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Bikram Yoga Poses - Posture Pictures and Benefits

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Poses in Bikram Yoga, great book with a lot of pictures.

Text of Bikram Yoga Poses - Posture Pictures and Benefits

  • Bikram Yoga Poses - Posture Pictures and Benefits

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    Bikram Yoga Poses - 26 Beginner Hatha Yoga PosesIncluding detailed pictures and benefits for each pose

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    Bikrams Beginner Hatha Yoga series is a carefully crafted 90-minutesequence of 26 yoga poses designed to work into every part of the body.Bikram claims these yoga poses work every single tendon, ligament andmuscle, from bones to skin, inside out!

    Many of our regular students attest to this, feeling the benefits from theirvery first class. Read testimonials to the amazing and rapid benefits of thisbody-toning series.

    The series begins with a breathing warm up, progressing into an energeticstanding series, followed by a spine-stretching floor sequence and finishingwith an energising and cleansing Kapalbhati breathing. The series flowsbeautifully, with each pose balancing the previous and setting up thefollowing. A brief savasana between every pose ensures maximumintegration of the benefits.

    All poses (or 'asanas') are practiced twice with one exception. This aidsdeeper stretching, teaches students good body awareness and allows forimmediate application of any corrections to alignment given by theinstructor.

    Each asana also has specific benefits which are summarised over 26 separateand extensive pages of benefits. Each stage is accompanied by detailedphotos, which may be enlarged for easier viewing.

    There are benefits for advanced students there is always somewhere extrato move towards and instructors allow for this, providing both beginner andadvanced alignment during class. Beginners can read more about how easyand accessible this series is and what to prepare for by clicking here.

    A fully mirrored studio allows students to self-correct and practice correctalignment. Correct alignment is considered more essential than depth as itprovides for deeper and safer benefits. Students are encouraged to try easyand surrender to the series rather than force their bodies to open up. Thescientific nature of the sequence and the heated room, plus a regularpractice, ensures depth will come. Why not check out photos of studentstaken during class.

    Please note that this series should not be practiced unsupervised bybeginners and should always be practiced in a room heated to at least bodytemperature and preferably with a high (over 50%) humidity.

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    Start with Pranayama breathing

    1. Pranayama

  • Bikram Yoga Poses - Posture Pictures and Benefits

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    Standing series

    2. Arda Chandrasana,Padahastasana 3. Utktasana 4. Garurasana

    5. DandayamanaJanushirasana

    6. DandayamanaDhanurasana 7. Tuladandasana

    8. DandayamanaBibhaktapada

    Paschimottanasana 9. Trikanasana

    10. DandayamanaBibhaktapadaJanushirasana

    11. Tadasana 12. Padangustasana 13. Savasana

    Floor series

    14. Pavanamuktasana 15. Sit-up 16. Bhujangasana

    17. Salabhasana 18. Poornasalabhasana 19. Dhanurasana

    20. Supta Vajrasana 21. Ardha Kurmasana 22. Ustrasana

    23. Sasangasana24. Janushirasana with

    Paschimottanasana25. Arda


  • Bikram Yoga Poses - Posture Pictures and Benefits

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    23. Sasangasana Paschimottanasana Matsyendrasana

    Finish with Kapalbhati breathing

    26. Kapalbhati

    Disclaimer: The benefits suggested for each posture are based on scientific andanecdotal evidence based on experience with and observation of improvement in manyconditions - both chronic and acute - that have been witnessed by medical staff, and oryoga teachers and or yoga students over many years of practice. They should not beconstrued as a guarantee that these benefits will definitely occur in all students.Consistent practice will always be the best approach. Use your own body wisdom.

    This information is not intended to replace advice from your medical practitioner ornatural therapies practitioner...

