Avoiding Plagiarism

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Avoiding Plagiarism. Tabitha Kidwell, M.A, English Language Fellow Adapted from Mrs. McGowan, Teacher-Librarian (2011) Adapted from Ms. E. Hansen, QE (2006) Adapted from Ms. M. Mirka, Centennial (2004). Do you know…. What is plagiarism ? What is successful research ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Avoiding Plagiarism

    Tabitha Kidwell, M.A, English Language FellowAdapted from Mrs. McGowan, Teacher-Librarian (2011) Adapted from Ms. E. Hansen, QE (2006)Adapted from Ms. M. Mirka, Centennial (2004)

  • Do you knowWhat is plagiarism?

    What is successful research?

    How do we give credit to sources?

    How does plagiarism affect you?

  • Getting StartedWhat is Plagiarism?

    Plagiarism means using anothers work without giving them credit and saying that it is your own

    From: Mirka, 2004, The Plagiarism Trap. Powerpoint Presentation

  • Examples of PlagiarismCopying and pasting text from online encyclopedias

    Copying and pasting text from any web site

    Using photographs, video or audio without permission or acknowledgement

    Using another students or your parents work and claiming it as your own even with permission

    Using your own work without properly citing it! From: Mirka, 2004, The Plagiarism Trap. Powerpoint Presentation

  • More Examples of PlagiarismQuoting a source without using quotation marks-even if you do cite it

    Citing sources you didnt use

    Getting a research paper, story, poem, or article off the Internet

    Turning in the same paper for more than one class without the permission of both teachers (this is called self-plagiarism) Can you think of more? From: Mirka, 2004, The Plagiarism Trap. Powerpoint Presentation

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  • For Better or For Worse Lynn JohnstonSource: http://www.fborfw.com/strip_fix/archives/000809.php

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  • Skills for Successful ResearchSummarizing: The ability to reduce the main idea and concepts of a text in a couple of sentences using your own words. Usually shorter than the original text.Paraphrasing: Restating anothers ideas in your own words and sentence structure. Simple substituting synonyms but keeping the same sentence is not paraphrasing. Usually about the same length as the original text.Documenting Sources: Giving credit to people whose ideas you summarize, paraphrase, and quote. From: Hill, 2011, Methodology for English Language Teaching

  • How to Avoid PlagiarismUse your own words and ideas

    Take very good notes--write down the source (your original text) as you are taking notes. Do not wait until later to try and retrieve the original source. You will forget!

    If you use someones exact words - put them in quotes and give credit. Include the source in your references

    From: Mirka, 2004, The Plagiarism Trap. Powerpoint Presentation

  • How to Avoid PlagiarismIf you have paraphrased or summarized someones work, always give credit

    Avoid using someone elses work with minor cosmetic changes

    Always give credit to the source where you have received your information

    From: Mirka, 2004, The Plagiarism Trap. Powerpoint Presentation

  • Getting StartedWhat is a Citation?

    Telling where information came from. Example: There are 7 different types of intelligence (Gardner, 1993).An In-Text Citation?

    Direct citations and quotations tight in the sentence or paragraphExample: Gardner, in his 1993 book Multiple Intelligences, says that there are 7 different types of intelligence.Both are good ways to give credit to the original author!

  • Practice: Is this correct?Last summer, my family and I traveled to Yogyakarta, which was quite different from the rural area I grew up in. We saw Borobudur Temple and walked down Jl. Malioboro.

  • Practice: Is this correct?Indonesians believe in the one and only God, just and civilized humanity, the unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives, and social justice for the all of the people of Indonesia.

  • Practice: Is this correct?I find it ridiculous that 57% of university students think their teachers assign too much homework.

  • Practice: Is this correct?Komodo passes 100m votes in New7Wonders contestAs of Monday morning, more than 100 million text messages had been sent to vote for Komodo Island to become one of the New7Wonders of the world, P2 Komodo, a team campaigning for the island, says.On Sunday alone 14.3 million SMS came in. As of Monday morning there has been more than 100 million SMS to support [komodo], but, we cannot state the exact figure because that is against the rules, P2 Komodo chief Emmy Hafidz said Monday in Kupang.On Monday evening the figure may have exceeded 110 million, Emmy said, adding that it needed 120 million votes.For those sending more than 100 text messages, you can register to be added to the Komodo Monument as witnesses of history, Emmy added, as quoted by Antara.She said the New7Wonders Foundation, the organizer of the New7Wonders contest, was expecting a total of 1 billion SMS votes for 28 finalists from various countries.Emmy added that people wanting to support Komodo can send a text message that reads Komodo to 9818, for only Rp 1 per SMS.

    The Jakarta Post, retrieved Mon, 10/31/2011 from

  • Practice: Is this correct?My friend Kara told me that she loves living so close to the ocean.

  • Practice: Is this correct?Martin Luther King wrote that the city of Birmingham's "white power structure" left African-Americans there "no alternative" but to demonstrate ("Letter from the Birmingham Jail" para. 5).

  • Reference ListsWhat is a reference list (or bibliography, works cited, resource page, etc.)?A list at the end of a paper that provides the full information necessary to find each source. References should be alphabetically listed by authors last name at the end of the paper or presentation.

  • Sound Confusing? Dont Worry! There are websites that can help you do this:www.easybib.comwww.citationmachine.comDont worry about MLA, APA, or Chicago style. Unless your teacher tells you to use a specific one, any of them are fine.

  • ReferencesAmerican Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.APA Style.Org (2005). Electronic references: Citations in text of electronic material. Retrieved from http://www.apastyle.org/electext.htmlCalgary Board of Education. (2000). References and citations in text: Formats for student research. Retrieved from http://www.cbe.ab.ca/sss/ssspdf/ref-citations-05-00.pdfiHill, J. (2011). Methodology for English Language Teaching. Personal Communication.

  • Special Consideration: The INTERNETBe careful when you use the internet! It changes all the time! You dont know who wrote it!


    You should keep a copy (either paper or electronic) of the website used. Internet sites must be evaluated very carefully for reliability, as all sources are not authoritative or trustworthy.Who wrote it? Whats the source? Contact info?Is the info accurate? Appropriate? Reliable?When was the information last updated?

  • Choosing Internet SourcesWhat is a bad internet source?References, like Wikipedia, Google, and Yahoo Online dictionaries or encyclopediasThese are good starts to your research.They dont belong on your reference page!

  • Choosing Internet SourcesWhat is a good internet source?Online journals and articles. These can be found on databases (like ERIC) and through special search engines (like Google Scholar).Look for peer reviewed articles they are reliable and accurate.

  • http://gladstone.vsb.bc.ca/library/cheating/

  • How does plagiarism affect you??WHAT happens if you plagiarize? In junior/senior high school?

    In post-secondary?

    In society?

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