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  • August/september 2015 5775 / 5776

  • August / September 2015 Congregation Beth Ami Shofar page 2

    Congregation Beth Ami4676 Mayette Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95405

    Telephone707/360-3000 Fax707/360-3003

    Email Website

    Please like us at

    Office, Library, and Gift Shop HoursMon.Thurs. 10 a.m.4:30 p.m.

    Fri. 10 a.m.2 p.m.

    Mission StatementCongregation Beth Ami enriches our lives, transforms our hearts, helps heal the world and sustains our Jew-ish heritage. We are deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and welcome all to our community through celebration, learning, education, and prayer.

    PersonnelRabbi Mordecai

    Carolyn Metz, Executive

    Elizabeth Jarlsberg, Office

    Diane Lennox,

    Jenny Levine-Smith Nursery School

    Mandi Emery-Flynn, NS

    Rick Concoff, JCC Teen

    Ben and Tara Winkler, Shofar

    Anya Concoff Por, Director of Youth

    Gabor Por,

    Bonnie Boren, Gift

    Andrea Nett, Friedman Center

    Edythe Smith, Invitations707-538-3698

    Officers and Board of Directors, 201415Laura Alexander,, 837-8695

    Arnold Drake, Past, 542-1765

    Myrna Morse, VP of , 539-5457

    Russ Gurevitch, VP of

    Barbara Tomin, VP of Youth &, 576-1167

    Mel Decker, VP of Ways and Means,, 540-0614

    Barbara McGee,, 953-2526

    Betty Boyd,,537-2211

    Members at LargeRichard, 217-5265

    Alan, 694-6239

    Lyla, 526-7438

    Jeff Sheff,Adult, 539-5346

    Leanne Schy,Torah/Haftarah, 528-4874

    Members Ex OfficioCarolyn Metz, 481-3390Jenny Levine-Smith, 360-3030Pnina Loeb, 695-2275Rabbi Miller, (314) 308-3672Andrea Nett, 707-360-3021

    Deadline for Oct./Nov. 2015 Shofar is Sept. 15

    Jewish Community Contacts

    Hillel of Sonoma CountyIlana Stoelting, (707) 795-5464

    JCC, Sonoma CountyBeth Goodman, 528-4222,

    Jewish Community FederationBarbara Levinson, 568-6207,

    Jewish Community Free ClinicDonna Waldman, 585-7780,

    Jewish Community Relations CouncilSuzan Berns, 415/957-1551,

    Jewish Family & Childrens Services

    Diana Klein, 571-8131,

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    Summer is on the wane; the daylight hours imperceptibly shorter one by one as the month ticks by, and Earth speeds on in its orbit. Around the meeting point of summer and fall lie our great holidays: Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Shmini Atzeret.

    Metaphorically, spring symbolizes birth, summergrowth and productivity, fallthe onset of old age, (the harvest of our years), and winterdeath. As we transition from summer to fall, these holidays provide an opportunity to reflect back on our lives. In realizing that lifes harvests are fixed in number, we might well ask ourselves basic questions regarding their value.

    How have we used the precious time allotted us over the past year or years?

    How successfully have we been able to bal-ance what we want and what we need?

    How considerate have we been of those around us?

    Have we taken them for granted? Shown a lack of patience when tested? To what degree have we put their needs

    ahead of our own?

    How have we conducted ourselves in the workplace?

    To what degree has the desire for profit obsessed us?

    Have we valued those who put their trust in usour employer, workers, clients and customers?

    Have we been willing to admit our mis-takes?

    In perceiving our individual lives as being a loan from our Divine Creator, to what degree have we:

    Demonstrated our appreciation for the chance to experience this incredible uni-verse?

    Recognized the limits of our own under-standingdespite the amazing achieve-ments especially in the field of technology?

    Found time to gain an understanding of our tradition; expressing a value to those who may no longer be occupy a place in this world, but who have given immeasur-ably to where we are today?

    Used our successes to give back to the world in which we live: to relieve the suffering of others in our community and elsewhere?

    In spending our time together in meditation and worship, we have the chance to examine and, if need be, redirect the course of our lives so that the coming year will be a true source of joy to others and ourselves!

    May you and those around you be blessed with a year filled with sweetness and inner peace! May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life!

    Rabbis RemaRksRabbi Mordecai MillerPursuing the Inner Lifea Checklist

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    New Members:Roberta Rosenthal

    Mashgiach ClassSunday August 23, 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

    Calling all persons interested in donating their time and energy to the CBA kitchen. On Sun-day, August 23rd, from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. there will be a mashgiach training for new kitchen volunteers. This is the only training be-ing offered this year. There will be a prep list and reading assignment required.

    For more information and to sign up, please contact Barb Brust-McGee at 525-8620 or Ja-net Stein-Larson at

    Beth Ami Choir Startup!Do you wish to sing praises to the Lord in song? Can you carry a tune, but not in a buck-et? Well, here is your chance. Anyone inter-ested in participating, please contact Jonathan Friedman directly at or leave a message at (707) 583-1812.

    Getting ready for High Holy Days at CBAThe High Holy Days are a time of gathering as a community to reflect on the past year. We are pleased that Yael Krieger will again be with us to serve as cantor for the services.

    Preparing for the High Holy Days involves a lot of taskssome large and some small. If you have just an hour or two or can make a greater time commitment, let me know and I will find something that fits your interests. We particularly encourage you to serve as a greeter for an hour during one or more of the services.

    As we have done in the past, we will be sending you an invitation to participate in the services. Opening the ark or reading a prayer or poem in English are ways to make yourself part of the service.

    If you have any questions, please contact Betty Boyd at or (707) 537-2211.

    events & announcements

    Centenary Lunch For Florence Metz

    Born September 18, 1915Brooklyn, New York

    Please join us on Saturday September 19, 2015

    following Shabbat Services f or a hosted lunch to celebrate

    the 100th birthday of our remarkable mother, grandmother,

    and great-grandmother

    We are also pleased to honor the birthday

    of Beth Amis estimable Ahuva Simon-Saar.

    Congregation Beth Ami4676 Mayette Avenue

    Santa Rosa, CA

    RSVP Elizabeth Jarlsberg707 360 3000

    Florence has requested donations in lieu of birthday gifts:

    Seniors at Home: or

    Congregation Beth Ami:

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    Israeli Folk DanceDance circle dances to songs from Israel, and other places toowith varied speeds, moods and styles.

    6:309:30 p.m.

    Aug. 5 & 19

    September 2, 9 & 30

    Friedman Center, $3 donation to Beth Ami

    Israeli Art at Israel FairCan You Loan Your Art For a Day?

    At the county-wide Israeli Fair on August 30 from 10-2:00 at Beth Ami and Friedman Center (See article in this Shofar), we plan to have a gallery showcasing art from Israel.

    Do you own any piece or pieces of Israeli art, paintings, sculpture, pottery, drawings and/or prints that you feel comfortable loaning to us?

    Letting us display your Israeli art during the fair would be most generous and appreciated.

    Please contact Caryn Fried, 707-538-2554 or

    Silent Auction at Israel FairCan You Donate Items?

    Please consider donating to the Israel Fair Silent Auction an item, gift certificate, service or check made out to CBA, with Israel Fair on memo line.

    Donations are tax deductible and much ap-preciated.

    Please contact Judy Gunnar, Auction Chair, 707-889-4830 or

    events & announcements

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    In June 2014, I sat nervously at the Member-ship meeting waiting to be elected to our Board of Directors. Nervously you ask? Why? I have to admit I was not sure how much I would be able to be involved and what it re-ally meant to be on the Board. But I eagerly agreed