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    B R A N C H R E P O R T S

    South Aus t ra l ia 8 t h B i e n n i a l C o n f e r e n c e Planning for the Conference (from September 15-17) is progressing smoothly. The response to the call for abstracts has been excellent with over 70 being received. Because the standard of abstracts was so high, members of the scientific program sub- committee had a difficult time in selecting the papers to be included in the program.

    The program comprises a keynote address on each day, plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and workshops. The most difficult task for conference registrants will be choosing which sessions to attend! The fund-raising sub-committee continues to work hard, with more than $13,000 raised to date.

    Techsearch, our conference convenor, has booked a range of very affordable accommodat ion venues. The registration brochure will be available by the end of February.

    B r a n c h E d u c a t i o n A c t i v i t i e s A successful country seminar was held at Kadina late last year. We hope to travel to the Riverland for this year's country seminar.

    A series of twilight seminars is also planned for this year. Two will be held in the city and two in near country towns. With the increasing difficulty in obtaining study leave, twilight seminars are very popular. Midwives travel hundreds of kilometres to attend the seminars.

    R e c e n t " L a u n c h e s " As the Branch President, I attend the launch of the University of South Australia's Graduate Diploma in Midwifery and Graduate Certificate in Neonatal Critical Care. Both of these programs are being offered by the Underdale campus and have involved extensive consultation with the midwives of South Australia. Both programs look exciting and bring a new era of midwifery and neonatal education to the State.

    I also attended the launch of the Nurses Board of South Australia Handbook. The title 'Handbook ' is almost a misnomer as it is a very comprehensive publication including professional and policy

    statements. The Handbook is going to be an invaluable resource for every registered nurse and midwife.

    N e w s f r o m t h e S u b - B r a n c h e s The North and West Rural Sub-Branch continues to be very active. Meetings are well attended by midwives from surrounding areas.

    The South-East Rural Sub-Branch celebrates its first birthday this month. To celebrate the occasion, a dinner meeting is going to be held in Mount Gambier in early March.

    Di S c h a e f e r

    Aus t ra l i an Cap i ta l Terr i tory M i d w i f e r y E d u c a t i o n Transfer of Post Registration Midwifery Education to Tertiary Sector.. The ACT Branch has written to various authorities expressing members ' concerns regarding the transfer of post registration midwifery education to the University of Canberra. The Branch is in the developmental process of establishing professional dialogue with the tertiary sectors and the ACT Health. It is hopeful that an open discussion can be arranged in the near future.

    The College has been informed that the Post Regis- tration Midwifery Education Program conducted by the Department of Nurse Education at Woden Valley Hospital, which was due to commence in March 1993 has been cancelled.

    B r a n c h A c t i v i t i e s GENERAL The Executive will continue to meet monthly, and the Branch Meetings will be held every second month. The venue will be announced. We hope that some of the meetings could be held at Calvary Hospital. The format of the Branch meetings will be considered to include speakers and dinner meetings.

    ONGOING EDUCATION Planning for ongoing education programs for members will be discussed at the next Branch meeting. A questionnaire was included in the newsletter to establish educational needs.



    EDUCATION/SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS The funds set aside for the International Congress of Midwives International Conference will be distri- buted to successful applicants. Successful applicants were announced at the February Branch Meeting. For members who wish to attend the conference (to be held from May 9-14, 1993) special negotiated rates for airfare, accommodation, cruises and tours are available through All World Travel Pty Ltd. Please contact them by phone (03) 889-4262 (you may reverse charges), or fax (03) 889-3725.

    Three members of the Branch are presenting papers at the conference: Carmel O'Meara - A Health Promotion Response for the Women at Risk of Postnatal Depression'; 'Child- birth Education: Clarification of Values for the Mother and Mother-to-be'. Jan Taylor - 'Chemical Dependence and Mothering: A Case of High Risk Childbearing'. Ann Kempe - 'Discharge in the Australian Capital Territory: Does it Affect Breastfeeding?'

    Congratulations, and good luck!

    V i c t o r i a Midwives Regulations The slow passage of these Regulations through the system is of concern to many midwives. A letter received at the Branch from the Minister for Health stated that the Regulations were before the Parlia- mentary Council for review and possible amend- ment. Following this, a Regulatory Impact Statement will be circulated for public statement and comment.

    It is hoped that these Regulations will be enacted toward the middle of this year.

    Sunraysia Sub-Branch It is with pleasure that the Victorian Members announce the establishment of a new Sub-Branch. Congratulations go to Kate Roberts and the members from Mildura who assisted in its birth.

    Continuing Education The sub-committee has formulated its program for 1993. Emphasis has been placed on the establish- ment of seminars in country areas. The question- naire that was circulated to members last year to determine educational needs had an excellent

    response rate, especially from rural areas, and will assist the education sub-committee to plan future activities.

    General Meetings We continue the established practice of having a guest speaker prior to each meeting. On January 27, Sue Darley spoke on the subject of 'Female Genital Mutilation'. This cultural practice, which in some cases can be quite extreme, is going to be seen more frequently as Australia's cultural mix alters. Midwives need to become aware of this procedure and be sensitive to the cultural needs of these women.

    Membership Fees In order to meet the increasing costs of maintaining the activities of the organisation it has been agreed that membership fees will have to be increased for the t993-94 financial year. To ease the financial strain of members it has been decided that fees can be paid half-yearly with a reminder notice.

    Working Parties State Delegates are still keen to receive members ' comments on socio-political changes expected to affect midwifery over the next five years. (See ACMI Journal, December 1992, p9). These can be forwarded to the Secretariat.

    The delegates' work on the Accreditation of Mid- wives Document progresses steadily. Information on these documents will be disseminated via the General Meetings as work progresses. Communica- tion from members is always welcome on any topic.

    Maxine Reid Honorary State Secretary

    T a s m a n i a The Advisory Committee set up by the University of Tasmania to assist development of a midwifery curriculum for the p roposed Undergraduate Diploma course has been disbanded due to lack of funds.

    The Undergraduate Diploma Course in Family and Child Health is due to commence this year. This course contains very little midwifery and midwifery is not a prerequisite. The Australian College of



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