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An overview of the barge emergency anchor release system used in Western Australia. Several WA companies have installed these units on their vessels for additional safety of cargo laded barges when being towed.


<ul><li><p> B.E.A.R. MkIIISystem Overview </p><p>Step by Step Operation1. Operation of the BEAR begins with the </p><p>selection of a barge on the tug/portable </p><p>touchscreen control panel.</p><p>2. Once a barge emergency anchor has been </p><p>selected to drop, a wireless signal is sent to the </p><p>BEAR unit to initialise the drop. </p><p>3. The wireless signal is processed by the </p><p>control electronics which then sends an operate </p><p>signal to the electronic release module.</p><p>4. The dual electronic release units then </p><p>activate, cutting the restraint line which supports </p><p>the anchor shank.</p><p>5. The anchor shank drops over the edge of </p><p>the barge, its momentum pulling the rest of the </p><p>anchor out of its seating.</p><p>1.</p><p>2.</p><p>PO Box 610, Fremantle WA 6160, Western Australia T: +61 8 93353250 F: +61 8 93353249 E: Visit us at</p><p>3.</p><p>The BEAR system consists of two primary </p><p>elements: the Tug Release Unit (TRU) and the </p><p>Barge Emergency Anchor Release (BEAR) structure. </p><p>In turn, the anchor release structure consists of the </p><p>anchor, supporting frame, electronic control </p><p>systems (including batteries, solar charging panels </p><p>and antenna) and electronic release system.</p><p>In addition to controlling the release signal for the </p><p>anchor, the control electronics provide feedback </p><p>of the battery voltages, charging current, radio link </p><p>and presence of the anchor to the TRU Power on </p><p>the barge is supplied by three 12 V sealed, deep </p><p>cycle batteries, which are charged during operation </p><p>by dual 40 W solar panels and a 55 W vertical axis </p><p>wind turbine (VAWT).</p><p>A portable TRU control panel is also available </p><p>which allows the anchor release to be activated </p><p>from rescue craft or even from land should the </p><p>BEAR be in range.</p></li></ul>