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Created by: Tanya Holk

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Name:___________________________________ Glyph questions Read each sentence. Circle the correct answer and color. Color your glyph to match your numbered answers. 1. I am a girl. green I am a boy. red 2. I felt excited to start school. yellow I felt nervous to start school. brown 3. I walk to school. orange I get a ride in a bus or car to school. yellow 4. I have brothers or sisters. red I am an only child. blue 5. I bring my lunch from home. yellow I eat the school lunch. green

Name:__________________________________ Back Pack Back to School Glyph Extension Activities Analyze the data: 1. How many students are girls? ______ 2. How many students are boys? ______ 3. How many students felt excited to start school? _____ 4. How many students felt nervous to start school? _____ 5. How many students walk to school? _____ 6. How many students get a ride to school? _____ 7. How many students have brothers or sisters? _____ 8. How many students are an only child? _____ 9. How many students bring their lunch from home? _____ 10. How many students eat school lunch? _____ **Challenge** 1. Do more students walk or get a ride to school? ______________ 2. Are there more boys or girls in your class? _____________ 3. Did more students feel nervous or excited to start school? __________ 4. Do more students bring lunch from home or eat school lunch? ________ 5. Are more students an only child, or do more students have brothers or sisters? _______________

Example of completed glyph. Depending on time, I usually have the students color the other pieces of the picture too.

Created by: Tanya Holk Graphics: and Please visit my blog for more activities. Youll also fins more fun games and goodies in my Tpt Store and my Teachers Notebook Shop. Check them out!