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    Gordon Welch, Past President

    Jeff Cowen, Pacific Region [email protected]


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    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R


  • Fast forward less than 2 weeks and a beautiful Sunday was

    the perfect setting for a “Drive the Delta” that had a couple

    dozen chapter members take part in a gorgeous drive down

    to Rio Vista for a leisurely meal before wandering off to enjoy

    the rest of the day.

    Tying both of these events together is social media. Using

    both IG and FB to spread the word to chapter members

    about both events made the turnout very good.

    YES, our chapter is finally embracing INSTAGRAM, and

    FACEBOOK. Thanks to the efforts of Bob, Bryan, Dain and

    Ray our chapter has followers not just locally and around the

    country but internationally!

    The importance of this can not be over-stated. In addition

    to the social media, the chapter website has been

    completely updated. Using either svbmwcca.org

    or svbmwcca.net returns you to the

    chapter website. This recent

    election as well as the

    annual banquet registration

    utilized our website.

    Going forward the chapter

    website becomes key to

    sharing information with

    the chapter members, or

    anyone else curious about

    what we’re doing. Additional

    features are rolling out as fast as they can be fine tuned.

    We will continue to publish our printed chapter newsletter.

    National has released the HERITAGE quarterly that they are


    The website is key and will always have the most up-to-date

    information regarding the goings- on with the chapter.

    Congratulations to our newly elected board of directors.


    The new year started off strong for our chapter. Several chapter members joined up for the Polar Bear Drive on New Year’s Day sponsored by Cars and Coffee in Folsom. Initially you would think, coming on the heels of a late, late night before for most people, that a modest turnout would be expected. Once the drive started it took the better part of

    a half hour for all participants to get under way, a group easily exceeding 200 vehicles. All of the Marques were represented, BMWs, CORVETTES, FERRARIS, AUDIS, MUSTANGS, various restomods, classic American iron, even a couple of COBRAS and FORD GTS. The weather was great, Georgetown was as busy as you would ever see with one of the Jeep clubs rolling through on the way to the Rubicon trail just as our group rolled into town.



    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R



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    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R


    Last year ended with many of us

    attending Niello’s Holiday Party at

    their new building on Fulton Ave. To

    complement the great food and drinks

    provided by GM Paul Suchanek and

    his staff, was the array of gorgeous

    new BMW’s on display. Sitting center

    stage was the new BMW 850i coupe.

    Not to be out done, and to make sure

    the Sacramento Valley BMW club was

    well represented, we had two cars, a

    2002tii and 2002 Alpina, owned by

    club member Gil Caravantes on display

    as well. Thanks to Niello BMW for

    helping us end 2018 on a high note.

    Not waiting too long to start the New

    Year, we joined up with the world

    famous Cars & Coffee Folsom on New

    Years Day and participated in their

    Polar Bear Drive to Georgetown. With

    over 200 cars of every year, make, and

    model, the BMW’s represented well

    with over three dozen in attendance.

    This definitely was a great way to start

    the New Year and set us up for our next

    driving event.

    And we didn’t wait long to get back

    on the road. Less than two weeks later

    we had over two dozen cars and 30

    members get together for our Drive

    the Delta event. What started out as

    a cold and foggy morning turned into

    full day of pure driving excitement! We

    headed out towards Rio Vista, taking

    delta roads that many had never driven

    before. Just before Rio Vista, we had

    a short driving break as we waited for

    the Ryer Island Ferry – East Landing, to

    transport us across Cache Slough. In

    Rio Vista, we all gathered at The Point

    Restaurant, enjoying both the excellent

    food and views of the river. Afterwards

    about a dozen of us headed back up

    River Road to Clarksburg to visit and

    enjoy the wines of Bogle Vineyards. For

    those of you who missed this event I

    would venture to say you missed one

    of the clubs better events in quite a

    few years. But not to worry, the fun will

    continue as the year moves on.

