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Basalt Mat. New brand ECOMAT in insulation segment. Basalt Fibers LTD. About the company History. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Basalt Mat

  • Basalt*New brand ECOMAT in insulation segmentBasalt Fibers LTD.

  • About the companyHistory The world's first experimental steady basalt continuous fiber was obtained in the laboratory of the Institute of Building Materials, in Georgia, in the 60-th of the last century, and in 1985, In Belich (Ukraine) the first production was lunched.

    Basalt Fibers LTD. Produces textile basalt fiber with its own technology since 1998. In the world exist three types of textile basalt fiber production technologies (one of them is Georgian) and are functioning only 7 manufactures. Currently the whole capacity of the textile basalt fiber manufacturers doesnt exceed three thousand tones per year.*

  • ProcessTextile basalt fiber is derived from Basalt stone melting and melted mass stretching.*

  • *Basalt Fibers LTD presents Textile basalt fiber for the following applications in Construction sector.

    Basalt Mat for thermal and noise insulation, which company produces by high-technological German equipment ( without any binders, is ecologically clean product.

    Basalt Chopped Fiber Accelerates the timeline for the concrete strengthening Suppresses the formation of cracks on the concrete surface Allows to reduce amount of fittings in concrete Company with the leading research institute in Germany ( has accomplished tests on the produced products in different type of concrete reinforcement and has accordingly created recommendations for its optimal

  • Basalt Mat advantages for Georgian marketRepresents totally ecologically clean product, as it is the natural basalt stone transferred to the form of thread, which is formed as a mat after carding on mechanic needling board. *In comparison with the existing competitors, EcoMat has the lowest heat transfer coefficient (0,031W/m0K) and widest temperature range (2670C +8500C) of usage. It enables consumer to reach the highest level of insulation and noise resistance parameters with the maximum low volume of the product.On Georgian market it is the most competitive product as it meets the strict requirements of modern touristic and public infrastructure and represents not flammable, as well as not burnable insulation material.(ASTM C553)

  • Important Issue!insulation material is systematically moistened, hence basalt mat in difference with fiberglass is non-roting and non-spoiling in time insulation material. Such parameters are essential while building residential houses, so basalt mat becomes inevitable part of it, especially while buildings on additional store and while creating light design for attic.

    *Usually in winter partial pressure inside the living spaces is 3 times higher than partial pressure in the streets, that is why moisture, existing inside the building tends to go outside. It is hard to reach absolute impermeability while incrustation works inside rooms and moisture manages to leave the space through defected areas, that is why

  • Basalt Mat advantages in comparison with the competitor, thermal and sound insulation materials on Georgian and regional marketIn Caucasus region for thermal and sound insulation different kind of polypropylene and glass materials are used, therefore it is very important to show their advantages and disadvantages and to offer customers most suitable and effective product for their particular design.


  • Styrofoam*Positive:Relatively cheap in comparison with basalt mat;Non-roting while moisture.Negative: Burnable and its smoke can suffocate a human (Fire safety norm prohibit its usage in living spaces!); Requires special system for attaching to the surface and corresponding installation works need to be performed in the construction;To keep parameters for thermal and sound insulation big thickness is required, not less than 10 cm in wall design;Not elastic and requires selection of special constructional forms in building design (additional cost!).

  • Fiberglass*Positive:Relatively cheap in comparison with basalt mat.

    Negative: Fire safety norms norm prohibit its usage in living spaces, as temperature stability lasts only till 300C; Health norms prohibit its usage in living spaces, as 4%-8% of the weight consists of phenol pitch that is used as an astringent for the material; Rots and collapses in moisture accumulation zone, requires completely dry environment; Its big thickness and formless, uneven surface requires selection of special constructional attachment forms in building design (additional cost!).

  • Rockwool

    *Positive:Fire safety norms norm permit its usage in living spaces;doesn't Rot and collapse in conditions of moisture and stream influence.Negative:Most expensive insulation material on the market; (calculated on 1m insulation space)Not desirable for heath, as 4%-8% of the weight consists of phenol pitch that is used as an astringent for the material; Thickness of per unit of product is not less than 50 mm and special clips and design is required while (additional cost)

  • Basalt Fiber*Positive:Permitted by fire safety norms;Ecologically clean;doesn't Rot and collapse in conditions of moisture and stream influence;Maximum thermal and sound insulation with minimum thickness(8 16mm);doesn't require any special works for inside or outside attaching process and goes along with revetment materials (Additional costs for its installation should not be considered).Negative:More expensive in comparison with Styrofoam and

  • Basalt mat is the only insulation material, that doesn't require any special clipping system or additional time for installation process, so the cost for its installation is 0 GEL/m2! On the other hand its cheaper substitutes (Styrofoam and Fiberglass) require additionally not less than 4 GEL/m2 just for the installation.Table of comparisons

    *Important issue!Note: Prices include

    Material TypePriceCost for Supportive Materials, GEL/m2Cost for work, GEL/m2Supportive EquipmentSumEcologicalCorrespondence with Fire Safety Norms1. Styrofoam4-123,01,00,58,5-12,5DangerousProhibited2. Fiberglass2,51,20,20,34,2Not DesirableDoesnt Correspond3. Rockwool101,20,20,311,7Not DesirableCorrespond4. EcoMat7,5---7,5SafeCorrespond

  • *Based on preferential characteristics of Basalt Mat company offers you several designs

    a- Design. Special design for littoral regions

    Company has created special design for residence constructions in littoral regions, which represents the combination of thermal, sound and hydro insulation. Tests for defining technical parameters were conducted with the support of LTD Enthropia, in

  • *Advantages of offered a- design

    Construction will be realized fast and cheap, as thermal insulation material doesnt require performing of additional works, as it is attached by the clips of facade plates. Therefore installation work of basalt mat is reflected in facade plates installation cost.

    Thermal insulation and facade elements as a whole including facade clip doesn't exceed 8 kg/m2, so for constructional parts of building load isnt increased.

    Costs for systematic painting of building through time is totally eliminated, as the materials used for the facade element doesnt require repainting for decades or any other kind of cosmetic or rehabilitation works.

    As a material for thermal insulation Basalt Mat should be used, which in difference with Fiberglass plates doesnt collapse through time in conditions of moisture and water influence.

    Layer of air existing in the frame of the building enables aluminum foil, attached to the mat, to prevent outside surface of the walls of the building from dew accumulation point totally and therefore protect inside walls of the building from systematic moisture, what is particularly important for the health of those living in high humidity regions

  • BDesign. Thermal insulation of attic *While restoration of old districts of Georgian cities, main point is to create as much useful space as possible with the aid of light weighted roofing and walls that have thermal insulation parameters. The best way for resolving the above problem cheaply and effectively is to use the design offered by Basalt Fibers

  • cdesign. For build on space projects in modern special design of constructional wall *Comparative advantage for the design is that created household space is the lightest construction, that is assembled very fast and enables to complete thermal and sound insulation. As air existing in wall groove, as best thermal insulator (Coefficient of thermal conductivity 0,023W/mK) creates good outline to completely display positive characteristics of other constructional elements.

  • *Small list of only big accomplished and ongoing project:

    In Factories of HeidelbergCement Group for the insulation of pipes and filters.

    In Berta LTD (Natakhtari) for thermal insulation