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  1. 1. Bail Bonds Bail Bonds I have been watching Dog the bounty hunter and I am wondering how the bail bonds work. He is very very wealthy which no doubt is thanks to the show but how do the bail bond work? There must be good money in the business. He picks people up and turns them in and then tells them he will get them out after they talk to the judge. So where is the money? He even hunts other peoples bounties. So. How do they work. From what I can tell First, lets say you are trying to compare apples to oranges in terms of the show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "How Bail Bonds Work" they may both be fruit, but they are very different businesses. Beth Chapman is a bail bondsman (and bounty hunter). As a bondsman, she gets people out of jail and thats where your question about How Do Bail Bonds Work is significant. Duane Chapman is a "bounty hunter". Really, they are distinct vocations. Heres how bail bonds work: When someone is arrested, bail is set. In California (and many other states) bail is set on a county-wide basis by judges and set out in a "bail schedule". The bail schedule lists types of criminal charges and appropriate bail. Anyone can post bail in cash at the jail or court. A bail bond, however, is a contract where by an individual (perhaps the defendant, but most often a friend or family member) pays a percentage of the full bail amount to a bondsman (commonly 10%, but this varies by state) in exchange for the promise that the defendant will appear in court. When someone "fails to appear" in court, the bondsman has 6 months to get them back into court or jail. The contract signer and the bondsman will work together to make this happen. When the defendant cannot be located, a "bounty hunter" also known as a fugitive recovery agent, will be utilized to find the defendant (for a fee) and bring them back to jail. This is what you often see on "Dog The Bounty Hunter". The money made is in various places the fee on the bail bond is earned by the bondsman once the defendant is released; its a service fee. Similarly, when a bounty hunter is used, the bondsman pays a fee (less than the full bail amount) to the bounty hunter to bring the defendant back rather than pay the full bail amount to the court.Vegasbail. Net Las Vegas bail bonds company helping you or a loved one get out of jail. Got in trouble or been arrested? Call us today. We are available 24 Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas. Sometimes the people close to us need our help in getting out of a sticky situation. Posting bail for a loved one is just such an occasion. Let us help you learn what you need to know about getting a friend or family member out of jail. Getting someone out of theslammer doesnt have to be a high stress situation. With the right information, anybody shouldbe able to secure the right kind of bond for a loved one. Wed like to help you feel moreconfident in this process. Vegas Bail Inc. | Las Vegas Bail Bonds 3325 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas NV 89102 United States (702) 228-2245 vegasbail. Net Below are a few links that might also be able to help you as well.Bail Bonds Bail BondsBail Hotline Bail Bonds Sponsors Jesus Soto-Karass Daniel Ponce ...Get More Information Below by TCPDF (