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School Handbook for session 2012-2013

Text of Bankier School Handbook 12-13


School Brochure 2012-2013

A FOREWORD BY THE DIRECTOR OF EDUCATIONSession 2012-13 This brochure contains a range of information about your childs school which will be of interest to you and your child. It offers an insight into the life of the school and also offers advice and assistance which you may find helpful in supporting your childs education. Falkirk Council is keen to engage parents in the education process, not only to allow you a greater opportunity to contribute to your childs education, but also to encourage you to play a greater role in the life of the school as a whole. We offer a number of other opportunities when you will be able to make your voice heard in relation to your own childs education, your local school, and the Education service. Throughout each school year there will be opportunities for you to discuss your childs progress with his/her teacher. There will also be three annual events for parents organised by the Education service. These evening sessions are spread across the school year and each focuses on a particular theme. The sessions are open to all parents to attend and they are also attended, wherever possible, by the Convener of the Councils Education Committee as well as myself and members of the Services Management Team. Each of the sessions offers parents an opportunity to ask us questions about aspects of education, such as our service plan and budget plans. Parental involvement in the decision making processes and performance monitoring are now, more than ever, an integral part of school life and will continue to become even more transparent in future years. We look forward to developing that partnership with your support. I am pleased to introduce this brochure for session 2012/13 and hope that it will provide you with all the relevant information you may need concerning your childs school. If you have any queries regarding the contents of the brochure please contact the Headteacher of your childs school who will be happy to offer any clarification you may need. Julia Swan Director of Education Falkirk Council

Footnote: It may be possible to offer some assistance in helping to translate all or part of this brochure to parents whose first language is not English. Enquiries should be directed in to the Communications Officer for Education Services (tel: 01324 506602).


Dear Parent / CarerWelcome to Bankier Primary School. This brochure offers an introduction to our school and a general overview of the education your child will access at school. If you have any questions, or would like any further information on any aspect of this brochure or the education of your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. To make our brochure easy to use Ive divided the information into five different sections :SECTION ONE SCHOOL INFORMATION This section provides you with some background information on our school and nursery. It tells you the names of all our staff and how our school day and school year are made up. Our schools educational aims and objectives are also detailed within this section. Lastly, it includes information on our Parent Teacher Association and Parent Council and how parents can get involved in the life and work of the school. SECTION TWO CURRICULUM INFORMATION This section describes the range of subjects and subject areas your child will be learning at school. It also explains about additional support needs and the types of specialist services provided within our school. The section gives you an insight into how your childs progress will be assessed while at school and how we will keep you informed about progress. As well as giving you information about the statutory curriculum requirements we have included details of the extra curricular activities which are available at our school together with information on sports and outdoor activities available to pupils and the range of facilities available within the school. Further information for parents is available in Education Services Parenting Handbooks. SECTION THREE SCHOOL POLICIES As with any organisation, to ensure smooth running and appropriate maintenance of standards, a range of procedures and policies have to be implemented within our school. This section gives an overview of the many policies the school has in place. If you would like to see a full copy of these policies or to discuss them in more detail, please look at our website or contact me. Policies include: -3-

Education Positive Behaviour Curricular areas Support for learning Health, Safety and Care SECTION FOUR ARRANGEMENTS FOR PUPIL WELFARE This sections deals with the practical aspects of your childs attendance at our school. It provides details on such things as: travelling to and from school school meals and milk financial assistance with school clothing, transport and school meals emergency school closures general supervision available for your child at the morning interval and lunchtime wet weather arrangements

SECTION FIVE STATISTICAL INFORMATION Education Services are legally required to provide the under noted statistical information Attendance rates Authorised / Unauthorised rates of absence School Attainment Levels School costs Whilst Falkirk Council is happy to provide this information we do have some reservations that the publication of raw statistics, without any kind of informed qualification, can be misleading to the reader. In particular, they should not be construed as offering an indication of the quality of education provided in our school. Judgements about the quality of education should be based on a far wider range of criteria. I hope you find all of the above information helpful and self-explanatory. If you have any queries about any of the information contained in this brochure, or indeed about any aspect of our school, please do not hesitate to contact me. Susan Dyer Headteacher Bankier Primary School