    Because of the time delay between

    the writing of the club newsletter and

    when you actually receive it many

    events will have happened. The clubs

    monthly dinner/meetings in January and

    February will be in the books, along

    with are annual dinner at Cattleman’s

    restaurant. On top of all of that, we held

    elections for chapter officers, of which

    the winners were announced at the

    annual dinner. Congratulations to those


    So, what’s coming up? Well I know we

    have a Poker Run scheduled for April

    and Detail Maniacs open house in May.

    To keep up to date with the club activities

    check out our new, and current, website

    at https://sacramento.bmwcca.net.

    Our site is where you will find the most

    current info concerning the club. You

    can also follow us on Instagram at

    svbmwcca and Facebook Sacramento

    Valley BMWCCA.

    A lot of the credit for the all the positive

    changes happening in the club this year

    are due to the efforts of club members

    Ray Nuguit who runs our activities and

    events, Bryan Clementi who designed

    and maintains our new website as the

    club webmaster, and Dain Essary who

    is our membership chair and Instagram

    guru. Dain also designs the flyers you

    see promoting our club events. Make

    sure you tell them thanks for all the

    hard work they’ve done in the last few



    As you read this, spring hopefully has arrived, and as in years past, the club will start to shift into high gear. Yet something is different this year, instead of starting out slowly, we ended last year and started this year in an all out sprint. The first few months

    of this year have been extremely busy.

    And with that I’m off to Cabo for 6-weeks but will return in time to see you all at the annual dinner and the next great club event…

  • BMW Team RLL wins the 24 Hours of Daytona and dedicates victory to Charly Lamm – Alex Zanardi makes inspirational appearance in the BMW M8 GTE.• BMW celebrates emotional GTLM win in the rain of Daytona.• “Road to Daytona” ends with ninth place at the IMSA seasonopener for Alessandro Zanardi and his team-mates.• Jens Marquardt: “Charly Lamm would have wanted us to fight to the final lap here. We did that – and won it for him.”

    Daytona. BMW Team RLL took victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona (USA). When the opening round of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship was suspended due to heavy rain for the second time, the #25 BMW M8 GTE and drivers Connor De

    Phillippi (USA), Augusto Farfus (BRA), Philipp Eng (AUT) and Colton Herta

    (USA) were leading the GTLM class. The race did not resume, leaving the

    BMW drivers to celebrate victory. The appearance by Alessandro Zanardi

    (ITA) meant the team’s #24 car was the centre of much attention at the

    endurance classic in Florida. It proved to be a difficult race for the Italian and

    his fellow drivers John Edwards (USA), Jesse Krohn (FIN) and Chaz Mostert

    (AUS). The quartet eventually came home in ninth place.

    This latest success was the third GTLM victory in the IMSA

    series for the BMW M8 GTE. BMW celebrated its first win

    at Daytona back in 1976 with the BMW 3.0 CSL. This was

    followed in 1997 and 1998 by two class victories with the

    BMW M3 GTR. Overall victory went to Daytona prototypes

    with BMW Power in 2011 and 2013. BMW Team RLL

    finished on the top step of the podium at Daytona for the

    first time.

    De Phillippi, Farfus, Eng and IMSA debutant Herta enjoyed a

    largely trouble-free race. Herta set the fastest GTLM lap time

    of 1:42.908 minutes on lap 64. Heavy rain started to fall during



    7M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

  • the night, causing the track conditions to deteriorate from lap

    to lap. With seven hours remaining, race control decided to

    suspend the 24 Hours of Daytona for safety reasons for the

    first time. The race resumed under yellow flags roughly two

    hours later. In total, the 24 Hours was interrupted by yellow

    flags 17 times. When the cars were free to race again, the

    BMW drivers held their nerve, avoided making any mistakes

    and established themselves in the leading group. One lap

    before the race was suspended for the second time, Farfus,

    at the wheel of the #25 car, took the lead in the GTLM class.

