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  • 8/3/2019 Beck Magnetic Pulser


    Magnetic PulseGenerator

    Copyrigbt 1 99 9 Rob er t C. Beck , D .S e. Revised May, 199'9 P age ,41 of 57

  • 8/3/2019 Beck Magnetic Pulser


  • 8/3/2019 Beck Magnetic Pulser



    Note: These data are for informational and ilstru,dio:nai purposes oily and are Dot t o . be constraed asmedical advice, Consult witb your licensed health practitioD,er.In keeping with do-jt-yourself in exp en si ve hypo th et ic a l approaches to self-help, the simplest and most rapidmeans for obtammg a capacitor-discharge theoretical. magnetic pulse Iym p.h and tissue pathogen Deuh'aljze~rw ould be to find and modify a used f u nc ti on in g po rt ab le ba tt er y and ac powered e le ctr on ic f la sh (str-obe light)for cam eras. These are acquired2lt sw ap m eets , yard sa le s, p aw n shops, or in junk boxes a t used . cam era stores .O r purchase a new V iv itar (brand ) model 1900 ($22) carried at som e professional ca mera sto res. T his com pa ct,Light 'wc.igh.~,incxpenaive, rapid recharging flash. is only 17.:5 Wart-seconds (Joulesj, calculcted Mo . CV.2 whereC is in IlF arid V isin volts) pow er but is read ily ava ilable and easily m od ified . It w orks w ell enough for casualuse but runs on ba tteries only so has grea ter opera ting expense than an Acme unitC aliforn ia sw ap m eet prices for used strobes range from $4 1.00 to about $18.00. One Sunday the writer fo un d. a ,dozen ,itdcl~ strobes, ellIn good W 1 O i l : c,onditbn. Carry four AA batteries with you, so you can t C : 5 t flash unitsbefore purchasing, Almost any brand or model of comparable output pow er (17 to 33 w a tt-seccnds) shouldwork . PreferablJl select (m e with 115VQCas well(IS batterp opel'llting (de) capability.First "Wind tbe applicator c oil. Ju nk VHS videocassette reels a re ch ea p, p len tif ul and adequate for thisapplication. Remove 5 screws ftorn sTh'leU,emove: reels and discard shell Be SURE alternati ve spools (if used)are non-ccnducrivetplastic] or system will not work. A v oid sh orter length VlHStape reels which may havecenter hubs larger than l .. dia, and won't hold sufficient wire. Drill y. " holes through hub and through center offlange(s). M ake tw o 4" d iscs from . W ' thick p la stic, m e~a l) p lyw ood . o r s.t(ffflbetfboard, drill W ' center holes andanother Y : : " hole off-center so coiro;c\:nside lead wire can he pulled through_ These "stiffeners" must sandwichr ee l' s f la ng es tightly so they Won't warp or spU ~ as w ire pressure builds up whjle winding 'progresses. A -2" (orlonger) 1 1 " . - 2 0 machine nutand bolt with washers through centers will damp flange stiffeners and reel and alsoprov id e a sha ft to hold in a v ariab le speed d rill motor or sim ilar w ind ing dev ice if 'used , R em ove bolt ands tif fe ne rs when f inished.Spe'c. i j1cf l t ions; Completely f ill ta pe spool with #14 or 16 enameled copper magnet wire (130 to 160 turns)wound into the 1",dia, hub and 3-W' aD spool with a gap width for wire of 5/8" ..Scrape enamel insulation W'from ends and tin. Pull inside end of magnet wirethrough bub and stiffener and to outside ..About l-W' should!fill spool. R em ov e bolt, stiffeners, and finished coil. Now sold er end s of 4 ft. of hea"", tw o-w ire extension cordto each sid e of 'coil. A #14 fin ished coil w eighs ...1 lb . 3 OZ'I has -0, .93.5 millihenry in du cta nce , 0 ,3 4!l resistance,and takes ~20 m inutes to hand w ind or ~3minute~with drill motor . An exc ellenta ltern ativ e is an A M S brandalr-eore crossover inductor for hom e audio, MCM E lectronics, C enterville, O H 4 54 59, (800) 5 43~4 330 , c a t a i l l o g#50~940, 16 gauge, 0.580, 2.5mH, 2-7/8" dia $ m o . 6 5 ; ,Strobe modification. consists simpmy of wiring the finished applicator co il w ith 4 ft, lea ds in series b etw eeneither flash tube electrode. Be extremely cautious when working with case open because a . strobe's capacitorcan hold a residual high-vohage charge for a long time even when "off." Before modifying and to avoid shock"short out the capacitor by placing clip leads directly across tile flash tube. Remember to remove this shunt later,To install coil, unsolder wither wire from flash tubeelectrodes and connect one lead wire from coil to Jthatsideof tube. Cenneet the other lead from coil to the w ire you just rem oved from tube. Insulare connections wjthtape. This p laces your coil in series w ith the flash tube and enables the la mp to act as an ionized gas relay orth yra tro n'; tha t d am ps most of capacitor's s to re d e ne rg y through coil w hen fired . Lamp w ill s till f lash hut lessbrightly. Cover fild3h window with blackpaper ..Melt wire-slot with soldering iron. Replecc Ci!'I3C. You're done!Is it working properly? A good w ay to test strength of pulsed magneeie energy is to la y a thin steel washer(one strongly attracted to m agnet) f la t on top of coil, W ' off center. A l" dia .."fend er" w ash er with liS'" centerhole w orks w ell. Let Hie f lash uni~ cha rge for ahout ten seco:l1ds or until th.e S\tro"be;'s. 'read y H ghf ' com es on then.copyright 1999ltobert C.l3eck, D.Se. Revlsed.May,1999 Page43 of 57

