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Go Back to School in style with these genius ideas that will make school shopping that much more fun! Whether you're heading back to high school or moving on to the dorm rooms and lecture halls of University and College get excited for the colour, sparkle, and excitement September brings!




    usb keysAs you go from english to computer science to history class and then home, carry your files with you, and have everything at your finger tips! Keep everything safe in one of these cute drives, and never worry about a sibbling or parents ever accidentally deleting one of your important documents.

    the interchangeable marble ringMake a statement this school year with this beautiful sterling silver ring. Everyone will love the pop of colour the marble gives on your finger. But just wait until you show them the real trick - the marble pops out and can be changed to match any outfit or nailpolish colour. Each ring comes with 30 marbles so youll have lots of fab choices!

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    Sseko Interchangeable sandalsThe perfect footware for the end of summer and the hot days of early fall. These unique sandals have an amazing story behind them - each sandal helps to empower young female students in Uganda, providing them with fare wages, mentors, and financial advisors during the nine month break between high school and university. Each genuine leather sandal is interchangeable so you can switch out the strap colours and change up the strap design. Its like a new shoe every day!

    pencil cases & cosmetic bagsYou use your pencils and other school accessories every single day. So why not amp up the style! These patent travel cases are perfect to carry your cosmetics at home or your pencils and paper clips at school.

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    Keep all your toiletries in one place with this unique and fun cosmetic bag made from recycled retro bathing caps. Especially perfect for dorm room living when trucking everything between your room and the floor bathroom.

    cosmetic bag

    magnetic makeup paletteWith the hectic university life, organization is key. Arrange all your favourite eyeshadows, blushes, and brushes in this convenient magnetic makeup palette and take it on the go form home, to class, to your friends house for pre-party prep.

    travel boomboxTake your music everywhere! This genius device hooks up to your smartphone or iPod, and then attaches to any external object (for example, a pizza box, a coffee mug, a desk, or a purse) and will vibrate off that object, turning it into a speaker, no plug required!

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    eye Kandy makeupGetting ready for a nigth out with friends? A hot date? A formal dance? This colourful and bold eyeshadow glitter is the eprfect way to make any ensemble pop! Mix with the specially formulated liquid sugar to transform it into an easy to apply, eye-catching liquid eyeliner, or blend it over your eyelid like eyeshadow. Have fun with it and get ready to work those fab eyes!

    usb KeysYour files are gold - from the pictures from your last trip to that 20 page essay you worked on for weeks. You want to keep them protected, but would love to inject a little extra fun and style into that boring usb key. Afterall, you do use it practically every day! Weve gathered some amazing USB keys including ones modelled after your favourite film and comic book characters, to super girly printed key chain drives.

    the bra bagYour bras might just be the most important item in your wardrobe. They are the foundation to that perfect outfit. But we sometimes forget to giev them the love they deserve. We might throw them into an overstuffed suitcase or drawer and they come out with creases or dents. Enter the bra bag. It fits approx 6 bras inside its cute hard shell, keeping them organized and in perfect form.


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