    This ultimately proved to be the decisive moment in the race,

    as the race never resumed and the BMW drivers were left to

    celebrate a momentous victory.

    By the first race-suspension, Zanardi and his team-mates

    were already several laps behind the GTLM leaders, following

    a number of stops for repairs on the #24 car. At the end of a

    pit-stop in the early stages of the race, the car was dropped

    off the air jacks at the very moment that Alex Zanardi, who lost

    both his legs in a crash in 2001, was pushing his specially

    adapted steering wheel into place on the column. As a result

    of the jolt, the column was damaged and Zanardi couldn't

    engage the steering wheel correctly. This coinciding of the

    two actions had never occurred in testing. The necessary

    repair work cost the #25 crew a lot of time. As the race

    continued, the BMW M8 GTE dropped further back, as a

    result of several smaller incidents. However, quitting was no

    option for Zanardi and his fellow drivers. Despite having little

    luck in the race, the appearance of the former ChampCar

    champion proved very popular at Daytona – with drivers,

    teams and fans alike.

    Turner Motorsport raced with the #96 BMW M6 GT3 in

    the GTD class. After 560 laps, the team and drivers Jens

    Klingmann (GER), Bill Auberlen (USA), Dillon Machavern

    (USA) and Robby Foley (USA) finished tenth.

    The race weekend was overshadowed by the news of the

    sudden death of longterm Schnitzer team principal Charly

    Lamm. In memory of Charly, BMW Team RLL competed with

    the words “Godspeed, Charly” on the rear of both BMW M8

    GTEs at Daytona.

    Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “What a race, and what an emotional win – and during such difficult days for the entire BMW Motorsport family. To stand on the top step of the podium here at Daytona after such an eventful and unpredictable 24 Hours is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations to Connor De Phillippi, Augusto Farfus, Philipp Eng, Colton Herta and everyone at BMW Team RLL. Congratulations also to our team in Munich, who have moulded the BMW M8 GTE into a real winner. We can be very proud of this success. Although the drivers of the #24 car had to settle for ninth place, after enduring a lot of misfortune during the race, they made BMW Motorsport history together. Alessandro Zanardi’s appearance sent a buzz through the racing community at Daytona and beyond. Together with Jesse Krohn, John Edwards and Chaz Mostert, Alex battled like a lion and refused to be disheartened by the set-backs in the race. That is precisely what makes him so special, and why the fans love him. Alex and his fellow drivers can also feel like winners after this race. We would like to dedicate this success to Charly Lamm. His loss is just as painful today as it was on Thursday, when we received news of his death. He would have wanted us to fight to the final lap here. We did that – and won it for him.”

    Bobby Rahal (Team Principal BMW Team RLL): “What a great fight! Winning at Daytona is very special. When you consider where we finished here last year, then you cannot rate the effort of the entire team highly enough. Congratulations to the complete crew of the #25 car. But compliments also go to the #24 team, which unfortunately had a few issues in the race.”


    8 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

  • Connor De Phillippi (#25 BMW M8 GTE, winner): “That was a really crazy race, with dry conditions, rain and cold. My team-mates did a fantastic job. The car still looks new, even after 24 hours. Augusto, in particular, did an incredible job in the rain. We were able to show that our BMW M8 GTE is very reliable and competitive in all conditions. The whole team did a perfect job. We are Daytona winners. Incredible!”

    Augusto Farfus (#25 BMW M8 GTE, winner): “This win is magical and of special significance to me. A few days ago, I lost a very important person in my life. I am sure that Charly was with me on the way to this success, so the win is for him. Now it is time to celebrate!”

    Philipp Eng (#25 BMW M8 GTE, winner): “The tension in the final few hours was almost unbearable. We did not make any mistakes for 24 hours – and this is the result. We were able to match the pace of the others in the dry. But it is impossible to describe what Augusto then did in the rain. It was a joy to watch him and I am proud to have a team-mate like that. This victory is for Charly.”

