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    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Tucson, Arizona

    JUNE / JULY 2016

    A Monthly Publication of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

    7570 N Thornydale Road Tucson, AZ 85741

    Office Hours:

    Mon-Thurs 9:00 AM - 3:30PM Fri-Sun CLOSED

    Phone: 744-2665 Fax: 572-2068 Email: Website:

    Beautiful Savior Academy


    Our Mission To connect family,

    friends, neighbors and community with our

    Beautiful Savior

    S W 9:00 . .

    B S J 3 & 31

    T W

    E W @ 6:00

    Some of you are looking at this and wondering, Is this late? Well, we could have a discussion about the definition of late (and my wife would be rolling on the floor laughing at anything I would say on that issue), but let us consider why this may be later. We say thank you to Dorothy Pederson, who after giving this congregation almost 13 years, moved on to another job at the end of May. This new job is full-time with

    benefits and a new challenge for her. I look forward to seeing the things she will be doing as a volunteer going forward. We say welcome to Diane Davis, who is joining our church family with her mom and her two boys, as our new Administrative Secretary. Dorothy has been giving her some help, but Diane is on the learning curve, so the Vista is later. Make sure you say hi and introduce yourself to her when you call or stop in the office.

    This is a good time for a transition. The heat is on and things tend to slow down because of that. School is out, trips are planned, so attendance dips a little. Some thoughts for the summer: In service child faith activity: Sundays, starting June 5th, we will start a trial run of an activity for young children during the sermon time. This activity is meant for two things. One, it is to provide some further age appropriate opportunities for our younger members. And two, provide an opportunity for parents to be able to focus on the sermon knowing their little ones are ok. It may be an activity on the chancel steps, like I have done before, or they may go to the Conference Room with two adults. We are trying this out for the Summer, and if you are interested in helping, please contact Jeremy Knight. Wednesdays: We are providing a midweek service with Holy Communion every week. It is based on Taize, so it is a simpler, contemplative service with Holy Communion and prayers at the cross. This service provides a non-weekend opportunity for worship to help get you over the hump, or to have a chance to worship if Sunday morning didnt work. I strongly encourage you to try it out if you havent and see if it will help you in your ongoing journey with Jesus. Gods Work. Our Hands.: This year it will fall on September 11th. I am collecting ideas for activities and looking for team leaders. If you have an idea, please see me soon. There will be t-shirts available for purchase. Order deadline is July 24th. Godspeed on your travels. Blessings on the season. Make sure you stay hydrated and please check in on those around you! Remember that God loves you, and so do I! Pastor David

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    Beautiful Savior Lutheran

    is a member of the Grand Canyon Synod

    of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


    The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop The Rev. Stephen Talmage, Synod Bishop


    Rev. David L. Pavesic (520) 275-2410 for emergencies

    Facebook: David Pavesic

    Office Administrator Diane Davis Admin & Clerical

    Staff Jeremy Knight Director of Music & Faith Formation Coordinator Rebecca Solomon Accompanist

    Academy Rhonda Karrer Director Shanda Sundberg Assistant Director Candace Camamo Kindergarten Teacher Carrie Munyon Preschool Teacher Lisa Vaskovic Preschool Teacher Charlene DeWitt Preschool Teacher Linda Spain Preschool Aide Sharon Burgess Preschool Teacher Kelly Jennings Preschool Aide Rebecca Vorholzer Preschool Aide Stephanie Arellano Aftercare Teacher

    Congregation Council Judy Shaffer *President Brian Ackerman *Vice-President Colleen McDonald *Secretary Shannon Bryant Liaison Betsy Korsmo Liaison Mary Perry Treasurer Sig Smitt Offering Secretary Karen Johnson Counters

    Church Related and Supported

    Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA Lutheran Social Services of the SW Lutheran Campus Ministry at UA

    CA Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

    Submit articles, photos, and updates for the calendar no later than the 10th of each month, please.

    Christ In Our Home Daily Devotionals Available

    $3.00 Large Print $1.50 Small Print

    Available in the Narthex

    Put envelope in the offering plate.

