Back to School Night 2011-2012 Welcome Parents and Students

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Mlle Christina Wilkerson

Back to School Night 2011-2012Welcome Parents and Students

Ms. Wilkerson7th grade language arts

Contact Information

Phone: (305) 597-9950Fax: (305) 477-6762

If you ever want to schedule a meeting, it must be scheduled with one of the school counselors. Career Path LaSalle University (2004)Majored in French and minored in Secondary Education

Calusa Preparatory (2005-2007)Taught English, history, French, and Bible

Doral Academy Charter School (2007- Present) Teach Language Arts and French

University of Scranton (2009-2011) Master in Curriculum and Instruction

Language Arts Class We focus on four areas of the English Language:ReadingWritingGrammarVocabulary

Language Arts Expectations Students must arrive before the bell rings and be ready to work at the commencement of classStudents must be prepared to class with their materials and their homework completed Students are expected to participate constructively and practice their French outside of the classroomLanguage Arts consequences.Verbal WarningA talk with the studentContact Parent Detention Talk with an administratorReferral / Suspension (Severity of circumstances vary) La Classe de Franais

Test 30% (Every four lessons) Quizzes 20% (Every week) Projects and Reports 25% Participation 10% Class work and home work 15%Mid-term and Final (separate from class grades)

School Website

You may check your child's gradeYou may monitor their homework, tests, quizzes, and projects You may check calendar events

Importance in mastering the English language.. Improves their oral and written communication Improves their reading comprehensionEnhances their knowledge in this ever changing worldMakes them more marketable for their future career path