    Colton Herta (#25 BMW M8 GTE, winner): “That was spectacular! Strictly speaking, it was my first GT race ever – and with such a fantastic outcome. The best thing about it was my stint in the night, when the top five of the GTLM class were bunched closely together and we were battling for position. Then Augusto was simply incredible in the rain. He led us to the head of the field. I just cannot believe it all.”

    Alessandro Zanardi (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 9th place): “We have an incredibly intense race behind us – won by BMW. I am delighted. After all, I am part of the team, so I also feel a bit like a winner. Congratulations to the guys. Augusto, in particular, did an incredible job. From a sporting point of

    view, we did not achieve our goals with the #24 car. I feel incredibly sorry for everyone who worked so hard on this project, both in Munich and here in the USA. We really tested countless possible scenarios in the run-up to the race, and then something happens in the first pit-stop which has never happened before. But that is motorsport for you. We just have to accept it. That aside, my appearance here at Daytona, with all the fantastic reactions from the fans, colleagues and opponents has been like a fairy tale. I would like to say a big thank you to BMW Motorsport and BMW Team RLL for one of the best experiences of my life.”

    John Edwards (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 9th place): “The past few months, with all the testing I did with Alex Zanardi and the other guys, were a very special experience. It was an honour to work with such a fantastic character as Alex, both on and off the track. Unfortunately, the race was disappointing for us, as we had a few incidents too many in order to achieve a positive result. However, as a team we are obviously very pleased with the victory for the #25.”

    Jesse Krohn (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 9th place): “That was a tough race, in which we simply did not have any luck. The heavy rain did not make it any easier. It was impressive to see how Alex was able to keep the car on the track at all in those conditions, with the extreme aquaplaning. I am delighted that it worked out so well for the #25 car. The team really deserved it after all the hard work they did preparing for the race.”

    Chaz Mostert (#24 BMW M8 GTE, 9th place): “A number of factors were behind us not achieving the result we had hoped for in this race. However, all in all, competing in this race and working with a special person like Alex Zanardi, not forgetting John Edwards and Jesse Krohn, has been fantastic for me. I will never forget this amazing experience.”


    9M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

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  • Munich. BMW works driver Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) attracted global attention with his start at the 24 Hours of Daytona (USA) in the BMW M8 GTE. The Italian was the focus of reporting all over the world and was the fans’ favourite at Daytona. Run by BMW Team RLL, the #24 BMW M8 GTE that Zanardi shared with John Edwards (USA), Jesse Krohn (FIN) and Chaz Mostert (AUS), had been modified with a special hand-operated braking system by BMW M Motorsport. After several minor set-backs in the race, the quartet came home ninth in the GTLM class. Victory went to the sister car, the #25 BMW M8 GTE, with Connor De Phillippi (USA), Augusto Farfus (BRA), Philipp Eng (AUT) and Colton Herta (USA) at the wheel. In an interview, Zanardi looks back at the “24 Hours of Daytona” project.

    Alessandro, the big adventure is over. What was your

    highlight of the 24-hour race at Daytona?

    Alessandro Zanardi: “It’s difficult to pin-point one thing. The highlight is what I’m bringing home - the impressions of this entire project - from the participation of every member of the team who made me feel really wanted in this adventure and from all the dedication and hard work that was displayed by all the engineers in Munich. It was fantastic to go through this adventure with all these people who are real friends. Of course, when it was announced that I would team up with one of the two works cars all my pride came second to the sense of responsibility for what I had to do. But having said that it’s been simply fantastic all the way. And on top of everything there was the support that I received from all the American people, fans, IMSA, even competitors down the pit lane – everybody just felt so happy to have me around. Of course, that is something which goes well above the sporting result we were aiming for, which unfortunately didn’t come - but that is motorsport.”





    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R


    12 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R




    W e couldn’t even count how many 2002s were on the lawn at Legends of the Autobahn and in the Festorics corral during the 2018 Monterey Car Week. But easier to count might have been how many owned-since-new 2002s were there.

