Baroque Art-2 - Mrs.McArthur's AP Art History Class Baroque Art-2 Artist: Caravaggio Title: The Calling

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  • Baroque Art-2

  • Artist: Caravaggio

    Title: The Calling of

    Saint Matthew

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 10'7½" X 11'2"

    (3.24 X 3.4 m)

    Date: 1599–1600

    story from the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 9:9): Jesus saw a man named Matthew at his seat in the custom house, and said to him, "Follow me", and Matthew rose and followed him. Christ brings the true light to the dark space the gesture of Jesus as he points towards Matthew

  • Artist: Caravaggio

    Title: Entombment

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 9'10⅛" X 6'7 15⁄16" (3 X 2.03 m)

    Date: 1603–4

    This counter-reformation painting with a diagonal cascade of mourners and cadaver -bearers descending to the limp, dead Christ and the bare stone – is not a moment of transfiguration, but of mourning

    -While faces are important in painting generally, in Caravaggio it is important always to note where the arms are pointing Tradition held that the Virgin Mary be depicted as eternally young, but here Caravaggio paints the Virgin as an old woman

  • Artist: Artemisia Gentileschi

    Title: Judith and Maidservant with the Head of


    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 6'½" X 4'7" (1.84 X 1.41 m)

    Date: 1625

    One of Caravaggio's most successful followers

    Florence Academy of Design

    Florence obsessed with David and Judith

    She exemplifies baroque naturalism and

    tenebrism- strong use of chiaroscuro and

    dramatic lighting to create dramatic scenes with

    strong contrast

    Judith cuts head of General Holofernes

    Maid stuffs head in bag

  • Artist: Artemisia Gentileschi

    Title: Self-Portrait as the Allegory of


    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 38 X 29" (96.5 X 73.7 cm)

    Date: 1630

    Became famous for her portraits and

    women heroine paintings

    Her clothing and jewelry come from a

    popular source book called Iconologia

    by Cesare Ripa (1593)

    Mask imitates the human face like

    painting imitates nature

    Gold chain is the interlocking and

    continuous nature of painting between


    Pay tribute to her and her father

  • Baroque in France

    • Louis the XIV expanded France’s art patronage making it the envy of royal courts

    • Royal Academy of Paintings and Sculpture

  • Artist: Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin-

    Mansart; gardens by André Le Nôtre

    Title: Palais de Versailles

    Date: 1668–85

  • Title: Central Block of the Garden Façade,

    Palais de Versailles

  • Artist: Jules Hardouin-

    Mansart and Charles Le


    Title: Hall of Mirrors,

    Palais de Versailles

    Medium: n/a

    Size: Length approx. 240'

    (73 cm)

    Date: Begun 1678

    Source/ Museum:

    Versailles, France

  • Artist: François Girardon

    Title: Apollo Attended by the Nymphs of Thetis

    Medium: Marble

    Size: life-size

    Date: c. 1666–75. Grotto by Hubert Robert in

    1776; sculpture reinstalled in a different

    configuration in 1778

    Source/ Museum: From the Grotto of Thetis,

    Palais de Versailles, Versailles, France

  • Artist: Georges de La Tour

    Title: Mary Magdalen with the

    Smoking Flame

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 46¼ X 36⅛" (117 X 91.8 cm)

    Date: c. 1640

    One of Caravaggio's most important

    followers in France

    Court painter for Louis the XIII

    Monumental figures with dramatically

    lit spaces

    Lighting and compression of figure in

    picture plane leads to a sense of


    Mary meditates on the frailty of

    human life

  • Artist: Claude Lorrain

    Title: Embarkation of the

    Queen of Sheba

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 4' 10" X 6' 4" (1.48

    X 1.93 m)

    Date: 1648

    Organized nature in to

    idealized compositions

    Would put objects in the

    foreground to draw the

    viewer into the picture

    Most of his works are

    studies on rising and

    falling light

    Zig zag into the


    Classical elements

    emerge from the


  • Artist: Nicolas Poussin

    Title: Landscape with Saint John on Patmos

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 40 X 53½" (101.8 X 136.3 cm)

    Date: 1640







    from foreground

    to distance

    St. John writes

    second coming

    to Christ

    Zones marked

    by light and



  • Artist: Hyacinthe Rigaud

    Title: Louis XIV

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 9'2" X 7'10¾" (2.19 X 2.4 m)

    Date: 1701

    This portrait was commissioned as a gift for Philip V of Spain. However, it was such a success at court that it was never sent to Spain. Every detail of the work is aimed at producing the quintessential image of absolute power: -the nobility of the antique setting -the crimson curtain -the solemnity of the Sun King wearing his coronation robes embroidered with the royal fleur de lys.

  • Hapsburg German, Austria, and Spain

    Hapsburg Ruler Charles V dies…

    Formerly the holy roman empire was divided into German and Austria to

    Ferdinand (brother) and Spain, Netherlands, american colonies to

    Phillip II (son)

  • Artist: Jakob Prandtauer

    Title: Benedictine Monastery Church, Melk

    Date: 1702–36 and later

    Source/ Museum: Austria

    Art suffered in

    Germany and

    Austria due to



    18th century

    brought peace

    Baroque additions

    began to appear

    on medieval


    Twin towered west

    work and 2 tall

    wings jet out from

    front containing

    great hall and


  • Artist: n/a

    Title: Interior, Benedictine Monastery

    Church, Melk

    Date: Completed after 1738, after designs

    by Prandtauer, Antonio Beduzzi, and

    Joseph Munggenast

    Source/ Museum: Austria

    Large windows and open galleries show

    out to the river

    Colossal pilasters and dome thrust the

    building upwards towards the clouds

    Provided lodging for dignitaries and

    royalty which made the palace like

    decoration appropriate