Berryman Essay Revising and Editing

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Berryman Essay Revising and Editing. First Things First!. Heading should have: Your name Instructors name Class name Assignment name Date (Interesting) title centered. Check the little things!. Is your last name and the page number at the top of every page? Is your font 12 point? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Berryman Essay Revising and Editing

  • First Things First!Heading should have:Your nameInstructors nameClass nameAssignment nameDate(Interesting) title centered

  • Check the little things!Is your last name and the page number at the top of every page?Is your font 12 point?Is your font type Times New Roman?Did you double space?Is your spacing set at 0 under Page Layout?

  • MLA MattersIs your Works Cited page properly formatted?Is your last name and the page number at the top?Are the words Works Cited at the top and center of the page, in 12 point Times New Roman, with no bold, italics, or underlined?Are all sources double spaced?Is everything after the first line of each citation indented one half of an inch?Did you alphabetize your sources?

  • The Three TsTHESISUnderlineTOPIC SENTENCESCircleMake a note in the margin if it is not supported in the paragraphTRANSITIONSConnect ideas, not paragraphs. Draw a box around any transitions like first, next, etc.

  • Editing Check 1: PronounsPronoun-Antecedent AgreementPA problems occur when a pronoun is used that doesnt match the noun being referenced.Look forPerson confusion: When one believes this theyAntecedent confusion:If you are talking about two different men, dont refer to one as he and expect the reader to follow you

  • Editing Check 2: Dangling ModifersA dangling modifier is a group of modifying words that does not clearly modify anything in the sentence.Running into the store, the light was out.It seems that the light was running into the store.MAKE CERTAIN that your modifiers are as close as possible to the nouns they are modifying.

  • Editing Check 3: Mixed SentencesA mixed sentence is a sentence that begins one way and ends in another way.He was very tired, so tomorrow it might rain.Be sure to read the sentences carefully to make sure the proper thought is being expressed.

  • Editing Check 4: SpellingCircle any spelling errors throughout the essay. If you know the proper spelling, write it in the margin. If you are uncertain about anything, raise your hand and ask for my attention. If I am busy, continue working on the essay, and I will get to you as soon as I can to resolve the issue.