    Tom Jones drove one such car to both Legends and

    Festorics. “My parents bought the Tii in February 1972—

    before I arrived—but I definitely remember it being our main

    family car well into the nineties,” Tom explained. “It was the

    car Mom took us to school in, the car we took on most road

    trips, the car that got my parents interested in joining the car


    This early production 1972 2002 Tii has been in the family

    since they purchased it from Weatherford BMW in Berkeley.

    The dealer had just taken delivery the day before and the

    Joneses ended up signing papers that day. “Mom and my

    older sister took the bus back to the dealer and then drove

    the Tii home,” Tom learned years ago.

    Tom’s memories of the car span a wide range of activities. “When I was a Boy Scout, I used to love it when Dad was chosen to drive on our backpacking trips,” he remembered. “Other parents, the ones with Volvo wagons, Jeep Cherokees, massive American wagons and such, would inevitably see the backpacks piled at the back of the Tii and offer to carry some in their cars, Dad and I said thanks, but they’d all fit, and they did, every time. There were a few complaints from some of the boys when my dad enjoyed the twisty roads—never dangerous, just enthusiastic—like when the two boys in the back seat were asleep and Dad took a corner pretty well. The boys were flopping from one side to the other, waking up in the process.”

    The BMW CCA has helped generate some excellent memories, too. “My parents, Iva and Richard, joined the BMW CCA a little before participating in the 1977 O’Fest in Santa Clara, CA, when I was about two,” Tom recalled. “My mom and sister, Gwen, drove the Tii out to the 1984 O’Fest in Boston, meeting my dad as he flew out. Then Mom and Gwen drove it out to Orlando in 1986, meeting my dad and me at the airport there.”






    13M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

    Tom estimates they’ve attended a total of ten Oktoberfest events with the Tii, along with many local Golden Gate chapter events like driving schools and autocrosses. But it’s the Legends of the Autobahn and Festorics events that he has enjoyed consistently since their inception.

    “Except for one year, I haven’t missed a Legends and I couldn’t count on my fingers and toes how many times I’ve gone to Festorics at the track, but not always with the Tii” Tom remembered. “But when we heard that O’Fest was going to be in Monterey in ‘16 as well as BMW celebrating 100 years as part of Monterey Car Week, Dad asked me to help him put the Tii back together in time to take it. In the mid-nineties, with more than 200,000 miles, it had become faded and the car wasn’t used as much. In 2004, Dad decided to have the car repainted. A couple of weeks later the car was painted and back in Dad’s garage, but we never put it back together. My career, his retirement, time and whatever else gets in the way of progress…got in the way, until then.

    “That was an amazing year but after missing last year due to travel to Oregon, it was great to be back this year, especially with my parents’ Tii!” Tom said with pride. “Two of my other favorite 2002s from Monterey Car Week were Andrew McGowan’s wonderfully period accessorized ’68 Chamonix 1600 and then Max’s 2002. The range of Colorado orange, in original patina as exemplified by Max’s 2002, and the partially restored look of my parents’ original-owner Tii was indeed wonderful to see together.”

    Max Thomas felt the same way. “Festorics and Legends were incredible,” Max exclaimed. “It was not only cool to see all the differences between stock and modified cars, but also the completely contrasting life stories of each car. You had cars like Tom’s family’s Tii they’d cherished since new and then others like mine that had passed through three to four owners before being abandoned for twenty years before making its comeback.

    “This is what makes the 02 community so cool,” Max continued. “Ratty rehab project or Concours car—everybody

    appreciates everyone else’s cars!”

    Max’s summary is spot-on. Art Gabriel, another 02 owner at Legends and Festorics who has owned his car since new, appreciates all the Joneses have experienced with their Tii. “I didn’t know what I was getting into when I bought my 2002 back in 1973,” Art recalled. “It was like becoming part of an extended family. Meeting another original owner of an 02 at Legends and Festorics was special. Comparing stories was one of the highlights of my weekend. I know my car will never leave my family—my son has sworn me to as much. The cars are great but it’s the people driving them that make them special.”