  • Pranayama

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    1. Pranayama

    Standing deep breathing


    Good for lungs and respiratory systemHelps with mental relaxationHelps high blood pressureRelieves irritabilityGood for detoxificationExercises nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems

  • Ardachandrasana

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    2. Ardha Chandrasana with Pada Hastasana

    Half moon pose with hands to feet pose


    Works into the whole skeletal and circulatory systemsOpens shoulder jointsGood for frozen shoulderReduces or eliminates pain in the lower backGood for abdominal obesityImproves and strengthens every muscle in the central part of the bodyIncrease the flexibility of the spineTones the spinal nerves and abdominal organs inproving the working ofthe bowelsIncreases flexibility and strength of rectus abdominis, gluteus maximus,oblique, deltoid and trapezius musclesHelps with sciatic problemsAlleviates anxiety and reduces mental stressStimulates pituitary glandExercises colon, pancreas, kidneys, muscular, skeletal, respiratory andglandular systemsFirms and trims waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs

  • Ardachandrasana

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    Ardha Chandrasana

    Back bend compression of spine


    Stimulates proper function of the pancreas, kidneys and liverStretches and stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glandsRegulates hormone productionRelieves back painImproves and strengthens every muscle in the central part of the bodyIncreases the flexibility of the spineCorrects bad postureIncreases flexibility and strength of rectus abdominis, gluteus maximus,oblique, deltoid and trapezius musclesGood for frozen shoulderGood for abdominal obesityHelps with sciatic problemsStimulates digestionFirms and trims waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs

  • Ardachandrasana

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    Pada Hastasana

    Hands to feet pose


    Works into the whole skeletal and circulatory systemLengthens the spine making it supple and elasticIncreases flexibility of the spine and the sciatic nervesImproves flexibility of tendons and ligaments of the legsStrengthens the biceps of thighs and calvesStrengthens rectus abdominis, gluteus maximus, oblique, deltoid andtrapezius musclesFirms and trims waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighsOpens shoulder jointsGood for frozen shoulderRelieves lower back painGood for abdominal obesityGreatly enhances concentrationHelps with sciatic problemsStimulates pituitary and pineal glandsExercises colon, pancreas, kidneys, muscular, skeletal, respiratory andglandular systems

  • Utkatasana

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    3. Utkatasana

    Awkward pose (in three parts, see postures below)


    Improves overall body strengthOpens pelvisStrengthens and tones leg musclesRelieves menstrual crampingReduces fat pocket under buttocksAligns skeletal systemGood for arthritis conditionsGood for digestionRelieves joint painRelieves sciaticaImproves flexibility in toes and anklesExercises liver, intestines, and pancreas

  • Garurasana

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    4. Garurasana

    Eagle pose


    Works into twelve major joints of the bodyGood for central nervous systemFacilitates lymphatic function, improving immune systemImproves mobility of hip jointImproves balanceStrengthens legsGood for varicose veins

  • Dandayamanajanushirasana

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    5. Dandayamana Janushirasana

    Standing head to knee pose


    Builds mental strengthImproves concentrationUnifies mind and bodyUses all major muscle groupsExercises digestive and reproductive organsGood for diabetesStrengthens back muscles

  • Dandayamanadhanurasana

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    6. Dandayamana Dhanurasana

    Standing bow pulling pose


    Stimulates cardiovascular systemIncreases circulation to heart and lungsOpens diaphragmOpens shoulder jointHelps frozen shoulder conditionsImproves spine elasticityImproves strength and balanceReduces abdominal fatHelps regulate ovaries and prostate gland

  • Tuladandasana

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    7. Tulandandasana

    Balancing stick pose


    Increases cardiovascular circulation, especially to heart blood vesselsMay help clear blocked arteriesMay help prevent future cardiac problemsCreates a total spine stretch Relieves stress from spineGood for varicose veinsBuilds strength in legsExercises pancreas, spleen, liver, nervous and circulatory system

  • Dandayamanabibhaktapadapaschimottanasana

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    8. Dandayamana BibhaktapadaPaschim

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