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40k fan made rules


THE Battle of _______________

An Escalation Campaign

Comm ID: 7652s14 Date: 5303997.m41 Security clearance: Theta omega Telepathic Duct: Astropath-Terminus anzion author: inquisitor Pietre Aronnax To: Enlightened Staff,Generals, Rogue Traders

+++ Tranmission Begins +++

Commanders, magos, and, esteemed colleagues By inquisitorial decree on behalf of the immortal emperor of mankind requests your attendance by penalty of death to investigate of planet of ______________ and its refusal to pay its planetary tithe of Decuma Secundus level. Should the reason be due to the threat of chaos you are approved to reclaim ________________ in the name of the imperium of man. Commander, you have the authority to now requisition troops needed upon landing. Defeat Any and all opposition that you may face, you are now Doing the duty of the Emperor Bring Glory to Grand Imperium of man. Emporeror protects,

Planet NameInquisitor Pietre Arannax+++ Tranmission end+++

The world of ___________ has gone done dark,___________ Located in the Segmentus Pacificus. For Unknown Reasons the planet has ceased any and all contact with the Imperiums of Man.You now take on the role a scouting party Sent to investigate the planet, tread lightly as other ships and Xenos, and unknown ships are appearing in the Segmentum.

Planet Function: Government: Planet Type Terrain Gravity Planetary Tithe: Atmosphere Length of Day Length of Year Population

Natural Resources Theocracy Temperate Terrestrial Moderate Decuma Secundus Type II (rebreather suggested) 20 Terran Hours 270 Terran Days 6,000,000,000

The Escalation League begins with a few 400-point games fought using the rules found here and in the main rule book and of course your Codex. You get a few weeks to play games, familiarize yourself with how the army works, and build up your army to the next level. Then, you play 400-point games under the Warhammer 40,000 5th edition rules for a few more weeks and further refine your army as you go. After that, the games shift up another level to with an additional 400 points creating larger games. The last part of the Escalation League includes a 2,000-point championship where participants in the League take the army that they have painstakingly constructed over the last few months and prove just how much theyve learned!

-Stand Strong, and may your Dice always Roll 6's

Captain Nemo Game and Comics Warhammer 40,000 Escalation LeagueI, _____________________ hereby ordain to play as; a. I will An Honest Player to will follow the Rules of Engagementb. Members are responsible for the safety of their belongings do not leave valuables Unattended, Captain Nemo is not responsible for any models or c. I will carry to the best of my ability in the highest forms of Sportsmanship d. I will pay the due amount of ________ e. Members are expected to treat other club members, observers, and other attendees model with the utmost respect and anyone else present with the utmost respect and dignity f. I will bring all necessary materials to participate in the i. Dice ii. Rulebooks/Codices iii. Army(ies) iv. A Positive Attitude To Game

Army Selected ____________________________ Participants Signature X_________________________________Date__________________________ Participants Name Particpants Email X________________________________Cell # _________________________ X_________________________________________________________________

As you may know your son or daughter is requesting participation in the Captain Nemo Game and Comics Escalation League, he or she may establish a ranking in the local system of their favorite game. They will be ranked in a variety of ways following but in other ways also; sportsmanship, strategy, and painting ability. Players that achieve high rank and or placing will be recognized on our website for accomplishing these challenging benchmarks. In order for children under the age of 13 years old to be listed on the website, however we will need to have parent/guardians consent.

Parent Guardian Signature


CAMPIGN RULES_____________________________________________The following rules are used for the entirety of the campaign set during the Invasion of Noctum Sceana . These rules override any conflicting text found in other codices.

Seasoned WarriorsTroops have an uncanny ability learning how to deal with the planet of Noctum Sceana. As creatures, daemons, and troops learn to cope with battlescapes of the planet their abilities and reliability increases. Seasoned Warriors learn even from defeat, but victory leads to sharp, alert, and fierce soldiers. To represent this, the following will be used to show their progression. After the final turn of each game, each player may nominate a unit(s) you believe performed well, this unit will receive a medal, biomorph, additional gear or whatever may be used to upgrade your troops. Choose an appropriate table for Unit type. This unit must not have fled nor may it have been wiped out. It is entirely possible for a unit to gain multiple veteran abilities however it may not take duplicates of the same ability or skill. You may re roll a duplicate or your troop choice already has the ability reroll on the table. Victorious Player: May nominate 2 Units Defeated Player: May nominate 1 Unit Tatical Draw: Both nominate 1 Unit

