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Autumn Winter 2013

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The Nazareth Trust's Autumn / Winter 2013 Newsletter

Text of Autumn Winter 2013

  • Autumn/Winter2013

    But let all who take refuge in You be glad;let them ever sing for joy.

    Spread your protection over them,that those who love Your name

    may rejoice in You.Psalm 5:11 (NIV)

    Formerly The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society

    2013 Children's Camp

  • ts a privilege to welcome you to ourautumn newsletter, as the new Chair of

    The Nazareth Trust Board.

    At its June meeting, the Board said a sadfarewell to Ian Lyall, who served as Chairfor the past three years and as a Trustee formany more, and to Donald Forsyth whowas the Trustee Finance Officer for the pastfour years. In September, the Board alsosaid a fond farewell to Mike Frew and

    Nancy Martin - both of whom have also served out in Nazareth- a fond farewell. They have all been faithful servants to the workin Nazareth, and we are very grateful to them for all theyvedone. But were delighted to welcome new Trustees - please takea look at whos who on the Board and how you can pray for uson pages 16 and 17.

    The first thing I did as Chair was to go out to Nazareth for a weekto meet staff and to learn more about the work and ourchallenges and opportunities. It was wonderful to be able to praywith people and to encourage them in all they do. There is muchto be thankful to God for, as daily miracles take place whenpeople are healed, students learn and volunteers give (and grow)!

    Thank you so much for all your prayerful support for this amazingwork. We need the presence and power of God in our wards,lecture theatres, clinics, emergency room, seminar rooms andBoardroom - without Him at the centre we labour in vain:

    Unless the LORD builds the house,the builders labour in vain.Unless the LORD watches over the city,the guards stand watch in vain.Psalm 127 v 1 (NIV)

    I hope you enjoy catching up on all our news.

    In Him


    Ashleigh DunnChair of the Board

    Welcome from the ChairAshleigh Dunn

    AshleighChair of the Board


    Welcome from Ashleigh Dunn, Chair of the Board 2Welcome from Joseph Main, Chief Executive 3Nazareth Hospital 4-5School of Nursing 6-7Nazareth Village 8Seeds of Hope 9 - 12International Friends: Australia 13SERVE Nazareth 14-15Meet the New Board 16 - 17Charity News 18 - 22My Story: Annemarie Niederdorfer 23Jesus Trail Sponsored Walk 24-25Reply Form 26-28

    In this Edition

  • 3Welcome fromJoseph Main, CEO

    very warm welcome to theAutumn/Winter 2013 edition of The

    Nazareth Trust Newsletter.

    The approach of Christmas always causes meto take some time to reflect on the year thathas gone before - particularly in respect oflooking back in great wonder at what the Lordhas done.

    And here at the Trust - when I look at how theLord has worked through our Hospital, School

    of Nursing, SERVE Nazareth, Chaplaincy and NazarethVillage - Iam, perhaps, more than any other year, moved by the grace andmajesty He has shown us. I do hope that, as you read through ournews, you will have a sense that the Lord has truly been at workin all we do.

    Particular items I would like to draw your attention to are: The very exciting progress being made with our brand newCatheterisation Unit, so vital to our life-saving efforts in the area(page 4). A wonderful partnership established between our School ofNursing and the University of Stirling, in Scotland (page 6). The ever-increasing activity of the Chaplaincy Team in ourHospital - serving and supporting our Christian Witness(pages 9-12). You will also find a wonderful testimony of a SERVE Nazarethvolunteer (page 14). I do encourage you to order our new cookery book, madepossible by the unceasing efforts of Levette Callander (page 19).Order early for a different and very useful Christmas present!Likewise, sign up for our Jesus Trail event in March 2014. Aremarkable and very special opportunity to walk in the Footstepsof Jesus, with time to deeply experience the sights and sounds ofthe key places of His earthly ministry. Dont wait! You may missout!

    It is good to reflect, but we should not only look back at what hasbeen achieved. Jesus Himself said, very simply, in Mark 11:22:Have faith in God , and, for me, looking forward is the firststep in exercising that faith.

    We have an almost entirely new Board of Trustees (see pages 16 &17), and we warmly greet them. I am particularly looking forwardto working with them, as our new members are not only highlyskilled, but each one is determined to see our work go fromstrength to strength in the name of Jesus. We appreciate theircommitment, as they volunteer their time and energy to support allwe do.