    Tom calls the car “lovingly maintained” rather than restored. “It has some new Recaro seats, some engine and transmission work (including a new crate M10 ’73-’74 Tii engine from 1984), some interior work and some mismatched paint from some minor scrapes, but underneath it all, it’s simply been well-maintained.” It might help that Tom’s day job is wrenching on BMWs at Casey Motorsports in Petaluma, CA, a good drive away from his home in Vacaville.

    Other highlights that make the car somewhat unique—as if being in the same family almost 50 years since new wasn’t unique enough—is that the car is apparently the seventh production Tii in the US and more apparent on the outside, its Anco bumper overrider bars—a dealer-installed option it came with from Weatherford. It also came with an ANSA exhaust and Shelby/Ansen slotted alloy wheels but now rides on similarly-sized Chromodora CD40 wheels.

    The Joneses are certainly a BMW family. They’ve owned a 1967 1600 that Iva used to autocross on her way to winning the Ladies Class one year while Richard won Class C one year. Other cars include an 1800Ti and then a 1800 TiSA they bought in 1989 and then a 2003 325i Touring, among others. Not only does Tom work at a BMW shop, but he’s also a lifetime member of the BMW CCA. We’re pretty sure we’ll see the Joneses at future club events and future Monterey

    Car Weeks, and most likely with their 1972 2002 Tii.

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  • Turner BMWs will appear in both the GT- Daytona (GTD) and Grand Sport (GS) classes for the first round of the Weathertech SportsCar Championship and the Michelin Pilot Challenge on the 3.56-mile 12-turn Daytona International Speedway in January.

    2019 will mark the team’s 21st year competing in professional sportscar racing and their 400th race with BMW, only second to one other team worldwide. This year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona will mark the tenth consecutive appearance for the team in the famed 24-hour endurance challenge.

    The Liqui Moly liveried number 96 BMW M6 GT3 will return to compete in the GTD class with the familiar white, red and blue paint scheme complete with a very familiar yet impressive driver line-up.

    Robby Foley and Dillon Machavern will return behind the wheel of the Turner BMW with BMW Motorsport aces Bill Auberlen and Jens Klingmann for the Rolex 24 at Daytona with Foley and Auberlen carrying on for the full 11-race GTD season.

    Machavern is set to join in the North American Endurance

    Championship races with Foley and Auberlen at Sebring,

    Watkins Glen and Petit Le Mans.

    Both Foley and Machavern appeared in the No. 96 Turner

    BMW in 2018 with strong performances. Machavern

    successfully clinched his first GTD class victory at Watkins

    Glen in the Sahlen’s Six Hours. Foley appeared in five races

    with one strong top-five finish at Road America.

    Klingmann will be back in a Turner BMW for the first time

    since the Rolex 24 at Daytona in 2018. In 2017, Klingmann

    recorded one impressive win at Road America and three

    wins with the M6 GT3 in 2016 with Turner including the M6

    GT3s inagural win worldwide.

    Auberlen looks to return to full time duty with Turner

    Motorsport for the first time since 2013 with high hopes to

    chase down the all time record of sportscar wins in North



    Amesbury, MA. — December 13th, 2018 — With the New Year just a few weeks away, Turner Motorsport prepares for double duty to kick off the start of the 2019 season for the seven-time Championship Winning BMW race team.

    Turner BMWS to compete in IMSA GTD and GS classes with driver lineups secured.




    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

  • Auberlen has experienced much success in blue and yellow BMWs over the years, most notably a Championship in 2011 as well as several double wins in both the GS and GT class in the same day at Miami Homestead and Circuit of the Americas.

    In the Grand Sport class of the Michelin Pilot Challenge, two fresh faces will join Robby Foley behind the wheel of the BMW M4 GT4 in the 4-hour endurance challenge to open the season. Sydney McKee and Bruce McKee will team up with Foley to compete against the strong GS class competition.

