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Text of Autodesk: Social Media - cedma-europe.org WS 1009 Autodesk Social... · © 2009 Autodesk Social...

2009 Autodesk

Autodesk: Social Media

Norman Buckberry

ATC Program Development Manager

2009 Autodesk

Where do you start?

2009 Autodesk

Social media at Autodesk

Theres a lot of it about; commercial and academic audiences

Autodesk believes in its value; in all business units

We are NOT



What is it?

Improved Sales

Acceptable and trusted Marketing

Lower cost Product Support

Increased access to Learning;

Widespread customer generated content

Easy to find, low cost access

2009 Autodesk

Autodesk Social Media

2009 Autodesk

Communities on the Home Page

2009 Autodesk

Autodesk University Live and Online

2009 Autodesk

AU Extension, AU Virtual

Social networking as

Virtual Conference

2009 Autodesk

Podcasts and Videos; sharing the news

2009 Autodesk

Autodesk International Communitieshttp://communities.autodesk.com


2009 Autodesk

Autodesk Channels on YouTube

2009 Autodesk

Product Divisions & Support on YouTube

2009 Autodesk

The Next Generation Users

2009 Autodesk

Case study: Major Motor Manufacturer


Personnel cut back by 35%

Most dedicated CAD users let go

Engineers now using CAD; lower experience

Volume of work increased

Shelfware, adoption

Global communications poor

Some pockets of best practices but isolated

Existing internal User Groups, Support, and Training had

dissolved, because no high-level internal champions to support


Increased reliance on suppliers

Harder to enforce standards

Communication breakdowns

2009 Autodesk

Twitter feeds; corporate, product, marketing,

personal connectionWorks well for large

dispersed Groups

Feel connected -even

With your next door


Insight and



The casual


2009 Autodesk

What makes Social Media work in your


2009 Autodesk

So what works at Autodesk

Communities of common interest


Industries/Products; sharing a common environment & knowledge

Education; the e-generation

Geographic distribution

Bringing people together who can only meet online

In-house-customer community = reach, support, customer satisfaction


Drivers and followers

Input and direction to product futures

Belonging to something special

eg AU for those who just cant make it

Aggregated content and contact

2009 Autodesk

Who owns Social Media in your company?

2009 Autodesk

Who owns social media at Autodesk

Its widespread, there is a LOT of it

Many people contribute inside ADSK and from outside

There are some top-down elements, giving a framework for

peer interaction

The Social Web Council - WWM

The Community Council Sales Events

Bottom Line; WE DO NOT REALLY OWN IT; it has a life of its

own; and we cannot CONTOL it, and it WILL happen!

Its organic

Its viral

2009 Autodesk

Is this the future of Training?

Social Media expands the Training Industry

Using social media tools to complement traditional delivery models

Leverage the power of the Web to bring people together and ADD


Sales and marketing loyalty, peer recommendation

Reputation in the eyes of the customer trainer = celebrity

Social Media kills the Training Industry

So who needs a class then?

I can get what I want online

And I can get it for free!

Social Media IS the Training Industry

The core content has financial value

The core content drives involvement and community

The donated content gives no-cost added value to all

2009 Autodesk

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