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  • Bare Trustee AgreementsApproved Fund Managers as of April 30, 2017

    Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual Funds / Hedge Funds / LSF'sCanada1832 Asset Management L.P. (Dynamic Funds)1Includes Deposit accounts

    Mutual FundOverseasAberdeen Global Services S.A.2Aberdeen Global II FundsAberdeen Global Funds

    Mutual FundCanadaAcker Finley Asset Management Inc.3QSATM Funds

    Mortgage Investment FundCanadaACM Advisors Ltd.4ACM Commercial Mortgage Fund

    Hedge FundCanadaAcorn Global Investments Inc.5Acorn Global Investments Inc.

    Pooled FundCanadaAddenda Capital Inc.6Addenda Pooled Funds

    Mutual Fund / Pooled FundCanadaAGF Investments Inc.7Acuity family of mutual fundsAGF family of mutual fundsHarmony family of mutual fundsAGF Elements family of mutual fundsAGF Pooled fundsAcuity Pooled funds

    Mutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled FundCanadaAHF Capital Partners Inc.8AHF Credit Opportunities Fund - Series A, F and I

    Limited PartnershipCanadaAIP Asset Management9AIP Global Marco Fund LP

    GIC'sCanadaAldergrove Credit Union10

    Limited PartnershipCanadaAlgonquin Capital Corporation11

    Hedge FundCanadaAlignvest Capital Management Inc.12Alignvest Income Fund TrustAlignvest Opportunities Fund Trust

    Pooled FundCanadaAlignvest Investment Management Corporation13

    Mutual FundCanadaAlphaNorth Asset Management14

    Pooled FundCanadaAntares Investment Management, Inc.15

    Hedge FundCanadaArrow Capital Management Inc.16

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual Fund / Limited PartnershipCanadaArtemis Investment Management Limited17Alpha Scout Fund and RSP FundRobson Alpha Scout Fund

    Mutual Funds / Hedge Funds / LSF'sCanadaAston Hill Asset Management Inc.18

    Mutual FundCanadaATB Investment Management Inc.19

    Pooled FundCanadaAurion Capital Management Inc.20

    Mutual Fund TrustCanadaAuspice Capital Advisors Ltd.21Auspice Diversified Trust

    Mutual FundCanadaAventine Management Group Inc.22Aventine Canadian Equity FundBTH Tactical Growth Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaB.E.S.T Investment Counsel Limited23B.E.S.T. Active 365 Fund LPB.E.S.T. Total Return Fund Inc.The Business, Engineering, Science & Technology Discoveries Fund Inc.

    GIC's / Investment Savings AccountsCanadaB2B Bank24

    GIC'sCanadaBank of America, National Association (Canada Branch)25

    OtherCanadaBank of Canada26

    Investment Savings Account / GIC'sCanadaBank of Montreal27

    GIC'sCanadaBank of Montreal Mortgage Corp.28

    GIC'sCanadaBank of Nova Scotia29Bank of Nova ScotiaScotia Mortgage CorporationMontreal Trust Company of CanadaNational Trust Company / Victoria&Grey MortgageCorp.

    Mutual Fund / Pooled FundCanadaBarometer Capital Management Inc.30

    Mutual Fund / Hedge Fund / GIC'sCanadaBarrage Capital Inc.31

    Pooled FundCanadaBellwether Investment Management Inc.32Bellwether family of funds.

    Mutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Seg FundCanadaBeutel Goodman & Company Ltd33

    Pooled FundCanadaBirchLeaf Investments Inc.34BirchLeaf Growth Fund

    Limited PartnershipCanadaBlack Swan Dexteritas Inc.35BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund LP

    Mutual FundCanadaBlackBridge Capital Management Corp.36

    Mutual FundCanadaBlackheath Fund Management Inc.37

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreementBlackheath

    Mutual FundOverseasBlackRock (Luxembourg) SA38BlackRock Global Funds

    Mutual FundCanadaBlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited39BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited

    Mutual FundCanadaBloombergSen Inc.40BloombergSen Partners RSP Fund

    Mutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled FundCanadaBlumont Capital Corp.41Blumont family of fundsExemplar Portfolios Ltd.Northern Rivers Capital Mgmt. family of funds

    Mutual FundCanadaBMO Investments Inc. / BMO Investissements Inc.42BMO Mutual Funds

    Segregated FundCanadaBMO Life Assurance Company43BMO Guaranteed Investment Funds

    Mutual Fund / Linked NotesCanadaBMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.44

    Mutual FundCanadaBMO Private Investment Counsel Inc.45

    GIC's / Investment Savings AccountsCanadaBMO Trust Company46

    Linked NotesCanadaBNP Paribas (Canada)47

    Mutual FundCanadaBNP Paribas Investment Partners Canada Ltd.48

    Mutual FundOverseasBNY Mellon Global Management Ltd.49Universal Liquidity Funds PLCBNY Mellon Global Management Ltd. family of funds

    Mutual FundCanadaBrandes Investment Partners & Co.50

    Pooled FundCanadaBrandywine Global Investment Management (Canada), ULC51

    Mutual FundCanadaBrickburn Asset Management Inc.52Brickburn family of mutual fundsDominion Equity Resource Growth Fund

    Pooled FundCanadaBridgingFinance Inc.53

    Mutual Fund / Limited PartnershipCanadaBristol Gate Capital Partners Inc.54Bristol Gate U.S. Equity Fund LP

    Limited PartnershipCanadaBroadview Capital Management Inc.55Broadview Dark Horse LP

    Mutual FundCanadaBrompton Funds Limited56

    Pooled FundCanadaBrookfield Investment Management (Canada) Inc.57

    Pooled FundCanadaBrookfield Soundvest Capital Management Ltd.58Soundvest North American Opportunity Pool

    Hedge FundCanadaBT Global Growth Inc.59

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreementBT Global Growth Fund L.P.