  • 8/3/2019 Beck Magnetic Pulser


    push flash button and see how high the washer is "kicked" by Eddy current repulsion, A 35 watt-second strober epe ls th is washer over a foot v ertic ally . T hin k o f your pulsed coil as the "primary" of a tra nsf orm er a nda ny th in g c on du ctiv e n ea rb y (liv in g tis su e in clu de d) a s the " se co nd ary " in w h ic h current is ind uced w hen cut byI;l,oil's timlOl' 'i.':u-yiflSmngnetie linos of fl!!llx. Yourdo it, yourself mli:gpetie pulse gcneratcr delivere ,0: mceaurablcourpu t intens ity several thousand times more powerf ul d urin g ea ch cycle th an $ 1,0 00 .0 0 G erm a n"Mag ne to tro ns", E le csy stem "B io tro ns", o r C an ad a's "C en tu ric nrs " d ev ic es w id ely e xh ib ite d, a t h olis ticm edical expos, none of w hich is nearly p ow e rf ul e no ug h f or e ff ec tiv e H IV , h erp es , h ep atitis o r E ps te in -B arrneutralization. Pulsers are also functionally similar to the "DiapuiseO'i)" miracle-working healling modality whsncoil is applied ov er liv er and other orga ns. R egular perm anent m agnets no m atter how pow erful in G aussabsolutely will not wo rk : f o r th is a pp lic atio n re ga rd le ss o f c la im s sin ce o nly ai time v:aryilJg field in duc es asignificant current in tissue. Magnetic fields a nd th ere fo re in du ce d curr en ts p en etra te all b od y cells, b on es a ndtissues in p ro xim i ty to c oil (e ff ec tiv e a pp ro x, 8 in ch es , d ee p) a nd c an th eo re tic ally n eu tra liz e e le ctro -s en sitiv epathogens and v iruses such as herpes B" HN ~ hepatitis, E pstein-B arr and pessiblym any others as yetu nd is co ve re d th at h id e within n erv e s he ath s a nd a re th ere fo re untouchable via imm une system , w hite cells, orinjeo ta ble s, T his m ay a cco un t fo r th e im po ssib ility o f cu rin g m an y k nown ch ro nic in fec tio ns v iapharmaceuticals, a ntib io tic s. o r a ny p re se ntly k now n c on ve ntio na l tre atm e nts o th er th an e le ctro th era py . U s epufscr on body aitcs daily. This polsce is safe to usc anywhere 'on tbe heM and body except with. cardiecp ac emake r u se rs . See page 38 for lymph locations. Zap sites at -10 second intervals for ~20 minutes daily.To use press fu lly insu la t ed coil flat against body over lymph g la nd s a nd other selected locations such as shownon page 3 8. L et strobe build up to full charae (about 4 to to seconds between pulses) a nd fla sh w hile Dressingco il o ver ea ch sele cted site. S ub jects w ill feel n o physical s en sa tio ns e xc ep t f or ~i,ght"thumps" d urin g th is p ha seof elecrri f ica ticn. Exposure ,levels are c'o,Iuidered safe hecallseintensity oftlits magnetic pu.lseds much IOHlert/um Magn ,elie Nuclear Re.solltll,ce 11Raii/~gin routi"e use o/tens o!tJlOusands of patients. But shouldsub ject feel "he ad ach y' na useo us, slu gg ish, o r d isp la y flu -lik e symp toms a fter ex po su res w ith either of thesetwo devices, red uce n um ber o f p ulses or duration of blood clearing p ro ce ss a nd drink o zona te d w a te r, Himm une system is v ery badly damaged , you may ne ed to rep ea t a ll ro utin es a fter sev era l m on th s to. insureneutralization. When using, keep coil several feet awayfrom credit cards. wa tc he s, ma gn e nc tape. computers ,floppy dtsks, homeopathic remedies, etc., since its,powerful magnetic field ca n d e-g au ss a nd era se m ag neticdeta 1 1 : : l wen D IS subfle energy potcnized medicines. As an unantioipatcd serendipity, pulscrs arc reported to creacdeepl y roo ted lymph a nd tis su e pathology and possibly ev en classica l "m ia sm as' as w ell as m any otherm icro bes, fu ng i. b acteria , pa ra sites a nd v iru ses. F la sh sh ould p ref era bly b e used w ith AC p ow er to sa ve batterycosts since you'll only g et a bo ut 40 fulJ p ulse s pe r n ew se t o f a lk alin e ba tteries. F or sanitary pu rpo se s, encl os ec oil in plastic z ip -lo ck d is ca rd a ble s an dw ic h bag. When tre atin g nume ro us subjects i f there' s no A C adapter itis e co nom ic al to u tiliz e a sma ll re ch arg ea ble le ad -a cid "mo to rc yc le " battery. SOTA In strum en ts la te st p uls ermeasures 600~F, 330-350V; 36 ..75 Joules; 2t,4 29 G auss a t 105 Am peres peak; 1 7,85 0 Amp ere T urn s; p ulserise t ime -1.8 microseconds; pulse duratien ~2.5 milliseconds: Iifetime -250,,000 cycles; and penet ra tes . .. .8"th rough t is sue . SOTA can be reached at 1-80(}.. . .224...{)242. fax: 250-8]4-0047'.How mucb should this eest? Used electronic strobes cost -'$2.00 to-$18 ..00. Three Mllb. Spools of#14magn et w ire reta il f or # 9.6 6 ea . A t A c tio n E lec tron ics (you';n need ~1-Yi lb .), 4 -AA a lk alin e b atte rie s, $2.,89. Am 2 ft . #14 X 2-w ire 15 am p. ac extension cord costs about $2.00 and m akes 3 sets ofleads, o r u se h ea vy-du tyspeaker wire. VHS spools -50. Wholesal.;l \.Virvfrom $2.50 t,o $4.35/1b ..In 10 lb. Rolls at Pacific Wire.&C~ble. 1228 S . V i lla ge Way, Santa A na, CA 927 04 , (7 14 ) 558-1864 -one w eek delivery. -$12.00minimuml$6o..50 maximum:Polarity: Either side of th e coil=-North or South Pole-s-will create the necessary microcurrents of electric itV intis su e. F or p ro lo ng ed u se , i t is p oss ib le th at it is better to use the N orth (-) or South-seeking side as this pole isknow n to hav e a balancing effect. T he S outh P ole of a m agnet is know n to hav e a stim ulating effect.

