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  • Bill Holmes Co-Founder, Datamark In 1989 Bill and his wife Becky founded an international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, DATAMARK, Inc., based in El Paso, Texas. The company now spans the globe with four production centers in El Paso, San Antonio, Texas, Juarez, Mexico and Chennai, India. Today DATAMARK employs nearly 2,500 people world-wide. The company utilizes sophisticated computer and communications network systems and has built an industry leading software development center in El Paso that serves the USA, Mexico and India. Bill is the CEO and Chairman of the board of directors for DATAMARK and its subsidiaries.

    Bill serves on the board of directors for a local high-tech shoe company, Spira. And is a former board member of Mayan Pigments a local nano-technology company that designs and produces environmentally safe color dyes. Bill has invested in a number of local entities over the past decades.

    Bill is Chairman of the Elder Board and is the Treasurer of the El Paso Bible Church, an active member and participant in several local community and international organizations such as the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, Co-founder and President of the Kalahari Children's Home Foundation and a Member of Rotary Club of El Paso. He currently serves on the CREIE (Center for Research Entrepreneurship and Innovative Enterprises) advisory board and The Hub of Human Innovation board.

    He served on the board of the Camino Real Angels Investment Group, and served four years as a Texas Governor appointed member of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund 's Central Committee. Also, he is past Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the current Financial Advisor and a member of the Executive Committee for the El Paso Symphony Orchestra.

    From 1969 to 1978 Bill and his family lived in South Africa where Bill established a successful distributorship for the distribution and service for Wang Labs and a number of American and European commercial electronic instruments and National CCTV security systems. In 1976 the operation was sold to Wang Labs who set up a subsidiary which was later sold to a South African investment group in 1978.

    After returning to the USA in 1978 Bill joined the El Paso software company Holguin & Associates which later became Accugraph. As Vice President of International Operations he traveled to over 30 countries setting up distributors for the company throughout the 1980's.

    Bill is an avid hunter and Pittsburgh Steeler fan which he attributes to his upbringing in western Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school in Pittsburgh he moved to Houston where he met Becky at the college library. They were married two years later.Bill and Becky have three children. They are all married and they have 18 grandchildren with one more due in November of 2011.


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