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Book Review Presentation on BANGALORE TIGERPankaj Murudkar(63) Vaibhav Nagwanshi(65) Piyush Parimoo(69) Anindya Patra(71) Sandeep Soman(104) Rahul Tamrakar (124)

Sumit Pahuja(67) Rohit Raghvan(75)

About AuthorBook is Written by STEVE HAMM Steve Hamm is a senior writer in Business Week's information technology section. Hamm first joined Business Week in the Silicon Valley bureau and was then an associate editor in New York. Prior to Business Week, Hamm was an editor and writer for PC Week, the San Jose Mercury News, the New Haven Register, and other publications. Hamm is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Introduction about Book"Bangalore Tiger" is book on the 'Indian tech upstart' Wipro It is Written by Steve Hamm Describes the Openness of Wipro Hamm himself notes. "Wipro is an amazingly open company...... Everything is transparent Bit of Information about Infosys and TCS too

Wipro Technologies At Present HQ in Bangalore, India 2 Major Business Areas - IT Services - IT Consulting Key Persons - Azim Premji (Chairman) - Suresh Vaswani & Girish Paranjpe(Joint CEO) Revenue :- $ 6.03 billion(2010) Profit :- $ 1.02 billion (2010) Employees :- 120000 (Dec 2010) Services - Application Development and Maintenance- BPO - Product Engineering Solutions

- Technology Infrastructure Services - Consulting

Overall Wipros Organization Structure in 2009


Joint CEO, IT Business

Joint CEO, IT Business

Human Resources


Suresh Vaswani

Girish Paranjpe

Pratik Kumar

Suresh Senapaty

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Vineet Agrawal

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Anurag Behar

Enterprise Application Services (EAS) OrganizationJoint CEO Suresh Vaswani Joint CEO Girish Paranjpe

Senior VP Sangita Singh

Practice AMS Arnab Chaudhury CRM, SCM, C S Swaminathan SAP Samir Dhir Oracle Amitava Sharma

SalesSales Europe Klaus G Sales US Senthil K Sales Japan Hisamichi Nagamori Sales APAC Arup Ratan Chakraborty

Service Functions HR Anjali Chalisgaonkar Finance Sumit SDH, Global Delivery Raja Ukil Quality Madheswaran N Oracle Alliance Arup C SAP Alliance R D Mitra

Training/ CoE G S Nathan

Operations Paramasivam P

PDG & Sales Analytics Arup C

Talent Engagement & EAS Branding Mohit

SCM/ MS Srini Sai

History of the Techii Giant WIPRO was initially set up in 1945 with main product of producing sunflower Vanaspati Oil and different soaps At that time Company was called Western India Vegetable Products limited with representative offices in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh During 1970s and 1980s it shifted its focus and begin to look into business opportunities in IT In 1966 Azim Premji, still the majority shareholder in WIPRO, took over as the chairman of the company at the age of 21

How The Journey Started. In 1977, Indian government passed new rules that foreign companies to operate through local, Indian owned affiliates. Result- IBM left the country, which gave a chance to Premji to step into Info Tech world. Hired Sridhar Mitta who was Tech. Manager in Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. Who headed R&D Initial target was Software Programming, designing embedded application for telecom and computers. Subroto Bagchi was one of the main contributor in starting up of Wipro Technologies 1st Breakthrough in 1990 when Wipro entered in JV with GE In 1995, received ISO 9000 quality standard In 1999, Wipro 1st software company in world to achieve CMM Level 5 In 1999, Vivek Paul was hired as Vice Chairman and President of WT of Tech Subsidiary.

Set Audacious Goals 4 in 4 Plan by Vivek Paul Companys Core Philosophy:- Wipro Way Identifies 4 Pillars of strength - Customer Centricity - Process Excellence - People Management - Career Development In 2003, Girish Paranjpe created a concept of client engagement manager for key accounts. Adopted and modified thumb rule by Jack Welch i.e enter and remain in business if Wipro has a chance to rank in top 3.

Wipro BeliefsPremji Set up 6 belief which helped Wipro to grew faster - Respect the Individual - Be a business leader - Accomplish all task in a superior manner - Maintain the highest ethical standards - Serve customers well - Measure Performance based on long-term profitability.

Building Business Ethics Started Defining Companys Values On back side of Business Card Spirit of Wipro - Intensity to Win - Act with Sensitivity - Unyielding Integrity Setting Wipro Values - Human Values - Integrity

- Innovative Solutions - Value for Money

Every Wipro Office was having Whistleblower boxes where any employee can drop notes if he finds any of the rules is getting violated

Talent Transformation Talent, Engagement and Development (TED) Hires approx 10000 employee a year. Have the best training program (Won BEST from American Society for Training and Development in 2004 & 2005) Training Program consist of 3 months (For Fresher's) - 1st week Orientation Session - 2nd and 3rd week for team building games & learning business ethics - Then 8 10 weeks of classroom training. - Series of test, have to score 70% to pass the exams - After this there will be allocation of different verticals - Vertical specific training is given to understand clients business

Talent Transformation For Laterals Wipro provide 2 weeks training which includes About Wipro and Project Specific Training. It was compulsory for to go vertical specific training & short course within 6 months of joining Wipro Wipros most Innovative Training Program WASE (Wipro Academy of Software Excellence) Apart from this employee can ask for any kind of training from their manager

Appraisal Process Wipro set up 24 core competencies for its appraisal process Out of these 8 were identified to make future leaders Appraisal process takes place twice in a year - Interim Appraisal - Annual Appraisal Ratings Given - Out Standing - Exceeds Expectation - Meet Expectation - Needs Improvement

Employee Interaction Wipro Found that Internal Communication is as important as with customers. - Face-to-Face Meeting - Outgoing Information Channel W -The feedback loop -Welcome to Whistleblower Results - Sangita Singh was able to tell her ambition and her marketing strategies - Many unethical acts of employee came into picture and all of them were fired - Communication system was improved - All the concerns of employee were slowly taken into consideration

Reward for Employee Wipro introduce rewards for its employees to boost their moral and control attrition rate Some Rewards are - Feather in My Cap - Thanks a Zillion - Dear Boss - All for the Best Companys Retention program - Organization Alertness - Supervisory Engagement - Job Satisfaction Stock Options to employees

Key Factors which helped Wipro to Grow Spend Minimum on Frills and Perks No-Nepotism Policy Job Rotation Setting Goals and Objectives- Quality Financial People Innovation Business Development Chosen by Business unit

High Technology software application. Eg. Veloci-Q Applied Innovation - Technology Innovation - Process Innovation - Solution Innovation

Key Factors which helped Wipro to Grow

Learn from others Concept of Wipro Way take from Toyota Way Concept of Lean was also taken from Toyota

Readers OpinionLikes Lot of Information about Wipro Can be in-depth and real-time information on an upcoming corporation Dis-Likes Why author focus only on No. 3 company? Lots of repetitive information

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