    You will find enclosed with your newsletter our end of yearChristmas Appeal leaflet. Part of looking forward is planning forthe future. Our situation is not always easy, and donations andfundraising are essential tools that assist us in being able to delivernew and existing services.

    Do be generous this year if you can - we have a lot we need to doto bless and serve the people of Nazareth. Your gift will help usdo this.

    With every blessing to you and your loved ones.

    We appreciate your support and goodwill this year and yourcommitment to walking with us into the future.


    Joseph R. MainChief Executive

    Joseph R. MainChief Executive Officer

  • 4Nazareth Hospital EMMS

    he creation of a new state-of-the-art Catheterisation Unittook a step forward with the laying of a ceremonial

    foundation stone on the site of the proposed building.

    Attended by local and international donors, public figures,management and staff, Mr. Hatem Zoabi, the largest single donorlaid a stone within the foundations of the new building.

    Following a successful fundraising appeal, involving the Hospitalstaff, international donors, the Nazareth community, formerpatients and the Israeli Governmnent, the Heart to Heartcampaign has raised over 5.7 million ILS (1,045,000) to enablethe catheterisation building to be constructed, with the totalfinished cost for the new building being 9.5 million ILS(1,750,000). Mr. Zoabi was himself born in our Hospital andhas come full circle in becoming a supporter of our Hospital dueto what he now believes is a heartfelt connection.

    The provision of the Catheterisation Unit has already beenapproved by the Ministry of Health as heart disease in the Arabpopulation of Israel is very high and the residents of Nazarethhave had to travel outside of the area for this treatment.

    The success of cardiac treatment is often determined by thespeed of receiving medical attention, and this unit will allowpatients to receive medical intervention much quicker thanbefore and so will lead to much higher survival rates as well asa better quality of life for patients.

    A catheter is a medical procedure whereby wires are insertedinto the coronary arteries within the heart combating thenarrowing or blockage of the arteries.

    TLaying the Foundations

    The unveiling ceremony

    Mr Hatem Zoabi lays a foundation stone

  • 5Nazareth Hospital EMMS

    ael German, the newly appointed Minister of Health forIsrael was welcomed to our Hospital when she paid a

    surprise visit.

    Formerly the Mayor of Herzilya, it was the first time the Ministerhad visited our Hospital and she was particularly impressed bythe services available, promising to support our Hospital goingforward.

    YMinister Welcomed

    The Minister of Health (2nd from right in the front row) visits the Hospitalwith from left, Dr Basel Fahoum. Mr Waseem Dibbini and Dr. Bishara Bisharat

    and other members of the Ministers party

    he Nazareth Hospital has become one of the first hospitals inIsrael to voluntarily embark on accreditation from the Joint

    Commission International (JCI), an independent internationalorganisation that assists in the advancement and improvement ofthe safety and quality of care of patients in health organisationsthrough rigorous assessments.

    Founded in 1951, the JCI accredits and certifies more than20,000 organisations, providing a recognised symbol of quality,reflecting an organisations commitment to meeting performancestandards.

    In June a Survey was undertaken to establish a baseline andallow us to construct a plan to deliver excellence in quality andpatient care.

    TA Symbol of Quality

    Fostering Carehe President of the Jewish Health Care Foundation, Dr KarenFeinstein, recently toured our Hospital accompanied by a

    group of health care professionals.

    Based in Pittsburgh inAmerica, theFoundation wasestablished in 1990 tosupport healthcareorganisation anddevelop patient carethrough thedevelopment ofp r o g r a m m e s ,research, training andgrant making.

    The President took time out of her schedule to visit our Hospitaland learn first-hand about the services.


    Visitors from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation

  • School of Nursing


    tudent nurses recently visited Scotland as part of a brand newexchange programme organised by the Highland Campus of

    the University of Stirling and NHS Highland.

    Three students Narmin Mustafa, Rajaa Hannan and Rani Odeh took part in a three week observation placement at RaigmoreHospital in Inverness, spending time in the surgical wards.

    Three third year nursing students from the University of Stirlingbecame buddies for the visitors who also received support frommentors who were all NHS Highland Registered Nurses.

    Dr Amal Khazin, Director of Nursing Education, arranged thevisit in conjunction with Irene Murray, one of the UniversitysMidwifery Teaching Fellows who previously worked at theNazareth Hospital for 18 years.

    Stephen Loch, NHS Highland Senior Nurse for Education andTraining, said, This is