Australia’s National Flag

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Australia’s National Flag. Aboriginal Flag. Australia has 6 States and 2 Territories. Western Australia South Australia New South Wales Queensland Victoria Tasmania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Australia’s National Flag


Australias National Flag Flag has 6 States and 2 TerritoriesWestern AustraliaSouth AustraliaNew South Wales Queensland Victoria Tasmania Northern TerritoryAustralian Capital TerritoryWestern Australia Australias FlagWave RockThe capital city for Western Australia is Perth.South Australia Australias FlagMount GambierThe capital city for South Australia is Adelaide.New South Wales

The capital city for New South Wales is Sydney. South Wales FlagBlue MountainsQueensland

The capital city for Queensland is Brisbane. Flag

Great Barrier ReefVictoria

The capital city of Victoria is Melbourne. Flag TramTasmania

The capital city of Tasmania is Hobart. Flag MountainNorthern Territory

The capital cit for the Northern Territory is Darwin. RockNTs FlagAustralian Capital Territory

The capital city for the ACT is Canberra. HouseACTS FlagAustralian Sport Football League - AFL Food


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