BAREFOOT RUNNING BY: KIRBY HODGE. WHAT IS BAREFOOT RUNNING? Barefoot running is just as it sounds, running without any type of cover over the foot. From.

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Barefoot running

Barefoot runningBy: Kirby HodgeWhat is barefoot running?Barefoot running is just as it sounds, running without any type of cover over the foot.From the beginning of time, man has been running, be it to hunt, travel, or gather other food.

Barefoot running has been deemed to dangerous to do in most parts of the world so companies have started to simulate barefoot running with minimalist running.Companies like Vibram, Nike, and others have started to create new ways to simulate barefoot running.Barefoot running in the modern era

Vibram five-fingerOne of the most widely known minimalist shoes.

Runners with shoes tend to heel strike while barefoot runners strike the ground with their fore foot.Studies done on barefoot runningScientists, like Daniel Lieberman, have conducted studies on barefoot running that deal with the striking of the foot. He looked to see if it is more efficient to run without shoes than it is to run with them. He studies runners from Kenya and Ethiopia and sees what kind of affect their barefoot running has on them.

ConclusionBarefoot running has been around since the beginning of time and will always be around.Studies will continue to be done on the subject and companies will always try to come out with the next big idea.There is no definitive evidence but there are correlations between barefoot running and better running technique.