Beutel Family Photographs

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Lee and Bertie Lee Beutel family photographs.

Text of Beutel Family Photographs

1866 to 1990s

This is a collection of photographs saved by Lee & Bertie Lee Beutel with some additional photographs from Don Donohoe and Betty Caldwell. They provide a snapshot of the history of the family. Many of the photographs did not identify the people or the date. Barbara (Beutel) Schumann and Sherra (Beutel) Williams identified the people h i thi t ti d l d them i a d d Th shown in this presentation and placed th in decade. There were a few pictures unidentified. Paul Schumann edited the photographs to make them easier to see and put together the timeline. Some of the slides have notes, and some have audio recordings of Barbara and Sherra discussing the photographs (with a few comments from Paul). You can here the audio by clicking on the speaker icon in the left bottom corner of the slide in Slide Show mode. The notes are visible in Normal mode under the slide.



Thought to be the mother and father of William Ernst Beutel

Unknown Beutel4

Thought to be the great grandfather of Louise Sauer Beutel

Unknown Sauer5

William Ernst Beutel


Sophia (Kruse) (1845 1923) & William Henrich Ernst Beutel (1836 1912) Wedding Picture 1866


Dora and William Sauer, Louis Sauer on Horse Piney Point


WA & Lizzie Herdejurgen9

Sophie Kruse (1845 1923) and William Henry Ernst Beutel (1836 1912)10

First Choir of St. Peter Church (1898)

Back: William Beutel, Ernest Holmes, Ernst Beutel, Fred Schaper, Henry Beutel and Rev. Samuel Gonzer Front: Elizabeth Tappenbeck, Elizabeth Schaper, Lena Hans, Sophie Beutel, Eunice Tappenbeck and Anna Schaper 11

First Womens Guild (Frauen Verein) of St. Peter Church (1898)

Back: ?, Mrs. Arnold Hillendahl, Sr., Ann Reichert, Rev. Samuel Gonzer, Mary Schaper, Mrs. A. Holmes & Minnie Witte Middle: Mrs. August Telschow, Mrs. Morton Oberpriller, Mrs. Pauline Schaper, Mrs. William Sauer, Mrs. Mary Kolbe, Mrs. Andy Michel & Mrs. S. Gotlieb Front: Mrs. William Schaper, Mrs. Fritz Tappenbeck, Mrs. John Ojemann, Mrs. Henry Beutel, Mrs. T. Eicheler, Mrs. Fritz Sauer, Mrs. Andrew Hans, Mrs. Christian Koehn & Mrs. F. Sauer


Ella Sauer (1889 1972), Louise Sauer (1884 1978), Louis Sauer (1886 1966) Sophie Sauer (1825 1912), Dora Sauer (1859 1941), William Sauer (1858 1924)13

Hettie Echols


Unknown Echols15

August Beutel16


Beutel Farm (?)18

Sophie Beutel (1879 1952)19

Ella Eichler in Back Lottie, Nettie and William Were the Children

W. A. Herdejurgen With Wife Lizzie And Children (Unknown Date)20

Sissy Schaper, Fred Schaper, Anna Schaper21

Henry W. (1875 1954) & Anna Schaper (1878 1956) Beutel22

Ella Eichler (1890 1967) and Lottie Herdejurgen23

Ella Eichler24

August Beutel


August (1888 1952) and Ella Eichler (1890 1967) Beutel


Sophie Beutel (1879 1952) & Henry Duran (1875 1934)27

Paul & Vernon Beutel28

Ernst Beutel Home29

August Beutel30

Louise (1884 1978), Ella (1889 1972) & Louis (1886 1966) Sauer


Louise Sauer Confirmation (1884 1978)


Ella Eichler Herdejurgen


Louise Sauer


Louise and Ella Sauer35

William Henry Beutel (1882 1961) & Louise Dora (Sauer) Beutel (1884 1978) Wedding Picture 1904


Lee Louis Beutel (1907 1982)


Lee Beutel38

Lee Beutel39

Lee Beutel40

Bernice & Lee Beutel


William and Louise Beutel Spencer Street42

Bernice and Lee Beutel43

Lee Beutel44

Lee Beutel45

Lee Beutel Confirmation (Back Row, Second from Left)46

Lee and William Beutel47

Unknown and Bertie Lee Busch (1907 1998)48

Bertie Lee Busch49



Possibly Hulen Busch


George Busch


Bertie Lee Busch54

Bertie Lee Busch55

Lee Beutel, Front Right (Myers Spalti)56


Lee Beutel


Bernice Beutel59

Lee Beutel, Back, Third from Left60

Bertie Lee Busch61

Eloise (Ella) (Busch) Woods62

Hettie (Echols) Busch63

Hettie (Echols) Busch64

Houston Lighting and Power Company

Bertie Busch, 2nd from Right65

Lee Beutel and Bertie Busch


Barbara Jean Beutel (1935)67

Barbara Beutel68

Louise (Sauer) (1884 1978) & Lee Beutel (1907 1982); Dora (Beinhorn) Sauer (1859 1941); Barbara Jean Beutel (1935)