School Brochure Section One School Information



The school is non-denominational. School Address: Bankier Road Banknock Bonnybridge Stirlingshire FK4 1TF

School Tel No: (01324) 840206 School Fax No: (01324) 841715 Nursery Tel No: (01324) 849971 Community Wing Tel No: (01324) 841419 School e-mail address: Headteacher: Depute Headteacher Principal Teacher: School Roll: Nursery Roll: Number of Staff: Ms Susan Dyer Mrs Ella Toon Mrs Lynne Wilson 180 60 11 Teachers 3 Early Years Officers 4 Visiting Specialists 1 Learning Support Teacher 4 music tutors (chanter, piano, cello & violin) Nursery Primary 1 to Primary 7 Mrs Nicola Robertson Mrs Helen Christie Mrs Lynne Cameron

Stages of School: School Psychologist: School Chaplain: Secretary:


Support for Learning Assistants Mrs Eleanor Kirk Mrs Kay McLaren Mrs Alison Gibson Mrs Joan Wilson Mrs Lynn O'Brien Janitor: Kitchen Staff: Mr Derek Stringer Mrs Valerie Crosbie Mrs Lesley Rennie Mrs Janice Meighan Mrs Anne McGrandles Mrs Isobel McLean Ms Johann McLean

Cleaning Staff:

Local Information Bankier Primary School catchment area incorporates 4 villages, Coneypark, Banknock, Haggs and Longcroft, within a semi-rural setting. These villages are approximately 6 miles from Falkirk and Kilsyth (in opposite directions, east and west, respectively) the two nearest towns. There is an infrequent bus service and there are good road links via major roads and motorways to all the main towns and cities of the central belt. Many local inhabitants commute to Glasgow and Edinburgh for work. There are no rail services. There is a mixed pattern of private and local authority housing in the catchment area. The school is situated in the heart of a local authority housing area. Eco - school It is a matter of great pride that ours is a Green Flag Eco-School. This means that we have achieved Green Flag status, which is the highest level awarded. We take our EcoSchool responsibilities very seriously. We have devised eco-codes for each of the areas covered by Eco-schools, as follows:ECO-TEAM Healthy Living Transport School Grounds and Biodiversity Water and Sustainability Energy Waste Minimisation Litter ECO-CODE Eat fruit, be wise and exercise. Dont drive for the Earth to survive. A place to play where animals stay. Its our dream to make water clean. Last out, switch off. Reduce, recycle, re-use. Whatever you choose. Dont drop it, bin it.


We re-use and recycle a large range of materials. We encourage all our pupils and parents to walk or cycle to school. We have greatly improved our school grounds and have worked to improve biodiversity in our area. We try to conserve energy and reduce our energy consumption. There is an array of 24 photovoltaic panels on the school roof which generate electricity of a rate up to up to 4Kw hours. We ask that all parents associated with the school embrace the spirit as well as the practice of our Eco School.

THE SCHOOL DAYSTAGE MORNING START FINISH TIME TIME 9.00am 11.30am 9.00am 12.00pm 9.00am 12.15pm AFTERNOON START FINISH TIME TIME 12.30pm 3.00pm 1.15pm 3.00pm 1.00pm 3.00pm

Nursery P1 & P2 P3-7

NURSERY CLASSA 30-place nursery unit is attached to the school in the morning and afternoon for children aged between 3 years and 5 years. Children attend on a part-time basis and priority of admission is strictly by age - in accordance with Falkirk Council guidelines.

Our main aim is to provide a wide range of activities that are designed to develop the child's literacy, numeracy and cognitive development as well as providing opportunities for social, emotional and physical development. The nursery class is an integral part of the school. -8-

MANAGEMENT STRUCTURECertain management structures are necessary for the smooth running