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This is a powerpoint of Audubon Camp that I attended in Hog Island, Maine.

Text of Audubon Camp

  • Audubon Camp 2007Hog Island, MainePresented by Sherry Vretta

  • Osprey Nest

  • Bird Watching

  • Science Workshop with the Knoops

  • Fun with the PlanetsDid I just rotate or revolve?

  • Bird Sleuth with Jennifer from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

  • Shakedown Cruise

  • The Puffins

  • 100-year-old Shipwreck,the Cora Cressy

  • View of Hog Island from the Bay

  • This Isnt Your Florida Beach!

  • My Home for the Week The Porthole

  • Brooming of a Tree

  • Yianni Land

  • Salt Marsh

  • Lobstering in Muscongus Bay

  • The Titanic?

  • Near the end of a journey from Florida to Maine

  • Franklin Island Lighthouse

  • Harbor Island

  • Very Fine Specimen!

  • I thought I found an animal hide, but it was fiberglass from a boat

  • A Really Cool Cave

  • Puffin Pete and Company

  • Bon Appetit!

  • The EndThank you Audubon friends for an awesome experience.

    Music by the Beatles: Norwegian Wood (The Bird has Flown) and Blackbird