    Bruce and Sydney McKee are a father, daughter driver pairing with experience in Trophy East and Spec Miata looking to make their IMSA debut after campaigning a Porsche GT4 for several seasons.

    “2019 has shaped up to be a solid year for Turner Motorsport,” said Will Turner. “We were fortunate enough to put together a solid GTD program with a very strong driver lineup for both the full season and the Rolex 24. We really have a winning combination between our M6 GT3, drivers, sponsors and crew.”

    “In addition, I am beyond excited to be back in the Michelin Pilot Challenge with the GT4 car at Daytona, this is the first time the blue and yellow will compete in that class since 2014 so it’s great to be back, especially with the solid driver lineup we have for the 4 hour endurance race at Daytona,” added Will Turner.

    This week the Turner BMW M6 GT3 is testing in Daytona on the new Michelin tires to prepare for the Roar coming up on January 4-6th. Both the M6 GT3 and the M4 GT4 will appear at Daytona for the Roar in preparation for the kickoff of the 2019 season in Daytona on January 26-29th.

    Stay tuned for more updates as the 2019 racing season approaches. You can follow along for more updates via social media for Turner Motorsport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



    “I am very pleased to race the full 2019 IMSA season with BMW, Turner Motorsport and Rob Foley. There are very few things I have not done in a BMW over the last two decades, but this year there is something that has my focus. I am only three victories away from being the all-time leader in North American sports car victories. Those wins – and the GTD championship – will make for a very good year with my friends at Turner Motorsport.”


    “Really excited to be back with Turner Motorsport for the 2019 season. The stars have aligned to have the opportunity to contest a full season effort with Bill. He’s been a huge help putting all this together and helping me develop in the car. I owe a huge thanks to Will, BMW, and the entire team for giving me this chance, I’ll certainly be working hard to maximize this amazing opportunity. Daytona is such a special race, to be able to compete two years in a row is an amazing feeling. The team is world class and with this driver line up, I’m excited for the opportunity to fight for a good result.”

    “What a great opportunity to join my good friends Bruce and Sydnee McKee for their IMSA debut. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching them the past few seasons in club racing and to see their progression has been a cool experience. We’ll do our best and most importantly have fun and try to bring home a good result.”


    “After racing full season for Turner Motorsport in ‘16 and ‘17 I’m very excited to join the team again. It’s a great pleasure and we have unfinished business talking about the Rolex24 at Daytona. It’s one of the most prestigious races worldwide and our target is to get that watch on Sunday afternoon. The M6 GTD has proven its reliability during the past years and with our driver lineup and the whole Turner team behind us we want to start the 2019 season on a high."


    “I am excited to be back with Turner Motorsport for this year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona. The 24 has always been one of those bucket list races for me so being back with a familiar and strong team with an amazing driver line up is pretty amazing. Can’t wait to get to Daytona!”


    "I am grateful and very excited to be able to make my debut along side my dad and our friend and coach, Robby Foley. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the BMW M4 GT4 after watching the success it had last season, especially with the accomplished BMW team, Turner Motorsport."


    “Sydney and I (FaDa Racing) are excited join Robby Foley and Turner Motorsport at Daytona for our first IMSA event. FaDa Racing is the first IMSA father/daughter team that we are aware of and we are delighted to be entering this forum with Turner Motorsports and in a car as fantastic and

    competitive as the BMW M4 GT4.”



    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

  • In this article, I'll go over the steps

    involved with replacing the engine oil

    and filter on the BMW M52 and M54

    engines. Be sure to work with a cool

    engine and have a drain pan with the

    capacity of at least 10 liters. You should

    replace your engine oil and filter every

    5,000 miles. Changing your engine oil is

    one of the most frequent and basic tasks

    you will perform on your E46. Remember

    to use high quality oil that meets BMW

    specifications, (specifications can be

    found in your owner's manual) a high

    quality BMW oil filter and keep yourself

    protected from engine oil using eye

    protection and gloves.

