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  • 2 APRIL 2014


    Restaurant Reviews

    Best of UTD Map8

    Scary does taste good


    Breakfast diner o! the beaten path


    Co! ee house with a Turkish twist


    For the BBQ lover


    Authentic homestyle vegan chinese


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    800 W. Campbell Road,SU 24, Richardson, TX 75080-0688

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  • 4 APRIL 2014

    Monster YogurtScary does taste good

    Located within walking distance to UTD, Monster Yogurt is a perfect spot for a quick snack and

    a great study space. ! e shop o" ers delicious creamy # avors with healthier options. Most of the

    frozen yogurt is either fat-free or low calorie. ! e best part is the long array of toppings o" ered and

    the fact that every topping is Kosher, including the gummy bears. ! e cheesecake # avor mixed with

    the strawberry # avor creates a delicious decadent strawberry cheesecake. To enhance the cheesecake

    # avor, top the frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and cheesecake bites. ! e result is a mouth-

    watering invention.




    1360 W Campbell Rd #101Richardson, TX 75080

    10 % o! with Comet Card

    Mon-Sat 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Sun 12 p.m. - 9 p.m.

    JUVERIA BAIGMercury Sta!

    watering invention.

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  • The House CafeBreakfast diner o! the beaten path

    !e House Caf is a homey little place nestled among warehouses by the

    industrial area of Richardson. Regulars from around the neighborhood go

    there to enjoy the cafes popular migas, one of the restaurants signature

    dishes. !eyre rich in "avor and made with eggs, tomatoes, onions, bell

    peppers and sausage. !ere are vegetarian options including a delicious gar-

    den omelet, served with fresh steamed broccoli, red bell peppers, onions and

    mushrooms. !e omelet comes with a side of homemade salsa and buttered


    !e rest of the menu has traditional breakfast fare such as homemade bis-

    cuits and gravy. While the outside of the restaurant may melt into the gray

    scenery, on the inside it o#ers a simple and comfortable look that lives up

    to the restaurants name. !e interior style of the restaurant creates a feeling

    of eating in a relatives dining room. !e service is also friendly and fast. If

    youre looking for a traditional home-style restaurant, !e House Caf is a

    perfect place to go.



    Mon-Fri: 6 a.m. - 3 p.m.Sat-Sun: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    Pablo Arauz and Juveria BaigMercury Sta!

    801 Alpha DriveSuite #101

    Richardson, TX 75081

    6 APRIL 2014

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  • 8 APRIL 2014

    Best of UT Dallas Destinations

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  • 10 APRIL 2014

    i Java & ChaiCo! ee house with a Turkish twist

    ! is gem of a co" ee house is situated near the Medi-

    cal Center of Plano. Upon entering, it looks like a cof-

    fee shop with library-style seating, minimal dcor and

    a menu board full of # avors waiting to be sipped. ! e

    locale works great as a quiet study except during rush


    Your drink of choice is completely dependent on your

    mood. If you need something refreshing, try the lemon-

    ade mixed with coarsely chopped mint that trickles cool-

    ness down your throat. ! e drink goes by

    the name of

    Polo on the menu. If youd rather try something sweet,

    try Miami by Night, a blend of strawberry, peach, ba-

    nana, passion fruit and mango that is sure to satisfy your

    taste buds. Maui is a tangier sweet drink thats also

    great. iJavas Turkish co" ee is a great pick-me-up. Its an

    aromatic un$ ltered co" ee served in an elaborately de-

    tailed traditional Turkish tea set. One sip of this co" ee

    will jolt you back to reality and help you $ nish studying

    for exams. In addition to smoothies, teas and co" ee, the

    place also o" ers delicious nutty baklava, zatar baked pita

    and other Mediterranean delicacies.




    1820 Coit Rd #138Plano, TX 75075

    15% o! with Comet Card

    Mon-Thur 12 p.m. - midnightFri-Sat 12 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sun 1p.m. -midnight

    JUVERIA BAIGMercury Sta!

    ness down your throat. ! e drink goes by

    the name of

    place also o" ers delicious nutty baklava, zatar baked pita

    and other Mediterranean delicacies.

    15% o! with Comet Card

    Mon-Thur 12 p.m. - midnightFri-Sat 12 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sun 1p.m. -midnight

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  • 12 APRIL 2014

    Sonny BryansTraditional smokehouse for the BBQ lover

    Sonny Bryans is a traditional family-owned smoke-

    house with roots in Dallas, and it serves some of the

    best quality BBQ to foodies that keep coming back

    for more. At the Campbell location near UTD, man-

    ager J.T. Todd invites customers to try the brisket,

    one of the restaurants signature dishes. ! e briskets

    " u# y texture sets it apart from the brisket of other local

    smokehouses because its cooked in a layer of fat that

    softens the meat and gives it a very tender " avor. Dont

    forget to douse it in the restaurants delicious tangy

    pork sauce to give it an extra juicy taste.

    If youre looking for something more a# ordable, the

    Frito pie may be one of the best of its kind. Instead of

    using the typical chili mix, Sonnys opts for a blend of

    brisket bits, beans, chives and shredded cheese to com-

    plement the chips. ! e mac and cheese is well made

    with real cheese giving it a soft texture and rich " avor.

    So, if you truly love a good BBQ smokehouse, Son-

    ny Bryans is your place. You can present your Comet

    Card to receive a 20 percent discount.




    1251 W. Campbell Road, Suite 240

    20 % o! with Comet Card

    Pablo ArauzMercury Sta!

    Open Daily from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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  • 14 APRIL 2014

    Veggie GardenAuthentic homestyle vegan Chinese

    Veggie Garden is a vegan Chinese restaurant on Arapaho Road near cam-

    pus. !e Mongolian beef is one of the Veggie Gardens most popular dishes.

    !e "avor and texture is akin to most Mongolian beef found in a typical

    Chinese restaurant, but its actually made from soy protein. Cooked with

    lemon grass and onion, the Ocean Tofu has a light "avor, and even though

    its fried, there isnt a hint of greasiness in the dish. Wash down your meal

    with a glass of the !ai tea. !e milk tea isnt too sweet, and it has a deep,

    rich "avor.

    Veggie Garden o#ers authentic Chinese vegetarian options, from the Chi-

    nese chef who has learned recipes from older generations back in Hong Kong.

    Bring your Comet Card to get 10 percent o# a healthy, vegetarian lunch.




    516 W Arapaho Rd #112Richardson, TX 75080

    10 % o! with Comet Card

    Tue-Thurs 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.Fri-Sat 11 a.m. -10 p.m.

    Sun 11:30 am - 3:30 p.m.

    SIPEI HUANGMercury Sta!

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  • 16 APRIL 2014

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