    Copyrigh~ 1 99 9 R obert C . B eck, D .S e. R ev ised M a y. 19 99 Page 44 of 57

  • 8/3/2019 Beck Magnetic Pulser


    L oc atio ns o f P rin cip le L ym p h S i , t , e sGray's Anatom:~ pgs. G24 to 633

    Superfkialin&u[n~1, J i l W l d i .lumbar g l a l 1 d s _

    Internal i liac: glarnls .

    F l> f,. 4 1.- T Iu !detp 1~rJ1pha!i(_~! n d g la nd 5 01Ih~ ;tbdcm en -~i'!dptlvili.

    f iR . 34~ . - Th e !Upt'rfkialll'mpmlics a o oglands 01 Ihe l ow er ~)(lrem ily. F ig.. )37 .- The Inllrilcic l ind r igh t iymph.alit: duel.

    Copyright ~ Iq99 Raben C. Beck, D.Se. RCY 'I $e d M .a y, 1999 Page 4Sof 37

  • 8/3/2019 Beck Magnetic Pulser



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    f i a . 3 : B I ~o _ d8 u jl pl l' I IIl l i ! , a j o r Q l W J r I : S .

    e u B Ifig. 5 : ,i \r teTi~ o l~$e 01Br a i~-!:emll!'l] Ari~ilalllifl)1e, \orWtllis~

    Mer\IIi IptBI1 H e . a r 12 P Jl l r n or ll i " l millts ' P u lf 1 il) l1 . ii ry 1 I " L E l ' ) '4 o I\I lr tlt .r u: h~, ~"l'hlmp~~ilJiVE , c o "" " ". G a J o ti d "" '"1 f.I",I.,,!!IY.' S.~~ I~1il firmPOt li MQjyI I Sull l: l iI \ Il a Il 'l !I lI 'fI C V .n ~l I< iJ ' 0f1) l111 T i 'l )' rOO~ ! 'u l II ,'fl ~r i ttr ! la ! I M Q r l l: ii ; 13 ~11tI"')'.r'h~I~ EI ; .t I ll : !1 ,or I '! ' I'n R,dllil.rtl lIY1 5 U ! 'l 3( ir le 'l '1 1 T h "r o4 'lO ., m11 l 'n uoR :US t o I. Il e' l'n ~ c r n l n a 1 I D r t B2~ ""IIIIJ~!I'I"'l'Z 1 t : e ll .. \mIt,a f iOP'l !iC' ' '~,21 - .~ C" ", ,I . ! t ( f j I C ( jU S vl o! 1l ., 1! lWV~ S 1 J ! ) e ! l a r n ~ ! i n !J J . o c i~~ry2i ~~~rtPl)'n [ Iooaa. .J . l lHJ) '15 In'~r fQ '' I H ! . . n~nci rlE