    First, run the engine for 2-3 minutes

    to warm your engine oil. Do not allow

    engine to get too hot. Next, raise and

    support the front of vehicle so it's easy

    and safe to work on.

    Using a 36mm socket on a 6 inch

    extension, loosen the oil filter housing

    lid until you can see the sealing o-ring

    (green arrow). This allows the oil in your

    BMW filter housing and filter to drain

    into engine oil pan. If you do not do this

    first, you will leave about a liter of old

    engine oil behind. If equipped: Open

    the oil drain plug access door. Most

    of the access doors are missing from

    vehicles I work on. Place your drain pan

    so it's centered below the oil drain plug.

    HOW- TO:Changing Your Motor Oil and Filter

    While this article covers the changing of the oil in the M52 and M54 engines, the procedure for the most part is the same no matter what engine you have in your car. The main differences will be the location of the oil filter and the amount of oil needed to fill the engine. This article was written by Wayne R. Dempsey and Nick Czerula from Pelican Parts, an aftermarket distributer of auto parts located in Los Angeles.


    18 M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R

  • Using a 17mm wrench, remove the oil drain plug. Allow all your engine oil to drain until it stops dripping. Keep an eye on the oil as it drains. The stream of oil will move and there is a chance it will miss the drain pan and it's never any fun cleaning up oil spills. Install the oil drain plug with new sealing washer and torque to specs. Close the oil drain plug access door if your model has one. Remove the drain pan from below vehicle.

    Remove the oil filter cover from the engine by pulling it straight up as shown and then remove your old BMW E46 oil filter from the cover.

    This photo shows what can happen when a low quality oil filter is used. The filter can collapse and fall apart inside oil the filter housing. If your filter is bent like the one shown, inspect your filter housing and filter cover for oil filter debris. A broken piece of filter will jam and crush the new filter when you tighten the cover.

    Using a small flathead screwdriver, remove the o-ring from the oil filter cover (yellow arrow). There are two o-rings at the tip of the oil filter cap. If these are flattened or damaged, replace them. Part number: 11-42-7-549-573-M213 you will need 2.





    Install a new o-ring and filter. Then torque the oil filter cover to specs.

    Fill engine with engine oil, while filling use dipstick to obtain correct level. Rear wheel drive models: 6.5 liters All wheel drive models: 6.5 liters M3 models: 5.5 liters To check your work, start the engine, confirm the oil warning light goes out after a few seconds and shut off the engine. Next, pull the dipstick and recheck your oil level. The oil level should be within area marked by the green arrows. Check that there are no oil leaks, lower vehicle from jack stands and you are done.

    Resetting your oil service indicator light.

    Followup from the Pelican Staff:

    1. Turn off the ignition and place the vehicle in park or first gear (manual transmission). Set the parking brake. Shut driver door.

    2. Press and hold the "Odometer/Trip Reset" button and turn the ignition to the "On" position at the same time.

    3. Continue holding the "Odometer/Trip Reset" button until the message center display reads "OIL SERVICE," "INSPECTION" or "RESET."

    4. Release the button, then press and hold the button again until the message center display reads "RESET" or "RE."

    5. Release the "Odometer/Trip Reset" button completely, then press and release it once. The message center should display "END SIA" if the procedure was completed correctly. If the display does not read "END SIA," repeat Steps 2 through 5. - Nick at Pelican Parts






    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R





    M A R C H 2 0 1 9 B A V A R I A N B E A M E R




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    AUGUST 16Legends of the Autobahn Concours Nicklaus Club in Monterey Registration starts at 7:00 a.m. Awards Ceremony starts at 3:00 p.m.

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    OCTOBER 27Fall Drive Hosted by Roundel TNT (Non-Sanctioned). Fall colors drive to Monitor Pass then lunch at Mountain View BBQ located off 395 in the town of Walker, CA.

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