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Below is a diagram of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on the ocean floor

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Text of Below is a diagram of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on the ocean floor

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Ellen was sorting terms into groups for a class assignment. She placed these terms together: hurricane, thunderstorm, cyclone She needs to make a title for these terms. Which title below would be BEST for her group of terms?

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A Weather events that are created by ocean tidesB Weather events that are caused by volcanic eruptionsC Weather events that occur from heating of the earth's ionosphere onlyD Weather events that develop as water evaporates from oceans and other large bodies of waterBelow is a diagram of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on the ocean floor.

What is causing this ridge to spread apart?

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A Two tectonic plates crashing into each other B One tectonic plate being pushed under another C Two tectonic plates moving alongside each other D Two tectonic plates moving away from each other

Ashanti is calculating the density of various objects, so she measures the mass and volume of each object. Which units will Ashanti most likely use to express density?Answer Choices

A Grams per milliliterB Deciliters per gramC Kilograms per deciliterD Milliliters per centigramClaudius Ptolemy believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the planets and sun revolved around it. Centuries later, Nicolaus Copernicus studied this model and argued that the Earth and other planets actually revolve around the sun. Which statement is correct? Answer Choices

A Ptolemy argued that the planets revolved around the sun.B Neither model was valuable as they were both proven incorrect.C Only Ptolemy's model of the universe correctly explained the seasons.D Copernicus used information from Ptolemy's model to develop his own model of the universeThunderstorms often form when warm air at earth's surface meets with a cold front and rises. Based on this information, when is a thunderstorm most likely to occur?Answer Choices

A MidnightB Late morningC Late afternoonD Early morningWhich of the following is NOT a part of the Milky Way galaxy?

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A The moonB TheEarthC The universeD The solar systemWhat is located beneath soil layers?

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A LavaB HumusC TundraD BedrockThe diagram below represents the formation of one type of precipitation in a cloud.

Which type of precipitation is formed as shown?

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A HailB RainC SnowD Sleet

Which of the following diagrams shows the full moon phase as represented by the relative position of the Earth and the moon?Answer Choices



The weather map below shows a cold front approaching Tulsa, Oklahoma. The table shows the weather forecast for Tulsa.

Which statement correctly describes the weather data?Answer Choices

A The weather map describes wind speed.B The weather map specifies the temperature of the area.C The weather forecast indicates how large the cold front is.D The weather forecast indicates the time it takes the front to move.

Scientists measured the volume of water flowing in a river and the amount of sediment carried in the river. The data they collected is in the table below.

When did the river have the greatest volume and carry the largest load of sediment?Answer Choices

A JanuaryB FebruaryC MarchD April

The given figure shows the position of the sun, the moon, and the Earth at a particular time.

What does this position of the sun, the moon and the Earth represent?Answer Choices

A A solar eclipseB A lunar eclipseC A new moon phaseD A quarter moon phase

The BESTevidence that two land areas were once connected is the discovery that both land masses

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A Have the same climateB Are in the same stage of successionC Exist along the same line of longitudeD Have similar types of rocks and fossilsThe graph below shows the average monthly temperature of a town in Africa.

Which conclusion is supported by the data shown in the graph?Answer Choices

A The hottest day of the year occurred in August.B The coldest day of the year occurred in October.C April, May, and June are the warmest months of the year.D July, August, and September are the coldest months of the year.

The Earth and our solar system are located in the _____ galaxy.Answer Choices

A SagittariusB Milky WayC AndromedaD Canis MajorUse the thermometer to answer the question.

What is the air temperature?Answer Choices

A 70CB 25CC 50FD 20F

Normally, trade winds cause warm surface water to build up in the western Pacific. This causes deep, cooler water to flow eastward as shown.

During El Nio, trade winds decrease and warm surface water flows eastward.

Which of these would MOST LIKELYresult fromEl Nio?Answer Choices

A Winds over the western Pacific become colder.B Air temperatures over the eastern Pacific increase.C Water temperatures in the western Pacific increase.D Weather conditions in the eastern Pacific become clear and cool.

Which of these is an example of a nonrenewable energy source?Answer Choices

A WindB SolarC WaterD Natural gasAn unusual type of fossil clam is found in rock layers high in the Swiss Alps. The same type of fossil clam is also found in the Rocky Mountains of North America. From this, scientists conclude that

Answer Choices

A Glaciers carried the fossils up the mountains.B The Rocky Mountains and the Swiss Alps are both volcanic in origin.C Clams once lived in mountains, but have since evolved into sea-dwelling creatures.D The layers of rocks in which the fossils were found are from the same geologic age.Which of these has the MOSTinfluence on ocean tides?

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A Radiation from the sunB The magnetic field of the EarthC Electrical forces in the atmosphereD Gravity between the Earth and the moonWhich BEST describes how igneous rocks form?

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A Rocks absorb minerals deposited by rain.B Mountains push down on lower layers of rock.C Many small rocks collect over time and harden into one.D Lava from inside Earth cools when it reaches the surface.Hillsides are sometimes terraced to grow plants. What is the purpose of using terraces?

Answer Choices A To retain water and soilB To increase wind erosion C To keep roots from spreading D To provide protection from animals Waves, currents, and tides keep the ocean moving. Which force causes tides?

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A WindB GravityC SunlightD EvaporationRocks have different colors because they

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A Contain different mineralsB Are stained by different waterC Were formed at different timesD Are found in many different places