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Barracuda Networks Partner Program

BARRACUDA NETWORKS PARTNER PROGRAMValue-added resources that help organizations maximize pro tBarracuda Networks provides a partnership that enables you to successfully develop new market opportunities to grow your business. As a Barracuda Networks Partner, you will have access to a unique set of resources to develop strategies, increase sales and support your business model. Three Tiers of Participation The Barracuda Networks Partner Program features three levels of program participation designed to deliver value to each level of participation for your organization Certi ed, Platinum and Diamond. Barracuda Networks will reward your performance and o er additional bene ts at each tier of the partner program. Requirements and Bene ts of Barracuda Partner Portal Membership By meeting partner program requirements in your region, you may be promoted to a higher level of membership and achieve additional bene ts through these levels of achievement: 1. 2. 3. 4. Sales Revenue: Meet minimum sales revenue for Barracuda Networks quarterly purchases in product category. Demand Generation: Meet a high level of demand generation leading to new customers. Sales Training: Complete minimum number of sales courses that demonstrate your knowledge of Barracuda Networks products. Technical Certi cations: Complete minimum number of technical courses that demonstrate your ability to con gure, evaluate and install Barracuda Networks products for your customers.

BENEFITS OF PARTNER MEMBERSHIPAs a partner with Barracuda Networks you will obtain access to a variety of sales and marketing tools, training, assistance and incentives. Here are some of the bene ts o ered: Partner Portal The Barracuda Networks Partner Portal enables partners to gain access to a full portfolio of sales and marketing tools, including information on products, promotions, presentations and training that is available to utilize in selling Barracuda Networks solutions. Joint Marketing Funds Collaborate with Barracuda Networks in a lead generation campaign such as an event or advertisement and receive funding for up to 50 percent of the total cost of the activity. Barracuda University Technical training and certi cation programs designed to help partners with supporting their Barracuda Networks products. On-Site Reseller Training Partners can make an appointment for on-site training to learn how to sell Barracuda Networks products, discover key product features and bene ts, and obtain hands-on experience. Priority Phone and Online Support Partners receive priority status with Barracuda Networks Technical Support Seed and Demo Units Barracuda Networks will make seed units available of its product for quali ed end users opportunities. Web based on-line demos 30 day try and buy for your customers Discounted Not-for-Resale Evaluation Units Partners may purchase any Barracuda Networks product at a discount for internal use and demonstrations. Joint Account Calls When it helps to have Barracuda Networks representation in an important customer call, partners can schedule a joint account teleconference with a local Barracuda Networks representative. Quali ed Leads Barracuda Networks generates leads through a wide range of marketing e orts and distributes them to partners. Rapid Replacement Program Partners can provide a four hour instant replacement to their customers. Upgrade Program Credit provided for upgrades on Barracuda Networks products that have already been made. Renewals Noti cations Partners are noti ed of the renewals in any Barracuda Networks subscription in order to inform their customers. Online Ordering Partners may place orders online for faster processing. Deal Registration Partners may register deals online for an additional discount and protection.

Join the Barracuda Networks Partner ProgramJoining the Barracuda Networks Partner Program is the rst step towards building a successful relationship with Barracuda Networks and gaining access to the valuable resources available to our partners. Visit Complete the online application form. Your application will be reviewed by a Barracuda Networks Sales Representative. Once the application is accepted you will receive an agreement that needs to be signed prior to gaining Partner Portal access.* Bene t eligibility is dependent upon partner program level and resource availability by region, and may be subject to additional participation requirements.

The Barracuda Networks Partner Program designates requirements for each tier of the membership:

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS1 person with Barracuda Networks Overview Training (Course BT10) Barracuda Networks certi cation and training required for deal registration (e ective June 1, 2010) Activate Barracuda Networks subscriptions Deliver product to customer Demo given to customer Designate internal product champion Adherence to Barracuda Networks MAP policy Agreement signed with Barracuda Networks Sales only in designated territory No revenue commitment Barracuda Networks partner logo and link on partner's Web site Develop opportunities Provide 1st level technical support to customers Contact all leads within 2 hours NFR unit in house for demo and training Quarterly meeting with Barracuda Networks regional sales Minimum quarterly revenue targets for speci ed Barracuda Networks product category Customer event quarterly to promote Barracuda Networks products Provide Barracuda Networks customer case study materials Use a Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall internally




The Barracuda Networks Partner Program o ers a multitude of bene ts for each tier of the membership:

PARTNER BENEFITSAccess to Barracuda Networks demo calls Access to Barracuda Networks demo scripts Access to Barracuda Networks Channel Manager and Inside Sales Team Access to Barracuda Networks Partner Portal Access to Barracuda University Barracuda Networks Upgrade Program Deal registration protection Partner certi cate Renewal notications Special pricing promotions Discount on non-registered deals Discount on registered deals Eligible for joint marketing funds Onsite reseller training Priority phone and online support Joint account calls Use of Barracuda Networks partner logo Dedicated Barracuda Networks Account Management Team Free shipping on orders of 7 or more from Barracuda Networks - excludes North America Online ordering Pre-quali ed leads from Barracuda Networks Purchase demo units via Barracuda Networks demo program Purchase NFR unit at 50% discount of each product type up to model 4x0 Access to Barracuda Networks evaluation units for large potential customers Authorization to sell Barracuda Networks Premium Support Introduction to international partners for multi-national deals Purchase direct from Barracuda Networks or from distributor in country Rapid Replacement Program (in some regions) excludes North America VAR specic support hotline access




* Bene t eligibility is dependent upon partner program level and resource availability by region, and may be subject to additional participation requirements.

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