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Bellingham High Strength & Conditioning. Muscles & Exercises FINAL REVIEW. Muscles of the upper body. Pectorals Flat Bench Press Flat Machine Bench Press Flat Dumbbell Bench Press Flat Machine Flys Flat Dumbbell Flys Flat Push Ups. Muscles of the upper body. Trapezius - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Muscles & Exercises

Muscles & ExercisesFINAL REVIEWBellingham High Strength & Conditioning

Muscles of the upper body

PectoralsFlat Bench PressFlat Machine Bench PressFlat Dumbbell Bench PressFlat Machine FlysFlat Dumbbell FlysFlat Push Ups

Muscles of the upper body

TrapeziusBarbell Upright RowsDumbbell Upright RowsDumbbell ShrugsBarbell Shrugs

Muscles of the upper body

BicepsStanding Barbell CurlsStanding Dumbbell CurlsBarbell Preacher CurlsDumbbell Preacher CurlsTwenty-OnesIncline Dumbbell CurlsSeated Dumbbell CurlsSeated Hammer CurlsStanding Hammer Curls

Muscles of the upper body

TricepsTricep Cable PressdownsReverse Cable PressdownsTriceps Rope PressdownsLying Triceps PressesStanding Triceps PressesClose Grip Bench PressesDumbbell Kickbacks

Muscles of the upper body

DeltoidsMilitary PressesDumbbell PressesPower Clean & PressFront Dumbbell RaisesFront Barbell RaisesDumbbell Lateral Raises

Muscles of the upper body

Latissimus DorsiWide Grip Lat PulldownsWide Grip Pull UpsOne-Arm Dumbbell RowsBent-Over Barbell RowsBent-Over Dumbbell RowsOne-Arm Cable RowsSeated Cable Rows

Muscles of the upper body

Rectus AbdominisMedicine Ball CrunchesMachine CrunchesFeet-In-Air-CrunchesFeet-On-Floor CrunchesFlat Bench Leg RaisesFront Leg Scissors

Muscles of the upper body

ObliquesOblique CrunchesSide Oblique CrunchesMedicine Ball TwistsSide Medicine Ball Toss

Muscles of the lower body

GlutealsSquatsLeg PressFront LungeReverse LungeGlute-HamMuscles of the lower body

HamstringsHyperextensionsSingle Leg CurlsStraight Leg Barbell DeadliftsDumbbell DeadliftsGlute-Ham

Muscles of the lower body

QuadricepsSingle Leg ExtensionsHack SquatsFront SquatsSquatsLeg PressFront LungeReverse Lunge

Muscles of the lower body

GastrocnemiusStanding Barbell Calf RaiseOne-Leg Barbell Calf RaiseStanding Dumbbell Calf RaiseLeg Press Calf RaiseOne-Leg Press Calf Raise

Principles of TrainingSPECIFICITY- The activity performed must be specific to the desired effect. An example, muscle strength training may not lead to flexibility; flexibility training may not help cardiovascular endurance. Also, each area of the body must be worked on specifically for strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, it is possible to design a program that improves more than one aspect at a time. Principles of TrainingOVERLOAD- In order to improvement in any area of fitness, the workload must be greater than that to which the individual is accustomed. REVERSIBILITY- "If you don't use it you lose it." With no training, the effects of training will be lost. This is called atrophy. PROGRESSION- The overload should be gradual and moderate within minimum and maximum limits to prevent soreness and injury.

Principles of TrainingREGULARITY --- F.I.T.T. The activity must be performed on a regular and frequent basis with an adequate amount of intensity and time in order for improvement to occur. Frequency---Exercise must be performed at least 3 times a week for improvement to be seen.Intensity-- You must continue to use the overload principle to see improvement. If exercise intensity is too low, no improvements will be made.Time-- You need to exercise at least 30 minutes at a time for maximum benefits.TypeThe exercise you choose to do.


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