you were watching television at home, guests arrived. What will you do?

    A. Will continue watching TV thinking that they may leave

    B. Switching off the TV, will sit in the room silenttly

    C. Switching off the TV, will stand along with the mother to receive them

    D. Making the volume high, will try to block their conversation

    45. Lets find out rukuA. B. C. D.

    46. Which one is in the right order?

    A. Fajr, Duhr, Isha B. Fajr, Magrib, Asr

    C. Duhar, Asr, Magrib D. Asar, Isha, Magrib

    47. Which one is the incorrect combination?A.




    48. Where do the speaker deliver the Qutba in Juma Prayer?

    A. Musalla B. Minaret

    C. Mihrab D. Mimbar

    In which context do we recite this prayer ........ .49 A.When we get up from bed B. When about to have food

    C. When we go into bed D. After having food

    50.Which namaz is offered without Sujud?

    A. Jumua namaz B. Fajr namaz

    C. Janaza namaz D. Isha namaz

  • Level 02 8/8