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Power point presentation on automotive telematics.

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Introduction Telematics Value propositions for telematics Telematic services Telematic system Practical applications Automotive telematics in india Drawbacks Future approach Conclusion

Over the years an automobile driver has faced the problems like, Stolen vehicle Stuck in undue traffic Isolation due to vehicle breakdown Driven in wrong route Accidents and many more problems

To avoid the problems faced during driving, most automobile manufacturers are introducing new technology called as TELEMATICS.

The convergence of wireless communications, location technology, and in-vehicle electronics which is being used to integrate the automobile into the information age. At its core, automotive telematics deals with services provided to vehicles over a telecommunication device.

Describes the process of long-distance transmission of computer-based information.

The term telematics has been coined in 1978 by Simon Nora and Alain Minc in their report titled L'Informatisation de la socit.

To consumers Safety & security Time savings (navigation) Increased efficiency of vehicle To business Additional data from vehicles (warranty, usage) Increased vehicle sales To government Improved infrastructure management (traffic)

Safety Air Bag Deployment Notification Emergency Assistance Roadside Assistance

Remote Vehicle Operation Remote Unlock Remote Horn/Lights

Security Automatic Theft Notification Theft Tracking Vehicle Status Remote Diagnostics

Information Services Navigation Assistance Points-of-Interest Vehicle User Info Convenience Services Internet Based Services

Remote Door Unlock Routing Assistance Remote Diagnostics Stolen Vehicle Tracking Severe Impact Notification Airbag Notification Roadside Assistance Emergency Response0% 10% 20%

28% 31% 31%

41%56% 38% 61% 61% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%

Vehicle types Personal vehicles: cars, trucks Boats, motorcycles Work vehicles: mail trucks, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Ambulances. Vehicle owners Personal Fleets Military

A telematics system consists of: Vehicle (cell phone, GPS, vehicle data) Wireless interface Back-office systems Call center Application management Content provider


Satellite / Microwave


Fiber / Cable


Application Management

Content Providers


Vehicle Tracking Trailer Tracking Cold store freight logistics Fleet management Satellite navigation Mobile data and mobile television Wireless vehicle safety communications Emergency warning system for vehicles Intelligent vehicle technologies Auto insurance

This service is limited in India. The major hub of Automotive Embedded Systems remains in, Bangalore Chennai Pune We have a couple of Automotive Embedded Companies in Mumbai and Hyderabad too.

Robert Bosch India Bangalore, Coimbatore Delphi Automotive Systems Bangalore Visteon Corporation Chennai Caterpillar India Chennai Honeywell Bangalore GM Corporation Bangalore EATON Technologies Pune John Deer Corp Pune VOLVO India Bangalore HELLA Electronics Pune

High cost of infrastructure Driver distraction

Invasion of privacy Need for common standards

IMS Research recently predicted that the telematics industry is about to enter a new, dynamic growth phase. The report, The World Market for OE In-Vehicle Telematics Systems, predicts that all major auto manufacturers will sell an increasing proportion of their vehicles with these systems over the next ten years. Worldwide, the percentage of new vehicles equipped with telematics is forecast to grow up to 46% in 2017.

Telematics has given the world a new look of vision . It is easy to understand and accompany. It is user friendly. In the coming decades all the automobile companies will be implementing the new technology of AUTOMATED TELEMATICS

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