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DESCRIPTION is a company specialising in small business websites. We have been established for 5 years. A Website Designer website which was previously the main website for another web design company. Since then the website has been a leading blog and resource for Australian small business owners.

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  • A Website Designer

    Dan Norris


    About Us

    A Website Designer is run by me, Dan Norris and was set up to provide

    support and resources to small business owners around Australia.

    Here is the story of how it came to be.

    I started my web design business, Web Circle in 2006. I had never built a website

    before and I didnt have any clients but I was very keen and perhaps a bit

    hard could it be?

    It was a slow and steady process building up our list of clients to what it is today of

    around two hundred or so.

    In 2009 I purchased the A Website Designer website which was previously the main

    website for another web design company. Since then I have set about transforming it

    into a leading blog and resource for Australian small business owners. It is our outlet

    for writing articles, ebooks, training videos etc that aim to empower small business

    owners to take charge of their web presence.

    Most web design companies operate under a sales model where the boss man (or lady)

    relies on boozy lunches and networks to drum up work. This was never how I wanted

    to run my business plus I dont have enough mates. I decided early on to operate

    under a service model where the only way we can get new clients is by word of mouth

    and via Google.


    At present we dont advertise or do any business development type of work so we are

    driven to provide great service and constantly keep our site packed with useful content

    to encourage people to spread the word about what we do.

    I have always made sure we dont have any ways of operating that lock our clients into

    using us. So I know that the only way we can build the business is to keep our clients

    happy. The number and quality of the client comments on this site are a reflection of

    how well we continue to do this.

    This is how I like to do business and I know there are others who appreciate it.

    The rest of this page outlines some of the ways in which we try to set ourselves apart

    from other operators in the industry.


    Why A Web Developer Must Not Be Engaged

    When I initially began my web designing business five years back, I didnt have any

    experience, customers, money or any clue about building websites. For my first attempt

    at a dynamic website I purchased a book on ASP programming and by making use of

    the book I designed my very own simple content management system. It was very hard.

    It took me almost two months and cost about $10,000.

    Last week we launched a dynamic CMS based website for a client and it took us one day

    and cost $299.

    Back in 2006, it was very hard to create a website

    and you pretty much had to be a web developer

    to do it. Open source programs had not yet

    kicked off. Majority of the of the websites were

    custom programmed by the web developers. If at

    all they made use of a CMS, it would be the ones

    created by them. Either way, you had to be a

    programming geek if you wanted to build your

    own website.

    Thus several businesses did not have dynamic websites at all.

    Fortunately the times have changed..


    These days it is not really necessary to be a programmer to build a website. After my

    initial venture into ASP, I tried to figure out an open source system which I could make

    use of; which is when I discovered great systems such as Joomla! and WordPress that

    could be utilized for back end client websites. I never looked back once I began using

    these open source systems.

    I do have programmers on my staff, however theres no programming required for an

    average small business website. At least for people like me who're using open source

    systems such as Joomla! and WordPress it isnt required. All the programming work is

    already been done for you.

    This is the reason why you dont have to be paying a web developer to build your

    website. If youre paying for developing small business websites:

    1) They either have not been utilizing the free systems obtainable and are still

    trapped in the dark ages coding the site by hand or

    2) Theyre making use of their own CMS that makes it difficult for you to move on if

    you wish to.


    Standing Out While it is rather easy to build a website these days, it isnt easy to build a

    good one. As a matter of fact you can argue that since it is pretty easy to build one, the

    task of developing websites in lots of cases is put back in the hands of the business


    Therefore there are great deals of self-built websites of average quality in the sea of

    small business websites. When you merge this with the number of legacy websites

    online from back in the day, it paints are really grim picture of the quality of websites

    online. Here lies the opportunity.

    The opportunity

    In the good old days, you just needed to have an online presence, but now the

    probability is in possessing websites which stands out from the various average

    websites with a website that works correctly.

    So who should you engage?

    Now the question is if you dont want to hire a web developer, who should be liable for

    creating your website. Building a website needs a whole lot of different skills, some

    that can be provided by yourself and a few by your provider. Below is a list of

    ingredients which are essential for developing an incredible website.



    Youre the most important ingredient for creating your own website because:

    1. An individual can devise an amazing website only around a goal and youre the

    only one who would be able to express the strategies for your business.

    2. Finest websites will give the viewers exactly what they are searching for. Youre

    the only one who will be in a position to know what your customer wants and

    how to pull their strings.

    3. Youll have to exhibit something unique. Youll be the person who knows whats

    unique about your business.

    4. Youll have to work out a plan with your provider to generate traffic and lots of

    traffic will come through your own attempts.


    Your Provider

    1. Youve to make sure that your provider is a fine designer because great websites

    will appear good.

    2. Your provider has got to be flexible and open because you will require CMS

    which is easy for you to maintain.

    3. Your provider requires to find out about web promotion and aid you to generate

    traffic to your website.


    Professional Web Design And Its Two Main Components

    The key reason why customers who currently own a small business approach us to

    build up a website is because they want a professional image and can also do a good job

    in embodying their business. Of course this is

    a generalization nevertheless we have built

    hundreds of sites over the years and this is

    often the main thing people search for.

    But there is one more very significant factor

    to consider with design as well and that is

    how well the website succeeds in driving

    customers and design has a great part to play in this.

    Make it attractive

    Here is a list of the important things that should be concentrated on in order to make a

    website attractive:-

    1. A professional logo -It has to be contemporary, neat and have a sense of

    professionalism while not being too flashy.


    2. Professional images should be used.

    2. It is essential that a good website designer who does professional work has to be

    employed (The total procedure with which the web designers make things look

    great will not be dealt in this post).

    So when our clients come to us, the initial thing we do is assess their logo. If it sucks,

    then tell them to get a new one. We also start choosing few good images.

    Majority of the times, it is not realistic to revise each and every single image of the

    products in the website, thus it is extremely significant to build in a great first

    impression, It is significant that we at least use professional images on the website's

    home page and then look towards what best can be done with regard to product

    images (and emphasize on the importance of replacing them with professional images).

    Once we have an incredible logo and enough nice professional images it's practical that

    we can create a nice looking website.

    Making it work

    A great looking website is good but of equal importance is the capacity of the website

    to change traffic into customers (either straight away or at some point of time down

    the track). For this we utilize a simple model of Consume, Connect, Convert.


    Consume - We prefer to create a website that users are encouraged to 'consume' the

    content. We want amazing content and we have to make it simple for them to access

    the content and share the content.

    Connect - For individuals who like what they see, we want to provide the ability for

    them to connect with us in some way. Register for a newsletter, or