Otto & Annie (Beutel) Reichert 4oth Anniversary


Bertie Lee and Barbara Beutel71

Lee and Barbara Beutel


Barbara Beutel73

Barbara Jean Beutel (1935)74

William and Louise Beutel with his prized 1940 Packard75

Hulen Dale Buddy Busch76

Bernice Beutel



Louise and William Beutel


Sherra Lynne Beutel (1941)80

Barbara and Sherra Beutel81

Sherra and Bertie Lee Beutel82

Alvin Wilson Caldwell (1918 2002) and Bernice Beutel Caldwell


Bernice Caldwell


Bernice Caldwell and Wedding Party Barbara Beutel is Flower Girl on Right85

Alvin and Bernice Caldwell, William Beutel Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


Barbara Beutel, Flower girl87

Sherra & Barbara Beutel88

Alvin and Bernice Caldwell89

William and Louise Beutel90

Dianne Caldwell91

Barbara Beutel, Dianne Bernice Caldwell (1943 1991), Sherra Beutel92

Dianne Caldwell


Dianne and Bernice Caldwell


Sherra Beutel


New Orleans Church Conference, The Dog House, 1946

Ed & Pearl Holm, Bertie Lee & Lee Beutel96

Barbara, Sherra & Louise Beutel, Bernice Caldwell, William Beutel97

William & Louise Beutel; Callie Rumfola (1888 1973), Dianne & Alvin Newton Caldwell (1878 1960)98

Louise Beutel Holding Joyce Thompson, ?, Ella Beutel, Ella Sauer Ojeman (1889 1972), Pearl Ojeman Thompson, Bertie Lee Beutel, Barbara Beutel, & Sherra Beutel, Peggy Thompson, ?


Peggy Thompson, Barbara & Sherra Beutel, Dianne Caldwell, Callie Caldwell, Alvin Caldwell Beutels House on Koehler100

JC Busch


Edwin and Roland Busch102

Betty Jo, Hettie, Clifford Ray and George Busch103

Frances Butler104

William Beutel, Annie Beutel Reichert, Sophia Beutel Duran, Louis Beutel, August Beutel105

Dianne Caldwell106

Sherra Beutel & Champie


Henry Beutel, Annie Beutel Reichert, Sophia Beutel Duran, William Beutel, Louis Beutel, August Beutel


Rev. Herbert & Helen Schowe109

Barbara Beutel110

Hazel Settle Pederson111


Sherra, Lee, Bertie Lee & Barbara Beutel113

Sherra Beutel114


Dianne Caldwell116

George & Hettie Busch


Sherra Beutel & Beverly Pederson118

Sherra Beutel


Lee & Bertie Lee Beutel, Esteline & William Ojeman, Pearl & Dick Thompson, Bernice & Alvin Caldwell


Lee Beutel


Hulen, JC, Clifford Ray & Roland Busch122

Jimmy, Kenneth & Kathy Shotwell123

Lee Beutel, Kathlene & Rev. Clyde McNelly124

Alvin Newton Caldwell, Bernice Caldwell, Bertie Lee & Lee Beutel, Louise Beutel, Callie Caldwell, Dianne Caldwell, Sherra Beutel, William Beutel125

Barbara Beutel126

Dianne Caldwell127

Bernice Caldwell, Bertie Lee Beutel, Dianne Caldwell, Sherra Beutel, Louise & William Beutel, Alvin Caldwell128

Louise and William Beutel 50th Wedding Anniversary129

Lee Beutel & Bernice Beutel Louise and William Beutel


Sherra & Barbara Beutel, Dianne Caldwell William & Louise Beutel, 50th Anniversary131

Sherra, Lee, Bertie Lee and Barbara Beutel132

Dianne Caldwell, Barbara & Sherra Beutel133

Barbara & Lee Beutel Bertie Lee and Sherra Beutel


Ralph, Madeline, Becky & David Koster (neighbors) With Mr. Durr & Lee Beutel


Lee & Barbara Beutel Graduating from Reagan High School136

Sherra Beutel137

George & Hettie Busch 50th Wedding Anniversary


Betty (Hubel) Busch, Lee Beutel, Ada (Rhodes) Busch, Jim Shotwell, Wanda Busch Busch Inlaws, 50th Anniversary139

Bertie Lee Beutel, Betty Jo Shotwell, Hulen Busch, Clifford Ray Busch, Roland Busch, JC Busch, Eloise (Ella) Woods Children of George & Hettie Busch, 50th Anniversary140

Herbert Beutel


Bertie Lee & Barbara Beutel142

Sherra Beutel143

Ethel Schumann, William & Elizabeth Lehmann, Paul Jr. & Barbara Schumann, Louise & William Beutel, Bertie Lee & Lee Beutel Paul Schumann off picture to the left144

Reception Line, Barbara & Paul Schumanns Wedding145

Sherra Beutel, Paul & Barbara Schumann, Dianne Caldwell, Marilyn Karrup146

Paul & Barbara Schumann147

Barbara & Paul Schumann New Orleans148

Sherra Beutel149

Joe Davis and Sherra Beutel150

Sherra Beutel151

Sherra Beutel152

Lee Beutel153

Sherra and Bertie Lee Beutel


Lee and Sherra Beutel155

Sherra and Lewis Williams156

Lewis and Sherra Williams157

Lee Beutel, Pauline Williams, Lewis & Sherra Williams, Poncho Wi