B P O i l S p i l l L o c a l s p o i n t o f v i e w N o a h S a d o f f, L e a h, M a r i a a n d J o J o

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>B P O i l S p i l l L o c a l s p o i n t o f v i e w N o a h S a d o f f, L e a h, M a r i a a n d J o J o Slide 2 Before the oil spill Fishing Tourists Slide 3 Fishing Shrimp Crab Lobster Oyster Slide 4 Tourists 45% of people Summer Locals money Hotels Crowded stores Crowded Restaurants Slide 5 BP British Petroleum Offshore Drilling Gas company Made in U.K. Slide 6 What happened On Earth day 2010 Bp was offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. When they capped the oil they did not cap it right. Then the oil spread across the Gulf of Mexico. The biggest oil spill of all time happened on earth day. Slide 7 No Shrimp Slide 8 No Oysters Oyster harvester- How th#2C4AA7 Slide 9 No Shrimp Oh wait I already said that Slide 10 How it hurts hotels No tourists are coming No seafood for the hotel restaurant Employees are being fired Stores renting space have lower rents or are kicked out Slide 11 How it hurts restaurants No tourists Less customers No local seafood Cheaper food Less Waiters Less Chefs Slide 12 Interesting Facts 91% of children are doing less outdooor sports south east gulf strip In the strip there was an 8% job loss 26.6% of people moved from the strip Gulf Coast oil spill map.wloceb Slide 13 How should locals push politicans to change laws Slide 14 Responses Slightly over half of all coastal residents felt that BP's response was "poor," and 41.3% said that the President's response to the oil spill was poor. Slide 15 Sources http://www.bp.com/extendedsectiongenerica rticle.do?categoryId=40&amp;contentId=7061813 http://www.bp.com/extendedsectiongenerica rticle.do?categoryId=40&amp;contentId=7061813 http://www.examiner.com/gulf-oil-spill-in- tampa-bay/bp-slow-to-pay-oil-spill-damage- claims-while-tampa-bay-fisherman-struggle http://www.examiner.com/gulf-oil-spill-in- tampa-bay/bp-slow-to-pay-oil-spill-damage- claims-while-tampa-bay-fisherman-struggle http://picayuneitem.com/local/x1271727222/ Oil-spill-affecting-local-businesses http://picayuneitem.com/local/x1271727222/ Oil-spill-affecting-local-businesses Slide 16 Sources Continued http://www.witn.com/stateregional/headlines /103762574.html http://www.witn.com/stateregional/headlines /103762574.html http://www.portlavacawave.com/articles/201 0/06/25/news/doc4c2362ef2b754441181726. txt http://www.portlavacawave.com/articles/201 0/06/25/news/doc4c2362ef2b754441181726. txt http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/0 8/100803132740.htm http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/0 8/100803132740.htm Slide 17 Sources Continued Gulf Coast oil spill map.webloc Oyster harvester- How th#2C4AA7 </p>