Banjara Tribe

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Vanjara of IndiaPeoplesGlobal All Affinity Blocs / People Clusters Affinity Bloc South Asian Peoples People Cluster Marathi-Konkani People Vanjara People-by-Country (Profile) Vanjara of India


All Regions / ContinentsGlobal All Countries Region South Asia Country India

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Religion Hinduism Global All Religions

Language Marathi



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Submit Update: Country: India Continent: Asia Region: South Asia Country Persecution Rank: 22 (Only top 50 ranked, 1 = highest persecution ranking) 10/40 Window: Yes Country Details: World Factbook Population in this Country: 859,000 Largest States on file: Maharashtra (716,000) Andhra Pradesh (105,000)

Karnataka (7,500) Orissa (500) Gujarat (300) Delhi (70) Madhya Pradesh (Unknown) Total States on file: 7

PeopleSubmit Update: People Name This Country: Vanjara People Name General: Vanjara Alternate People Names: Vantari Wandhara People Code: 113879 Population in this Country: 859,000 Population in all Countries: 859,000 Least-Reached: Yes

Vindhar Wanjara

Ethnic TreeAffinity Bloc: South Asian Peoples People Cluster: Marathi-Konkani People Name General: Vanjara Ethnic Code: CNN25j

LanguageSubmit Update: Primary Language: Marathi (673,000 Speakers) Language Code (16th): mar Ethnologue Listing Language Code (14th): MRT Secondary Languages: Telugu (97,000) Hindi (1,200) Konkani (700) Kannada (600) Gujarati (200) Total Languages Spoken: 6

ReligionSubmit Update: Primary Religion: Hinduism Major Religions: Buddhism Christianity 0.00 % 0.00 %

(Evangelical: Unknown %)

Ethnic Religions 0.00 % Hinduism 100.00 % Islam 0.00 % Non-Religious 0.00 % Other / Small Unknown 0.00 % 0.00 %

Joshua Project Progress IndicatorsLeast-Reached: Yes Progress Scale: 1.1 Few, if any, known believers. Christian Adherents