    Pooled FundCanadaBull Capital Management Inc.60Canadian Equity Class SharesGlobal Equity Class SharesBalanced Class SharesEFG Private Portfolio Series ING

    Mutual FundCanadaBullion Management Services Inc.61

    Mutual FundCanadaBurgundy Asset Management Ltd.62

    Mutual Fund / Segregated FundCanadaC.I. Investments Inc.63Lakeview Asset Management family of fundsIncludes Synergy Asset ManagementArtisan PortfoliosOptima Strategy PoolsKBSH Capital Management Inc. family of fundsCastlerock Investments Corp. family of fundsUnited Financial Management Ltd. family of funds

    Mutual FundCanadaCADO Investment Fund Management Inc.64Maple Leaf Resources ClassMaple Leaf Income Class

    Mutual FundCanadaCaldwell Investment Management Ltd.65

    Segregated FundCanadaCanada Life Assurance Company (The)66

    GIC'sCanadaCanadian Tire Bank67Canadian Tire Bank

    GIC'sCanadaCanadian Western Bank68

    Mutual Fund / GIC'sCanadaCanadian Western Trust69

    Mutual FundCanadaCanoe Financial LP70Enervest Oil Sand Total Return TrustEnervest Diversified Income TrustEnervest Natural Resources Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaCanso Fund Management Ltd.71

    Mutual FundCanadaCapital International Asset Management Inc. (Canada) Inc.72

    Hedge FundCanadaCelernus Investment Partners Inc.73Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust FundCelernus Absolute Growth Fund

    REITCanadaCenturion Asset Management Inc.74

    Pooled FundCanadaCGOV Asset Management75

    Mutual FundCanadaCGS Asset Management Ltd.76CGS Resource Fund Ltd.

    Mutual FundCanadaChou Associates Management Inc.77

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Mutual Fund / GIC's / Linked NotesCanadaCIBC78

    Mutual Fund / Segregated FundCanadaCIBC Asset Management Inc.79

    GIC'sCanadaCIBC Investor Network80CIBC Mortgages Inc. (FLT)CIBC Trust CorporationCIBCServices Hypothecaires CIBC Inc.CIBC Mortgages Inc.

    Pooled FundCanadaCidel Asset Management Inc.81

    GIC'sCanadaCoast Capital Savings Credit Union82Surrey Metro Savings Union

    GIC'sCanadaCoastal Community Credit Union83

    GIC'sCanadaCommunity Trust Company Ltd.84

    GIC'sCanadaConcentra Bank85

    Mutual FundCanadaConnor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc.86

    Mutual FundCanadaConnor, Clark & Lunn Funds Inc.87CC&L fund family

    Mutual FundCanadaConnor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd.88

    Pooled FundCanadaCornerstone Investment Counsel Ltd.89Blueprint Global Strategies Pool

    Limited PartnershipCanadaCortland Credit Group Inc.90Cortland Credit Strategies L.P.

    Mutual FundCanadaCote 100 Inc.91

    Mutual FundCanadaCounsel Portfolio Services Inc.92

    Pooled FundCanadaCovenant Capital Management Inc.93

    Labor Sponsored FundCanadaCovington Capital Corporation94Covington Funds

    Unit TrustCanadaCovista Capital Corp.95Covista Value Fund Trust

    Pooled FundCanadaCowan Asset Management Limited96Cowan Absolute Return Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaCQI Capital Management L.P.97CQI Equity Opportunities Fund IICQI Income Opportunities FundCQI Equity Opportunities Fund IGenesis Partners Fund LP

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  • Fund Manager Region Type of ProductsFunds covered by agreement

    Linked NotesOverseasCredit Suisse AG98

    Mutual FundCanadaCredit Suisse Inc.99GAF International Fund

    Mutual FundCanadaCrystal Wealth Management System Ltd.100

    Hedge FundCanadaCrystalline Mgt Inc. / Gestion Cristallin Inc.101

    Limited PartnershipCanadaCygnus Investment Partners L.P.102Cygnus/KKR Multi-Strat Fund LP

    Pooled FundCanadaCypress Capital Management Ltd.103

    Mutual Fund / Pooled FundCanadaDavis-Rea Ltd. / Davis-Rea Ltee.104

    Pooled Fund / Segregated FundsCanadaDeans Knight Capital Management Ltd.105Deans Knight Equity Growth FundDeans Knight Capital Pool FundsDeans Knight Income FundDeans Knight Equity Growth Fund II

    Mutual FundCanadaDelbrook Capital Advisors Inc.106Delbrook Resource Opportunities Fund

    GIC'sCanadaDesjard. Cais. of Qubec & Fdr. des Cais. Desjard. du Qubec107

    Segregated Funds / GIC's / OtherCanadaDesjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Co.108

    Mutual Fund / Segregated Fund / GIC'sCanadaDesjardins Global Asset Management Inc.109