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1. Audience Research1. What music videos do you like to watch? - I like music videos with a lot of movement and interesting concepts. - I like videos which have dance sections - The videos I like to watch have bands playing. - I like videos with a bit of an eccentric twist to it. - I prefer videos with a story playing along with the music.2. How often do you watch music videos? - I only watch music videos in my spare time. - When a friend tells me to watch it - I love watching music videos and watch them a lot - I watch them when I have some spare time. - I watch music videos when a new song comes out.3. Why do you watch music videos? - I watch music videos because it is an interesting way to listen to the music. - Because I like the ways that the video impacts the music - I watch music videos because friends show me. - Because I have an interest in the artists - Because I find them entertaining. 2. 4. What do you think are the conventions of an Indie Rock video? - Skinny jeans and bands playing Instruments. - Dark and/or colourful backgrounds - Messy hair and instruments - Instruments - Different and original ideas in Their videos5. What bands do you like? - Oasis - Nirvana - Florence and the machine - Coldplay - Greenday6. What is your opinion on Indie Rock videos? - They are very band based and often have stories with them - They have the band as the main attraction - The colours of the props and clothes match the genre - They are often original with their ideas - The Instrumental footage is shown very well7. Which indie rock videos do you think follow these conventions? - Coldplay have used colour in all of their videos to make the audience happy with the multicoloured, high contrast videos - In Oasis video wonderwall they focus more on camera shots and less on the colours - Florence and the machines video cosmic love they are loads of different ideas. - Nirvana use very band based ideas in their videos. - Greenday have a lot of dark footage in their videos and more focused on bands aswell