Be ready to learn! Let’s get to know each other…..

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Welcome to Ms. Mourdock and Mr. Powells Language Arts!

Welcome to Ms. Floods Language Arts!Be ready to learn!

Lets get to know each other..

I love new adventures.

My favorite sport is tennis.

I enjoy riding bikes and hiking.

I also like skiing and fishing.

Best summer memory: Outer Banks- North Carolina

New York summer memories

FamilyAlex 29 Andrew 24


Ms. Flood loves teaching kids.

Lets all learn and have fun!

Must HavesBinder with 6 divided sections:You may use the same binder for Reading & L.A.Composition Notebook(see lists on handout)

Writing Utensils!Pens- PencilsHighlightersPAPER

ExpectationsBe on time and ready to learnHave a positive attitude to achieveUse respectful language and tonesAlways put forth your best effortFollow teacher directionsClean up your mess Always bring a book to class

Three Facts and a FIB! A simple and fun way to learn about each other!You come up with three facts about yourself. They can be silly, but they shouldnt be something I can figure out by looking at you. (Dont say you have blonde hairduh!)The fun part is that you get to make up one more thing that is not true! You should have 4 statements when youre ready to share. Three facts and one fib!

Three Facts and a FIB! ContOnce we all have our facts and our fibs written out, we will walk around the room and try to catch the fibs! Heres how it will workYou will walk up to a classmate and introduce yourself. Then youll read your statements. The person youre introducing yourself to will then guess which one is the fib. IF they pick the wrong one, you win their initials. The person with the most initials wins the game. 3 Facts and a FibMs. Flood I do not have any pets. I used to live in Oregon.My all time favorite book is To Kill a MockingbirdI am a two time winner of the Miss Flame contest.

Initials of People I tricked________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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