    2016 Flower chart ~ is Available in the Narthex Flowers must be paid for when you

    reserve a date... please give the check to Sandy Petersen or place in the offering plate. Celebrate a special occasion, or

    remember a special person, etc. Cost is $35. Please make check payable

    to Beautiful Savior.

    Thank you to everyone who helped with VBS this week! Whether you helped build,

    volunteered or assisted with worship, we sincerely

    appreciate YOU

    Join us for Fellowship following worship: From 10-11:00 a.m. coffee or lemonade and cookies are served in Werner Hall across the courtyard. Catch up with old friends. Meet new ones. Donations for baked goods always being accepted. Bring them on the first Sunday of each month. Interested in helping? Sign up in kitchen. Contact Sandy Petersen, 579-9355, for info.

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    W N ?

    Taiz: A Service of Candlelight, Prayer, and Song

    Every Wednesday 6:00p.m.

    September 11, 2016 will be on annual "God's Work. Our Hands Day." event. In the past we have done cookies to local fire stations and area businesses, food drives for ICS, activities with the local SPLASH houses (group foster care homes), Jazmyn Blankets of Hope to Diamond Children's Hospital, and other things. What shall we do this year in response to God's Work in our midst? How might you use your hands (and invite others to join you)? Contact Pr. David with ideas and let's get rolling! We are ordering t-shirts with the logo and our name on it again this year. It great to wear on that day, but also anytime you are out doing ministry year round. The cost is $7. If you are ordering a XXL or larger, please add $2. Ordering sheets will be out in the Narthex/Gathering Area. Deadline is July 24th to make sure we get them in time for September 11th!

    Every Wednesday @ 6:00 pm Taiz: A Service of Candlelight,

    Prayer & Song. Combines candlelight ambience with simple meditative prayer

    for a warm and welcoming service to all who search for peace and spiritual

    reflection. Communion is served.

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    I understand that there are some concerns regarding donations to ACSTO. Several people I have spoken with are concerned that they wont get the full credit against their state taxes and therefore have not taken advantage of this opportunity. Because these donations are critical in providing scholarships for our incoming kindergartners, I thought I would publish some frequently asked questions to hopefully encourage those of you who are not donating to consider it in the future. Why should I donate to ACSTO? Arizona residents can donate to ACSTO and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax CREDIT towards their Arizona tax liability. That means that the total amount that you contribute is then credited towards your tax liability. This is a Credit and not a deduction. Simply put, its a way to reallocate your tax dollars to provide scholarships for our kindergartners. Yes, it really works! I usually receive a refund from the state. Can I still donate? Yes, any Arizona resident may take advantage of this opportunity and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Do we get a refund for our donation? Depending on how much you pre-paid in taxes throughout the year, one of several things happen when you

    file your state taxes after donating: What you owe is reduced by the dollar amount of your donation, and you pay the difference to the state You overpay on your taxes, and get a refund from the state When can I donate? You may donate at any time. There are no donation due dates, however all donations must be made by April 15th to be considered for the prior year tax liability. And you may donate several times throughout the year as long as you do not exceed the maximum allowed per calendar year. Single taxpayers can donate $535.00 along with an additional $532.00 in overflow/PLUS for a total of $1067.00. Married filing jointly can donate $1070.00 along with an additional $1064.00 in overflow/PLUS for a total of $2134.00. Will I receive a receipt? ACSTO mails receipts and for those who chose to donate online, receipts can be printed shortly after your donation is made. How do I report the donation on my tax return? Donations for the original tax credit are filed using Arizona Form 323. Donations made for the Overflow/PLUS are filed using Arizona Form 348. Both forms are available from the Arizona Department of Revenue or at

    Is my donation eligible for a federal deduction? ACSTO is a federally tax exempt 501C3 charitable organization. For federal tax purposes, any deduction must be claimed for the tax year in which the donation was made; the April 15th deadline does not apply. You should consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice concerning deductibility for you. Can I still take advantage of the public school tax credit? Yes, Arizona residents are eligible to take advantage of both the Private School Tax Credit and