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  • INTRODUCTIONSALIENCERefers to the degree to which elements are given prominence based on visual cues such as size and colour contrastDrawing mainly from social psychology, the concept of salience is most commonlyassociated with the ability of an item to stand out from its environment or background (Guido, 1998).Brand salience: brand given importance

  • HEAT:A perfume endorsed by American singer Beyonc Knowles Was released on February 3, 2010, uses the tagline "catch the fever."The fragrance's commercial spawned controversy for its "sexy imagery", and was only allowed nighttime broadcast in the United Kingdom

  • RESEARCHOBJECTIVETo identify the elements of salience in the advertisementQUESTIONS:Which element is more salient in the perfume advertisement?What are the visual cues that decide the salience of the element in the perfume advertisement?

  • LITERATURE REVIEWKress, G. and Van Leeuwen, T. (1996) Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design.'Conceptualizing and measuring brand salience' by Jenni Romaniuk and Byron Sharpbrand attitudebrand salience


    Participants were chosen based on snowball method (qualitative)Questionnaires were sent to 30 Facebook users in their messages(quantitative)

  • QUESTIONNAIRE1)In each picture, which element is more salient to you? Is it (choose one ONLY):

    The visual. State which one based on the table above. The text. State which one based on the table above.

    2)Why you think it is more salient? (choose one ONLY)SizeColour contrast(visual/ text with background)Font & ColourSharpnessOthers(state)


  • ANALYSISAbout 90% of the participants said that visual(Beyonce) is more salient. It is due to her image size and the contrast of the image with the background10%- the name of the brand


    Beyonce, a popular singer, posing in a provocative red satin dress with the word "HEAT" written above her head.Picture of the perfume is smallIn terms of textual, more focus on Beyonce's name and secondly to the the name of the product


    Employing a red color scheme and by using Beyonce as a celebrity The ad with red hues(contrast to the white page of magazine).To reinforce the brand name Not only would a person remember the iconic image of Beyonce but with having solidarity between the product name and the color scheme a one may be more likely to recall the product's name(brand salience)

  • CONCLUSIONVisual more salient than textual.Visual cues play important role in attracting consumer's attention.