D6 1 2 3 4 5 6

Infantry Fieldcraft Veteran Ability_______ Marksmanship, May re-roll failed To Hit rolls Medicae Supplies, May re-roll failed Armor Save Heartiness, May re-roll to Run Rolls Forward Sentries, Gains the Scouts USR Natural Survivors, Gains the Stubborn USR Grizzled Veterans, 5+ Invulnerable Save or Fearless

D6 1 2 3 4 5 6 D6 1 2 3 4 5 6

HQ Heroic Veteran Ability_____________ Inspiring Presence, Friendly Units within 12 of HQ model may re-roll LD checks Quick reflexes, Sixth Sense, model may re-roll failed Armour Saves Determination, May re-roll failed LD checks Artillery Bombardment* Vehicle Crew Veteran Ability_____________ Ace Gunner, +1 BS (Max Upgrade of 2) Ace Driver, May Re-Roll Dangerous Terrain Test Field Repair, May roll to Negate a weapon destroyed on Crew Restraints, May Ignore Crew Shaken Results. Tank Ace, May Re-roll Armour Penetration Ad-Hoc Armour, +1 AV all facings (Max 14)

D6 1 2 3 4 5 6

Infantry Close Quarters Veteran Ability ____ Adrenaline,Gains the Feel No Pain USR Fury, Furious Charge Steadfast, Counter-Attack Swift, Gains the Hit & Run USR Hatred, Preferred Enemy (Current Oppenent) Grizzled Veterans, 5+ Invulnerable Save or Fearless

No matter how much veterans learn they may meet an untimely end, this is represented by said unit falling to half strength or being wiped out. Should this happen it will lose one of its abilities, should it be entirely wiped then it loses two of the above abilities.*Artillery Bombardment: This is treated as a shooting attack with the following Profile: Range Strength AP Type Unlimited 9 3 Ordnance 1, Large Blast, One Shot

Artillery Bombardment : The HQ may forgo its regular shooting and use the above profile instead. Artillery Bombardment will always scatter 2D6 in the direction shown, Should the Hit symbol be rolled then the Template shall scatter the direction of the arrow marker, if the HQ has line of sight it may subtract the distance scattered by its Balistic Skill.

Show Pride In Your Colors!

An army participating in the Battle of________________ Campaign can be fielded unpainted; however unpainted units will be worth double killpoints. A Paint scheme does that have to be detailed as that every persons skill level is different. To be a painted unit means that it has had at least three colors applied to it. A simple task but a great reward not only to the owner but to your opponent as well! Dont worry if youre not the best painter around your ability will grow as you paint more models! The escalation league is meant to grow not only your gaming ability and understanding but also the hobby aspect of the Miniature War Gaming Hobby

With Victory Comes the Spoils of War!

Escalation Mission 1Battle Briefing ObjectiveA strange signal has been emitting from an area on the planet of Noctum Sceana, investigate and retrieve any reconnaissance that is available. It is unknown if any hostiles are in the area. Investigate and return any strange occurrences,

Elimanate the opposing Reconnaissance force and/or secure the beacon.

Deployment and Rules

Both players roll a D6. The player with the highest result may choose which of game table corners will be his deployment zone.. Units may be deployed up to 12" onto the board from any edge. His opponent gets the opposite table corner.The player who chooses his Deployment Zone deploys one of his units first. The players then alternate deploying their units until both forces are entirely on the table. Both players roll a D6. The player with the highest result may choose to go first or second. 400 pts or Predetermined point value.

Notes & Strategy

Escalation activity 1Assemble The Troops!Any Commander Knows that they must have the troops to command into battle this is meant to get them to purchase the troops needed. In this case quite literally assembling the troops. Purpose: Get Customers to purchase models in preparation for League and generate talk of gaming at Captain Nemo Game and Comics.


Table Space Time 1 Employee Posters (GW)

Sound? Snacks? Prize?


1. Games Workshop Models Purchased from Capt. Nemo 2. Must Bring own Hobby tools or purchase. 3. May be plastic or Metal Models

Event Running: 1. Have the customers put out all the models they intend to use in front of them. All models must be out when they start. The only way to add additional Models is to purchase them from the store. 2. They Will have two hours to put together as many models as possible. 3. At the end of the 2 hours, all tools must be put down and completed models left out. 4. Vote for the models that seem to have the best appearance.(Quantity, Cleanliness, based) Let everyone cast there vote.

Escalation Supplies__ Posters Notes __ Facebook? __ Prizes? __ Fee? __ Terrain __ Storage __ Prize Support? __Calendar __ Campaign Map? __ Resources Available? __ GW Magizine